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Full text of "Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of North Carolina, A.L. 5864"

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A. I,. 58 84. 




miFfED at; the u daily confederate' 7 offks, ''. 

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FOR 13 6 4. 

Tun Grand Lodge of North Caroltna met in the city 
Raleigh, on Monday evening, December 5th, 1864,- and wai 
•opened in due lorm by Bro. E. G. Ee&de, Deputy Grant 
Mascer, after prayer, by the Rev. Bro. F M. Hubbard, Grant 
Chaplain. ' 

E. W., E. G. Reads, (Acting) Grand Master, 

" " Wm. G. Hill, 

'•' u John McCormick, 

" " E. W Best, 

1 " C. W D. Hutchings, 

" " William T. Bain, ' 
Brothers. N. Neal, 

" D. H. Sttphenson, 

" E. Grissom, 

" J. W Cunningham, 

" F- G. Foster, 

" James M. Betts, 

Dep. Grand Ai aster, pro tern 
Grand Senior Warden. 
Grand Junior Warden. 
Grand Treasurer. 
Grand Secretary. 
Grand Sr.. Deacon, pro tern. 
Grand Junior Deacon, 
Grand Sword Bearer, 
Grand Marshal, pro tern. 
Grand Pursuivant. 
Grand Tyler, pro tern. 

Bros. W. P. Taylor, E. Grissom and A, Thomas were ap- 

r R.0CKEI)lNG8 01? T1IIC OKAN1) LODtlK 

pointed a Committee on Ciedenlial.s, who reported (]i,-il iho 
following Lodges were duly represented : 

St. Johns, No. 1— T M Gardner, F NSil. 

St. Johns, No. 3. ' 
Charily, No. 6. 
Unanimity, No. 7. 
' J'lro-nix, Nn. 8— Henry K (""Hon. 
American (feorpc, No. 16- J M Wyi'ti. 
JUaluiix, No. SI — .1 1, Hmwti, S I, kiddle 

Sloke.M, No 32— li S lfill|>'llMlll. 

Wra K Pnvio, No. 37 - Courpn Riley . 

Hiram, No. 40— Jno Nichols, 8 M I'm ish 

Liberty, No. 45. 

King; Solomon, No. 66. 

Concord, No. 68. 

I'oineverrnco, No. 69 

Kilwinning. No. 64 • S W Noal. 

niliel K Joliinem 

VT I, |:„t,.-l,;ll-. 

-Hauie! Vi'u.icr, K 

Ureeiifhoro', N». 7S--J VV H I'mker, II flijjli I'oint, ,\ 

iMiele Rock, 

l.nUyrll,;, No. IV!- .1 C \V ilki-men. 
Caldwell, No. lno -M l'Viter K \V II 

1 1.. i.l. 
Canli;,e-e, No. 1H1 S 
Toivne:<\ ill.-, ^ o. IK'.: I'm ]t. No. I 1 :.' 

A (iii|. ton. 
Pino Korr. ■til, No. IH<; C I! Wulrrlimi.. 
Central Onmi, Wo. IS7 A TIkmiium, II 


Fair lilufl", No. Km \V .J Stanly 
tiiMiiile, No. 1!U- K C Hill, U II |.,,.-». 

I) mill.. 
IturiiNvillc, No. 192— R V ltlacLstork, 

[I al'.y. No. HIS 

H W 

N Sherwood. 

Fellowship, No. P4 — AHV.-rt Mollowrll. 
. .Moniinjr Star, No. H6- IS II Ni»ml>v. 

Lafayette, No, 83— A J Murrcll. 

Joseph Warren, No. 92 .1 ('■ A pj>lrwhiL< 

Jerusalem!, No. 96— Jno M Patrick. 

J»l.. Johns, No. 90- W W Dunn, K H Dill 

Wake Koi-Mst. No. 1)7 - '■ " A lion. 

Hiram. No. 118 -I, A F'< well. 

Columbus, No. 102- W 1' Tayloi, Win 

Clinton, No. 10T— S S Harrison. 
Wavn*, No. 112 .leant! .1 Kaker. 
Holly ■S|irliij;H. No. lift - T> II Stephenson. 
Mount Lebanon, Xo.HT-U J ItoiiuU re. 
l.ngnu No. 121, Enos T Itlair. 
Mount Ilernion, No. 1 1 S — S I. I,ovo. 
Tuwarora, No. 122 -W A I'liilpolt, J. H 
Mills. I 

Iranklinton, No. 12J-C W Neal, W ]■ Warren l.odr/c, No. 1(11 h U Simmon.., 

W .1 Hollem.rn. 
169 Win I' I'ujrlr. 
"-'Ci I Wni 11 n.l, Hull. 
Cleim-lanil, Au 202 .1 VV Tracy 
IfoiiBoke, No. ai!3 Jan Joliiu.foi, 

Kno, No. 210- Jr,o IX Croen. 
Crane's Crei-k, JVi>. 2l;i*,S K JnlinirnB 
New I,i^l,l, i\o. 216 It Walk,-.-, A 

I 'n via. Miij^ene (,'i i^noiu. 
itnekiiivUnrii, No. '.'.Il> II M (JiMmi:*. 
Catawba Valley, No. ?, 1 V .1 .1 Km in. 
Inriuslrial, No." 2 IV, Win i! Kiimvlk. 
Alamance, No. I 33 (,' R Kin,/. 

Knck River, No. 1 1)» _l), VV ,'• 

Mel '. 

J C K i, km an 

Carre Clerk, N 0. U" |) r J C 

Iwi k i, 

WbiUNlone No. ■Ii>. r . 1,' (; |,'o 

'1,1, J 


.ineolo |„ dire, No. KIT H l,sn 

l«i, V 


A .1 


Ililliard, (h. w.) A J Henley. 
Clinton, No. 1514— Wilis Jilalone, K \, SU 

Kluckmor, No. 127 — Jnnica M (iiiimji. 
Hank's, No. 1M-D. Curii.i, J 11 Odcll. 
lUdiaiar;,., No. 132-H II llr»t, 
King Solomon, No. UK— J R Hawed. 
Mount Kncrjjy, No. 140 — H H I) HuMook 
Carslina, No. 141-W S Kfindall, Z. H 

Vancff, proxy. 
Mount Yornon, No. 141-0 C Tally. 
Adoniram, No. 149— J S Overbv, J K. 

I'en \)(>ei, No. 160—11 Harris. 
Rnlesvilln, Nn. ISO -Robert K Harrln. 
Beaumont, No. 170— W I" Taylor, W A 

Taylor, proxy. 
Jloek Rent, W 'P Taylor, proxy. 
/>nen River, No. 104 — W T Rain, proxv. 
Kt. Pa«], No. KM — (no R Hhvtb. 
Winston, No. 107- W it Hti (J « 

II Crimea. 

Kair UluIV. No. 190 -W J Stanly. 
Iliuhland Lodge, No. 21( A C'KoHler II 

W Sh(rl... 
.IrU'uiHon Lo'l^e, No. 2111 C I Kiwlrr. 
Knap •!' Refdit, N, . I r, M — Jno Klciniii;*. 
Military .So. I, .1 K Avery J, ml/, |f, W 

Archvr, No. 1SS S I' Morton. 
Minf(», "10 it A Powell. 
Lonn Creek, N- 206- W T l.tuin. 
Hrrnon, No. Il.'l- .1 VV Cuniiin(;)inr'i. 
Mill Creek, No. 126 Tkouiai I') Sueail. 
(ieorj;,! W asliiu^ton, No. J 74 - A (,' (Jouu- 

William O Hill l,od(;e, No. 218 John rl 

Nrnllirry, W .1 Palmar, Itll Roualiee 
Falkland, No. IIIO-T H Mayo. 
Bnlmont, No. I0K -A M Kai on. 
Mt. Mosiii. No. 82— K Wittkoweky. 
I'almvea,, No. 147— Nail) M<:Kay 

I'loaaant ilill, No. 168— I) Coble, W R Dan River, No. J 2l>— J R Canlillo, 

Don-y. iMorkuville, No. I.'I4— W'm T Bain. 

Blnckurer, No. 178— R V Blaekstock. LniksTille, No. I.'IB— Jnlm Strong 

HuiTaloc"No. 172- J M Crnmp. I,ibeitT, No. 4.6— K H Wolborn. 

Union, No. 174— Jno H K' n e Solomon, No. I>« Juo II Odoin 

JMarlboro', No. 177 — Cuorjre Jojner. \ 

B. W. 


R. W., Albert 0. \Pmkay, Grand Soorotarv of tbe Grand 
Lod;;e of South Parolim, was introduced, and invited to a 
seat in the Grand Lodge 

The f Uowing Committee were appointed : 

On < Y ':<:,'\V".s- and I>i*prnsAti<>ris. — Pros. K. Y "PhickstocU, 
■\V W Piiiiii, and F G Foster. 

(>;: /•;-•/:'>;•: d'nYsivr.Jan; — Pros. F M. Itul '.:d, E. Ma- 
lone, and Pobort \V l.assitor. 

<">'.• /iY: ! :.;-'.'n- n::d I ':\vci i/. ; .\\/>' /"'/•<>;« $ubordiii:iU- Lodge*.— ~ 
Pros G ,1 Keuntivo Puruace Walker, and J W. Wellons. 

( '/: /'.:■•";. v. •',>• c'i/ >\ tpcisiors. — l'ros. W J JStaidy, J ohn 
Nichols, and G. B. Watorhouse. 

(•'.• .Iim'.'i : ; n,:/;i:' Cm;' <";>' Pros, M. Fetter, tt. Joy nor and 
J W i 'unuimrhnm. [' . 

G: (<7or<i' S.-orUtr:; s /uv/rmMm' mavnV- Pros. Tj. S. Bing 
ii::m, J. W lYarov ami \V .1 lleadon. 

('•: (''v.,:' Tre,: surer' s . hro;. w\\\-- Pros. S. S Harrison, J. 
v 1 Pa trick and «) G Applet '.rite. '/ 

(»-.• ./-:c:s':'.'-:. (V'i ; v. Pros tlcnrvJ. Oolton, J M. Winne 
and \V P Taylor. 

On motion of Pro P. \V. Post, i^ was 

\'.*.*.- (,-.:. TKc .ill 'r.t-Mrut tvt'lh'fii ot' £<\Ht'ili:>£. who may bo in tho city, 
»re tuvitoM (,' ,i t.'inl the- ;i:-flu:|;< ol this Ornm! l\>;ttuiuiu«'ati#n. 

Pro. !1 . U. d ih'oons appointed Pro. \V W Dunn his proxy 
\>r Uockimmam Pomre No. 'J Id. 

lYoGmud Liv'i;';c u;i^ called tVom labor to refreshment, 
•autil to morrow moniiim, 10 oYloek. 

Tia:s:u\ Von vivo, 10.\ o eloek, ^ 
IVcember o, ISol. S 

The Grand 1 o,b:e was ealled from refreshment to labor. 

I'he Gram' v aster, Poputv Grand Master and Grand Se- 
"tor Warden oeimv amsont. Pro Post Grand Junior War 
mm. p-. warned to cpou the Grand Pod.^e bv appointing Pro. 
Weakens, v, trr.'.:ui Senior Warden, vro t.'n.. and Pro. W. 


W Dunn, Grand Junior Warden, pro tern., and Bro. 1 til- 
pot, Grand Treasurer, pro tern. 

The Minutes, of Monday, were read and approTed. 

The M. W G. M. s E. F Watson appeared this morning 
and took his seat. 

The Grand Secretary submitted his Annual Report, which 
■was read and adopted : 

To the Grand Lodge of North Carolina : 

Another Masonic year has rolled around and you hare again been permitted to 
meet in Grand Lodge to 'deliberate upon such matters as maj be submitted for year 
eonsideratian and fisal action. 

I hare nothi«g of msch importance to communicate to vour body. 

I sant three copies of the proceedings of oar last communication \o those subordi- 
nate Lodges which I beliered to be it work, and also blank returns, which I hop* 
taey havo received indue time. 

One copy each of our proceedings has been sect to the Grand Lodges of the 
Southern Confederacy, with Maine and Maryland, and I hare received from the 
following Grand Lodges one copy of their proceeding : Alabama, Georgia, Louis- 
iana, Maine, Maryland— 1863 and 1864,— and Yirgiaia, which will, I presume, a* 
submitted to a committee for examination. 

Up to this couimmnication I hare received from the subcrdiaate Lodges thesnia 
of $2,134,25 for their ancual stipends, which amount 1 hare paid to the Grand 
Treasurer, and for which he has given his receipt. 
Respectfully submitted. 

W- T. BAIX, Grand Sec'y. 

The Committee on Charters and Dispensations made th« 
following report, which was read and adopted : 

y« the Moit Worshipful Grand Lodge of N»rth Carolina : 

The committee on Character and Dispensations beg leave to report that th«y 
hare examined the by-laws, records, <tc, of the following Lodges : 

W- G. Hill Lodgs. — We find the by-law? of this Lodge in strict accordance with 
tho laws of your Grand Body, and its boots kept in so neat and business-liko a m»i- 
ser as to reflect much honor on its officers. Its woik is heartily apj-roved, and wo 
eheeriully recommend they be granted a Charter. 

We say the same of Jefferson Lodge, and also recommend a Charter. 

Stokesbury Lodge we find met so perfect. We recetnmend its by-laws Vie adopt- 
ed as amended by the Committee. We find also a fault in their minutes which we 
fear too many Lodges are now and have been practicing to too great an extent — 
the making of cases ot emergency — and we know of no way te obviate this growing 
e-vil unless yeur body will repeal all laws on its statutes granting such power to fuo- 

But believing their Intentions aro good, wo recommend they be also granted » 

W. W. Dl'NX. 

The Keport from Franklin Lodge, Xo. 123, on Education, 
was read and adopted 

Frjlnilintoh LoiGE, No. 123, (. 

December 2, 1864. j 
To the itost Wortfiipful Grand Lodge of North Carolina : 

As representatives of the Masonic Fraternity of Franklinton Lodge, No. 123, we 
wonld begleavs most respectfully to port to y»ur body the annual progres, and 


eVFurts Vhich this subordinate Division of Freemasonrf is making in tke caase of ed- 
ucation, which at this juncture of our country's struggle for national existence' 
recommends itself with peculiar force as the one great and imperativa means of fillinj 
op the .educated racks, so deeply and broadly swept by the ravages of war, and of 
transmitting to posterity a. national appreciation of oar institutions; and cifil ami 
political liberties. 

As Tru.-iees of Ffanklinton Academy, we woald briefly submit for y«w conside- 
ration, the following, viz : This Seminary of learning is still under the direction ef 
£*i - cfe-ssor C4eorg9 W. Neal, srh» brings with an earnest devotion to tie causa of 
letters, a successful experience in teaching for fifteen years in Academic and C»l- 
iegiato Institutions of this State and the South; students have the important ad- 
Tartages offered ef acquiring an experimental knowledge of the Natural Science* 
hy Philosophies' and Chemical Apparatus, andjfree access i<s a library forreadirg 
purposes ; the number of pupils has averaged during this year about fifty, whiett 
w-juld hare been largely increased, if applicants fr«m Yir^nsia and this State c«uld 
b'ave obtained board on tjrrcs which they c^ald afford to pay ; tke hand of charity 
Las been extended to children whose parent" are unable to meet expenses ; th* 
system of discipline is of that parental, yet positive character, which may best de- 
velop the physical, mental and moral constitution of students, and make themaiefal 
and honorable mem'?er3of society. We cheerfully recotainsnd for the patronage uf 
brother Masons the educational advantages^here plfered. All of which rye woald sui»- 
siu with considerations of high fratercil regard. 

S. D. BE YES, ") 

5. H. WHITFIELD, [ _ . 
WM. F. HILMARB, f irttstoel - 

Bro. Nichols submitted the following resolution, which 
was adopted : 

Whereas, It is the ©pinion ef the Grand Lodge that Lodges walking sind*r Bis 
sensation hare no right to affiliate merdberc ; therefore 

Besolved, That all Lodees wh» "t-ave been working under Dispensation be request- 
ed to re- ballet on the petition at all members they have received by dsmit during" 
the period of such dispensation. 

Charges and specifications against Bro. J M. Gore, W 
M., of* Lebanon Lodge, No. 201', were submitted, and referred 
to a committee consisting of Bros. W R. Denne, K. W Best. 
E. Wulone, S. W Neal and W S. Kennett. 

Bros. C. B. King and W W Dunn were appointed a Com- 
mittee on Credentials ; Bros. W- P. Taylor and E, Grissonv 

On motion of Bro. R. W Best,.Bros.Hilliard,T.'M. Card- 
ner and Wellons were appointed a committee on the xmnni&h- 
^d business of the Grand Lodge. 

The Grand Lodge was called from labor to refreshmrat 
tmtil 3 o'clock, P„ M. 


Tuesday Evening, 3 o'clock, ? 
Dec. 6th, 1864. 5 

The Grand Lodge was called from refreshment to labor. 

The Grand Officers in their seats. 

A large delegation present. 

The report of the Committee on the Grand Secretary'.^ 

Books was read and adopted : 

December 6, 1884. j 
The Committe» appointed to examine tfoa books of ibe Grand Secretary beg loare, 
respectfully to report that they have examined the same, and find them all correct. 
Vfe suggest to the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, that in conaideratien of the faith- 
fnl services of ouj werthy Grand Secretary for many years, and the present high 
prices of all the nesessaries of life, together with the great depr«eialion of the c«r- 
rency ©f the country, that the following resolution be adapted as a part of this re- 
port, to irit : 

Me»olved, That th« Grand Secretary \t allowed fix hundred dollars for his.servjees 
for the year 1884, and that tie Grand 1'nasurerbe ordered to pay the same. 

Chm'n ef Com. on Grand Sec'y's Books. 

The annexed additional report on Charters and Dispensa- 
tions was read and adopted : 

To the Most Worshipful Grand Zodge of North Carolina : 

The Committee on Charters and Dispensation beg leare to report farther that 
iheT bare examined the by-laws and lecords of the fallowing Lodges, in addition 
to those already reported, vii : 

JonesTille Lodge, HawRiTer Lodge,' 

Webster do , Wilson do 

Tab<rr-acle, do Je&rsojmlle do Asie Coaoiyi 

County Line do h • 

"" We find their records well kept, and their by-laws as altered in accordance with 

ths regulations of your grand body. 
"We recommend that their prayers for Charters be granted. 

W. W. DUNN, 

Bro. Co lion offered the following resolution, which was 
adopted : 

XetcJved, That a Committee of thits be appointed, to tal»iato consideration th* 
•Furious subjects in a conimunicatien from the Y/orthy Slaster of Phsenix Lodge 
^o. 8, herewith presented, aad that they report to this Grand Lodge, 

Bros. Colton, Blackstoek and C. B. King w®re appointed- 
die said Committee. 

The Grand Treasurer submitted his Annual Beport, which 
was referred to the Committee on his accounts ; 


C. VT. J>. HurcHiNQs, Treasurer, in account with the Grand Lodge of N. C. 
Dec. 8. To amount ef cash balance on hand on settlement last annual 

communication, - " »''* 

Amount of cash received of Grand Secretary from December, 

1863, to December, 1864, inclusive, - 2,Li4^» 

Total amount, - ,- $' 2 ; 296 Si 


Dec. 15. By cash paid Grand Secretary, - $250 °^ 

J»n. 4. By cash paid Progress OSice, - - 

do do do H. I). Turner, - - 

do do do Postage amount, 
do do do John Spelman, 
do do do S. M.Parrish, 
do do do W. T. Bain, postage aceouni, 
do dd do State and County tax, - 

do do do W W. Holden, 
By amount paid exchaage on old for new i3?ue, April, 1864, 
on sixteen hundred and gevepty-jeven dollars, 
Jaly 8. Cash paid A. M Gorman, 

Cash paid City and County tax, .... 

5 per cent, commission on $2,124 25, 

Amount brought forward to balance - 

> Balance id hands of Treasurer 

All ol which is respectfully submitted. 

C. W. D. HUTHINGS, Tieasorcn 

The following report from Bros. Martin and Green was 
read and referred to the committee on Jurisprudence : 

To the Meat Worthipful Grand Lodge of A.J?, and Accepted Ilasons of JV. C. : 

In a matter brought to the notice of your Grand body, at the last grand annual 
communication', bv Phcenix Eodge, No. 8, Fayetteville, N. C, wherein complaint 
was made that St. John's Lodge, No. 1, Wilmington, N. C, had entertained the 
petition of James 0. Bussy, for the degrees in masonry said Bussy being at the time 
a resident of that jurisdiction, and a rejected applicant to that Lodge, The under- 
signed haying been appointed to enquire into, and report the facts in the case to the 
suceeding grand annual communication, they beg leave 10 submit the following as 
the result of their enquiries : On the 30th day of July, 1863, Mr. James 0. Bussy 
filed his petition'in St. John's Lodge, No. 1, for the degrees ; the said petition being 
in the usual form, and as he represents, the words, "a resident of Wilmington," 
being overlooked, if he read the petition at all. In as much as the said Bussy had 
been born and raised in Wilmington, and had never, for any considerable length of 
time, been absent from the place, being at the time engaged in running a steamboat 
between Wilmington and Fayetteville, it did not occur to the Committee of Er, cjuiry, 
nor to any member of the Lodge to enquire whether or not he had changed his resi- 
dence. At the next regular meeting, Mr. Bussy was balloted for and elected, and on 
th» fir^t day of September, 1863. received the first degree. At that meeting, (and 
the W. M. thinks,) after the Lodge was closf d, he was informed for the first 
time that said Bussy had applied and been rejected at Phcenix Lodjre, when he re- 
plied that Phoenix Lodgn had no right to entertain his petition, inasmuch as be wan 
a resident of this jurisdiction. Still believing that such was the fact, he did not 
bring the subject before the Lodge, but on the first day of October, 1863, conferred 
upon him the second degree. Betore he applied for the third degree, the subject 
was brought to the attention of the Lodge, by the auction ef the Grand Lodge, and 
kis further progress suspended.. 

34 2S 

19 2* 

7 3ft 

25 00 

5W 50 

10 00 

.16 00 

60 00 

555 00 

8i9 00 

20 00 

106 se 


.98S 10 

'310 82 


,29* 92 

310 82 


Subsequent enquiries developed the fact that Mr. Bi?sy did consider himself * 
resident of Fayetteville at the time that he applied for ice degrees here. 

Your Committee feel assured that St. John's Lodge would not iatentionally tres- 
pass upon the right of jurisdiction of any other Lodge, or disregard an opinion ex- 
pressed through the ballots of a sister Lodge, as to the merits of an applicant for tns 
honors of masonry, and that she will cheerfully submit to the decision of your Grand- 
body in the premises. ARFRED MARTIN, 

Called off until this evening, at 7i o'clock. 

Tuesday Evening, 7| o'clock, ) 
December 6, 1864. ) 

The Grand Lodge was called from refreshment to labor. 

Grand officers in their seats. 

A large representation present. 

The report of the committee in the case of J. W Gore, 

was read and adopted : 

Ta the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge ofJVotth Carolina : 

The Cemmittee to whom was referred " an appeal from the decision of Brother J. 
W. Gore, W. M., of Lebanon Lodge, No. 207, have had the same under conside- 
ration, and beg leave to submit the following report : 

We have examined the charges and specifica'ions, and'accompanying documents, 
«td from all the facts therein .set forth, we rerommend thj.t the said J. W. Gore b* 
aioslled from all the rights as'ii privileges of Free and Accepted Masonry, and the 
<|rj,n-d Secretary communicate the same to the subordinate Lodges ia this State at 
an early day. 

find further, your Committee would recommend that the Most Worshipful Grand 
aster grant a dispensation to the member^ of Lebanon Lodge, No. 207, to hold 
*n election for officers for the ensuiag Masonic year, at as early a day as possible. 

R. W. BEST, 
S. W. JJEA.L. 

Bro. William G. Hill's preamble and resolutions on a uni- 
formity of work were read, and a motion of Bro. W P Tay, 
in the same, were postponed until to-morrow morning, 10 

The Grand Master submitted his annual address, which, 
on motion of Bro. Colton, were referred to a committee of 
three, consisting; of Bros. Colton, Fetter and Grissom : 

» ,?> -. r-^ ■ 

To Slit Mtmhcm of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina : 

Brethren : We mett to-night around the Altar where we have been accustesaed 
auouaily to congregate, to offer »p aaew our devotion to the great Author of the 
U-> ; r e re. 

We meet under circumstances which are peculiar *n<i interesting to overy Mac*a 
snd t very patriot of the country. 

A jreat revolution is upon us, and it not only boeoraes us as citizens, but as pa- 
triots an 1 Masons, to give our aid in the great struggle going on for liborty ar.a ia, 



g The ancient fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, have nobly sent forth in de- 
lence of our country's rights, many of her most valiant sons, who have sacrificed 
their lives in defence of Liberty, and against the usurpation of a despot a,pd tyran', 
and will ever be ready to stand sids by side with the bravest of North Carolina's 
sons in vindicating our rights and our institutions. 

Masonry tenches its members that all po«er is delegated for the good, and not 
fer the injury of the people, and that when it is perverted in any -way from its oriji-. 
nal purpose, the compact is broken, and the right ought to be resumed; that resis- 
tance to power usurped is not merely a duty which man owes to himself, to hu 
neighbor and to society, but a duty which he owes to the Greaifct Am, in asserting 
and maintaining the exalted rank which he gave him in tho creation. This great 
principle, neither the rudeness ef ignorance, can, in the heat of strife, aor the ener- 
vation of refinement extinguish. It makes it base for a man to suffer when he ought 
to act, and, tending to preserve to him the original destinations of Providence, 
spurns at the arrogant assumptions of tyrants, and vindicates the independent quality 
of the race of which we are a part. 

The wise and vrell-informed Mason never fails to be the great frie»d and votary of 
liberty and justice. He will be ever ready to c-xert himself in th«ir defence, whore- 
erv*r they exist. It cannot be a matter of indifference to him when -his own liberty 
and that of other men, with who^e merits and capacities he is acquainted, are in- 
volved in the struggle or revolution to be made, but his attachment will b'e to the 
cause and to tho country. Yes,, tho true Mason identifies the honor of his beloved 
eountry with his own, and nothing more conduces t» the beauty and glory of one's 
country than the preservation against all enemies of both its civil and religious 

The world, and history, will never willingly let die tbo names of those noble 
patriots, who in every age of the world, have received upon thtir own br<.*sts the 
blows aimed by insolent enemies at the bos^M of their country. Forever will men 
remember Leonidas, who. with his thr?o hundred brave coscrades, held Thermcpylaj 
against the Persian myriads. Hannibal, who for Carthage, defied the power of 
Romo. CincinEStns, who left his plough SDd put on the purple and command 
Rome's armies. Washing'on, who was "first in war, first in peace, and first in the 
hea-ts of his ountrymen," and who is endeared to every true American, as tho 
Father of his c 'untry. Jackson, Rodes and others, who have fallen in defence of 
Southern lihert ; and independence, and thousands of patriots, who, in every age 
have held their lives to be the properly of their country, and of but small account 
■when compared with her interest and honor, her independence and nationality. 

He has already lived much too long who has survived the complete devastation 
and ruin of his country, and the citizen who can onjoylife after such an awful event, 
•Hse'vos fcot to have lived at all. Nor does he any more deserve to live, who can 
look contentedly upon such abuses that disgrace, cruelties that dishonor, scenes of 
misery, destitution and brutalization that disfigure his country, and makes no effort, 
er use - no remedy to prevent either. 

It is but seldom a country io at war, nor can every one be allowed the privilege of 
offering his heart to the enemy's bullets, but in the war now waging against the in- 
stitutions which are dear to every true Southern patriot, sll may come in for a sharo 
in the glory. Even the meanest soldier who fought at Bunker's Hill, King's Moun- 
tain, Saratoga' or elsewhere is a sharer in tnafelory of those saving days. The stmt 
,will be the case with those brave patriots who have fallen on the plains of Manassas, 
Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and the battles ; round Richmond, ana elsewhere, 
durifig our great struggle for liber*.?, independence and self-preservation ; and within 
the household circle of those b-i.. r c patriots, the approbation of which approaches 
nearest to that of an approving conscience, will be looked upon as the true represen- 
tative of all his brother heroes, in his country's defenco, arid coaid tell such thrilling 
incidents of ih« different oampaigns and battles _as would make the tear glisten om 
the ehoek of his companion, and lighten his «;ii!dreos eyes with (paroling eagerness.- 
But should he unfortunately fall in the thickest of the battle, where every true 
patriot desires to be, and his place? becomes vacant by the fire sid* and at the tablo 
at home, that place becomes sacred, and he is often the theme of conversation in the 
long winter evenings, and his family is deemed fortunate, among its neighbors, be- 
cause it had a patriot and hero as one of its members, who has shed his blood, afai 
given his life as a willing sacrifice on the altar of his country. 

We, as Masons, my brethren, should remember )hat life's length is not measured 
by its minutes, its hours and day, but by that good which we have done therein for 


our country and our fellows. An idle an d useless life is short, if it lasts » century or 
more, but that of Hannibal was long. The same may be said of many who hrue 
fell an the field of battle during our present revolution, though they have falle.i to 
the spring or at the meridian of life, they have not lived in v,un ; their memories 
will be cherished by those yet unborn, and their deeds of heroic valor will shine with 
resplendent beauty on the historian's page. 

The duty of Masons to the Government, is a subject I desire to call t» your at- 
tention for a few moments, for the reason, that I have recently received a 'lumber of 
communications, froinifche presiding officers of various subordinate Lodges, relative 
to a recent orgat/izatiraof a political character, which society, it is alleged by many, 
is treasonable in its tendency. How far this allegation is true, I am not prepar- 
ed to determine, having no knowledge in regard to it, except what I have gathered 
from the political journals of the day. 

It is a fact well known to every intelligent Mason, tha' Freemasonry never inter- 
feres with the ftffairsof Government, politics or religion, but leaves, every man's con- 
BcienceTree, no matter whether he be Jew, Christian or Mahsmedan. Hence it is, 
that Masons are to be found in every clime on the habitable gl -be, all obeying the 
same landmarks of the order. One ofthe most positive injunctions giv-.r/ the candidate 
for admission into our order, and one of the adaaoritions most frequently repeated 
is, " to fulfill all civil duties in the most distinguished manner and from the purest 
motives." Tbi3 is ose of the most positive and binding regulations. In the 
" ancient charges collected from old records," is the following : "No private piques 
or quarrels must be brought within the door of the Lodge, far Wrany quarrels 
about religion, or nations, or State policy. Being of all nations, tongues, indrede 
and languages, we are resolved against all politics, as what yet never condv,c-d to 
the welfare of the Lodge, nor ever will." Again, " Waoev«r would be a true 
Mason is to know that by the privileges of the Order, his obligations as a subject 
and citizen, will not be relaxed but enforced." 
He is to be a lover of peace, and obedient to the civil powers which give hi" pro- 
' tection, and are set over him where he resides or works. Nor can a real Crait.inan 
ever be concerned in conspiracies against the State, er be disrespectful to the Mat - 
Jatrate, b'eeaus* the welfare of his country is his most happy object No man cau 
be invested with the office of Master of a Lod:e until he has signified his^ssent to 
those charges and regulations, which clearly point out.the duty of that station and 
promise to submit and support them, " as Masters have done in all ages." Among 
other particulars are these: " You agree to be a peaceable subject, and cheerfully 
to conform to the laws of the country in which you reside." '• You promise not to 
be concerned in plots or conspiracies against Government, but patiently to submit 
to t' e decisions of the supreme legislature." " You agree to pay a proper respect 
to the civil Magistrate; to work diligently, live in credit, and act honorably with 
all men." Lastly, though of not less importance, every candidate, upon admission 
into the Fraternity, ia thus charged : " In tne State you ar« never to countenance 
disloyalty or rebellion, but yield yourself, and encourage in others, a cheerful con- 
lormity to the Government under which you live." 

These are some of the regulations handed down by our ancestors, which should 
guard every Mason against the naost remote possibility of beinj: suspected of disloy- 
alty. Masons, as \ftll as other men, are members of civil society; equally interested 
in preserving its order and peace. They owe their personal and their associate 
security to the laws, their protection, to the rigid enforcement of those laws. While 
the true Mason acts within his sphere, he is a true friend to his Government. That 
is the centre of his circle — the point where his affections are the warmest. His 
philanthrophy is by no means incompatible with patriotism ; and when he speaks of 
being free, arid ©f standing on a level with bis brethren, he advances nose?itiment in 
militancy, with social or political grades anil dignities. He admits, and isfimiliar 
with, the principle of- due subordination. He finds ns expediency in his own insti- 
tution, and he knows it is essential to good government andorder in the community. 
'* To be tree is one ofthe characteristics of his profession, but it is that steady free- 
dom which freedom feels and wisdom dictates." A freedom which ressen. "honor 
and virtue sanctions ; a freedom from the dominion of passion and the slavery of 
vice. The institution of Masonry is founded on love to God, and lore ,to man, 
whose chief glory is to reward in its numbers thoje peaceful virtues which Sre mo»t 
friendly to their own tranquility, and most beniticent #nd hippy to the woritl, 
which declares and repeats to every candidate, and in all its Lodges that it can 
never countenance anything contrary t« morals, religion 8r the Government; which 
expects and requires the highest reverence to the Suoreae Being, obedience to 
rulers, respect to sup«riors, kindness to equals and condescension to inferiors. Id 


this character and conduct may each of us still be known and respected, continuing 
to " walk by the same rule iind mind the same thing." And may your Lodges bo 
beautiful as the temple, peaceful as its Ark, and sacred as its most holy place. May 
your ob^fltifins of pitt.y and praise be grateful as the incense, i'our lore warm aj 
its Dame, and your charity diffusive as its fragrance. May your hcart3 be pure as 
the altar, and your whole conduct acceptable as th^ offering; may the approbation 
of Bl< aven be jour eacouragemeat, and may He " who seech in secret, reward yea 

In the present highly prosperous condition cf Masonry, there is great danger of the 
ancient landmaiksot the order being violated. Luring the past Masonic year, I 
hare received' a number of communications asking advice in regard to conferring 
the degrees upon a meritorious class of our citizens; apoa men who have spilt 
their bl«od in defence of their country, but who have beenfp unfortunate as to b« 
maimed, some by the loss of an arm, and some by the loss or a foot or a leg. How- 
ever much we may esteem this highly respectable class of our community, or 
sympathise with them iu their misfortunes, yet. without a direct violatien of an im- 
portant landmark of mascmy, they cannot be received into the order. 

Anderson's Constitution of Masrnry, and the old charges as established by him, 
«o far as v<e recollect, have never been altered er changed in a single particular, by 
any Grand Lodge, if we except the 'ate attempt of the M. W. Grand Lodfie of 
Bngland to strike out the word " born," in its connection with " free." .These old 
lairs contain all the ancient landmarks proper to be written. To these then, and 
to these only can we appeal for authority. 

We make'the fallowing extract trom the fourth of the old charges, as collected by 
Anderson to sustain the position we have, taken when written to upon this subj-tt: 
«'Onlv candidates may know that no master should take an apprentice unless ho 
has sufficient employmentfor hitn, and unless he be a perfect youth, having bo inaiia 
or default about his body that may render him incapable of learning the art of serv- 
ing his master's Lord and of being made a brother, then a fellow craft, in due time, 
soon after he hus served such a terta of years as the custom of the country directs 
and that he should be descended * if honest parents, that so, when otherwise qualified 
be in ay arrive to the honor of being a Warden, and then the Master of the Lodge 
the Grau»i Warden, and at length the Grand Master ol all the Lodges, according 
to his merit." 

We think any intelligent Mason must see the fitness of the ancient law abovrj 
quoted. Arid every Master presiding over a subordinate Lodge should rule, wheu 
petitions from this class of citizens are presented, that all who cannot make a 
Square, Level and Plumb, and all those who cannot fully exercise the three hutnaa 
scenes, cannot be received, because they could not be useful in practicing our rites. 
The law requires that a man shall not be so maimed, or deformed, that he cannot 
practice and teach the rituals of Masonry. How could the presiding officer of a 
Lodge teach our rituals, who had but one foot or one band 1 How could a deaf or 
blind man give instructions in Masonry? It must be obvious, they cannot practice 
our rituals, and hence cannot be admitted into the Fraternity, 

1 desire to call the attention of the presiding officers of the subordinate Lodges te 
the subject of non-Affiliated Masons. This has become an avil of such magnitude 
that 1 deem it my duty to call the attention of the craft in this jurisdiction to the 

Demitted Masons enjoy many advantages over the members of the Lodge. Thsy 
are released from the operation of the bv-laws of the Lodge under whose jurisdic- 
tion they live, which requires a regular attendance upon the meetings of the Lodge, 
the payment of monthly dues, and from the burdensome task of spending night 
after night in doing the business and work of the Lodge. They are exempt also 
from a very unpleasantrduty, that of trying and punishing disorderly members. — 
They can, when they feel it their interest, visit the .Lodge, return when they please, 
and then call on the members to do them acts of favor and fraternal kindness, and 
frequently administer to their necessities. 

Frequently we will hear Masons say they hare not been in a Lodge for. a number 
of years, and then complain of being, to use a common phrase, "rusty." This sub- 
ject is of sufficient importance to be enquired into, and' a subject on which there 
should be but one opinion. 

Anciently all Mason3 were required to keep their names enrolled in some Lodge 
book, and if this great and fundamental law had not been grossly viol; ted, we 
•kould not see any non-A (filiated Masons. We again quote from Anderson's Con- 
stitution, to show the correctness of the position taken above ; 

" No set. or number of brethren, shall withdraw or separate themselvesfrom the 
«rdge in which tl ey were made, er were afterwards made member,! ;aUsS Ik* 


Lodge become too intnerous, nor even then, without a dispensation from the Graa 
Master or Deputy, *nd when thus separated, *hey must immediately join themselves 
to such other Lodge that they shall like best, or else obtain the Grand Master's 
warrant to jein in forming a new Lodge, to be regularly constitutbd in good time." 
In calling the attention of the brethren to this subject, I am actuated by a desire 
to seo the ancient Constitution and landmarks of the order strictly adhered to.— 
Upon this depends, in a great measure, th,e perpetuity of the institution. His land 
marks are unchanged, and must be strictly observed, not only by the subordinate 
Ladges, but by each and every Grand Lodge. 

I hare grauted during the present Masonic year the following dispensations : One 
for a Lodge at Olin ; County Line Lodge, in Davie county ; Tabernacle Lodge, in 
Guilford ; Jonesville Lodge in Jonesville and one for a Lodge at Lenoir, Burke Co. 

I have granted thf following military dispensations : J. E. Avery Military Lodge, 
No. 1, feth N. C. Tfoops, Hoke's Brigade; Z. B Vance Lodge, No. 2, 40th Reg'*, 
Heavy Artillery, N. C. ; Vance Brothers' Lodge, No. 3, 43rd N. C. Troops, Daniel'* 
Brigade; Lodge in 3rd N. C. Cavalry, No. 4 : Chicamauga Lodge, 21st Regiment, 
No. 6; .f. C. McDowell Lodge, 1st N. C. Battalion, No. 6. 

All those petitioHS for dispensations were properly recommended, by the ancient 
working Lodges, and the Masonic character of the petitioners fully vouched for. 

To walk uprightly before God and before man, without deviating to the right or 
left, is the duty of every 'Mason, neither as an euthusiast, nor a persecutor, in re 
ligion, nor binding in the least towards innovation or infidelity. In civil govern- 
ment, firm in our allegiance, yet steadfast to our laws, liberties and constitution. In 
private life, giving up every selfish propensity, inclining neither to avarice tior in- 
justice, to malice nor revenge, to envy nor contempt, in our intercourse, with each 
other or with mankind, but as the master workman raises his column by the plum 
or perpendicular, so should every Mason conduct himself towards the werld and 
his brethren. To such oar affections by justice ai»d oar actions, by truth is t» 
wear a jewel that might ornament the bosom of the highest monarch on earth. Yet 
merely to act with justice aad truth is not all the Mason should attemp't. To love 
and approve are monuments i'a the soul of man which gives him pleasure, but to pity 
or sympathise, gives him heavenly sensations, and to relieve the distresses of a wor- 
thy brother or friend is divine. 

Hence charity has her existence. Sbe act from a coiisciouness of man's equality 
in nature, and knows the level on, which mortality was created in the beginning. 

Accordingly the Mason indulges sympathetic feelings from the affections of tfe» 
heart breathing love he has towards his brother. The result of this .human judg- 
ment induces us to weigh the necessities of our suffering fellow-creatures, and pur- 
suant thereto, we dispense our charities from pure affection. 

To be an upright Mason is still to add greater lustre to our character ; to do jus- 
tice to all, and to have charity, are excellent traits in human life, but to act uprightly 
with all men, but more especially with a brother Mason, gives a superlative 
degree of exce lence to a masonic character ; for in acting thus we not only lay 
examples in religious, but in our civil and moral deportiaent. In morality it is re- 
quired of us, not to err by injuring, betraying, or denouncing, but that we should 
aim to do good, in every capacity, or in every station in life, wherein the Great I 
Am has placed us. By such means Masonry should be willling to be proved ; and 
thereby testify to the world that the emblematical jewels which he wears, are ensign* 
only of the inward man or soul ; then he will stand with an approving conscience 
before high Heaven and before his fellow-man, purchasing or meriting felicity to 
himself as a professor of Masonry, and honor to the institution, of which he is a mem- 

Xing Solomon, after the completion of the temple at Jerusalem, carried into it all 
the vsssels and iustruments, which was requisite for the service and worship- of 
Jehovah, according to the law of his people. So we ; as Masons, as workmen in th* 
great moral duties enjoined upon us and as servants of the great Architect of 
the universe, have constantly befpre us those M»s«nic emblems which remind us 
of what we are and what is required of us. Virtue is defined by moralists to be 
"that steadfast purpose and firm will of doing those things which nature has dic- 
tated to us, asthe best aad most salutery — a habit of the soul, by which mankind 
are inclined to do the things which areupwright and good, and avoid those that aro 
evil." In short, virtue is strict, moral honesty, and comprehends good principles. 
Prudence should characterize the conduct of every Mason; itiheuld be always 
present to the mind's eye, that his heart may be attentive to her dictates and stead- 
fast in her laws. Prudence is the path which loads to every degree of prosperity 
and is the rnlo of all virtue ; it is the channel from whence flows self- approbation for 
ever. She leads htr followers forth to worthy actions, aad as a guiding star 


enlightens as thruugh the darksome and deary paths of this life. Fortitude is anoth- 
er characteristic, of a Mason, by which, in the midst of the greatest calamity or s'f 
the most pressing evils, he is enabled to do that which is agreeable to the dictates of 
art' right .reason. Temperance mast alsp be one of the Mason's most steadfast priu- 
eiples, it being the moderating or restraining of oar affections and passions, espeeir 
sJIy those of sobriet? and chastity, and Jve might include, under the various defini- 
tions given it by moralists, honesty, decency and discretion, weaknas3, charity and 

As a more immediate guide for a Mason, the Ledge is furnished with mles which are 
mrierriag, whereby he can form his conduct. The great Masonic Law Book is ever 
•pen before him when in the Lodge, that he may not say that through ignorance 
he erred. Having laid down in it all the great Architect 4f the world has dictated 
to msnkind as the mode ia which he would be served, and the path marked out In 
which they are to tread, to obtain his divine approbation. Whatever sacred pre- 
«epts have been gives ns, and whatever laws have been recorded by the prophets of 
old, the same are faithfully recorded and comprised ia the Bosk of" the Law of Ma- 
sonry. This great Law Book reveals the duties which the Grand Master of all, ex- 
acts from us. It being open to every eye and comprehensible fey every mind, thert- 
fiwe, who among ns that knows not the acceptable service. 

And now a parting word, to all my brethren. Let aae urge voa to hold fast te the 
tradition of our order; preserve immortal the landmarks which have been banded 
down to us pure and unimpaired. The great principles of the Masonic Institution 
are those of truth. They are principles allied to our sacred religion, and are ever- 
lasting. They existed when the foundation of the earth was laid, and formed an 
arch, more magnificsnt than the firmanent with all its glorious "inlay of stars." 

We have spoka of Masonry and endeavored to enforce on the minds of. oar breth- 
ren that Free Masonny is one of the most powerful agents of. virtue. Every step, 
every mystery of the erder, like "the things har<? to be understood in scripture," 
are potent witnesses of divine truth. From every dangerous path, and every dark, 
and rugged way, from every solemu vale we penetrate, and from every mysterioa* 
sign and word ol exhortation. We desire the mast lucid and brilliaat illustrations 
' of a glorious destiny^' Viewed as a moral sermon, it commands' our hghest esteeaa, 
and opens to our mental vision a sublime astronomy, where are seen stars and sua 
revolving about a great centre in theunseea depths of glory. About that firmament 
are, no doubt crystal waters. Some- spiritual Jordan, in which the righteous Maso» 
m»y be baptised anew, on their way to the heavenly city. In that beautiful laad ef 
light, the soul will find problems of moral science, which it will forever delight to 
study stud yet never solve. There it may be ever tailing up the sum of human hap- 
piness, and never finding an answer. How incomprehensible then is the mystery 
of man's eternal prsgrese. No plumb line can sound the depths of mercy, and n» 
compasses can describe immensity, within whose infinite triangle/which will con- 
tinue forever incemprehensible to the student of celestial geometry. 

The Masonic order stans\s a monument »f ancient ronown — a mas?ive structure; 
sapported by wisdom, strength and beauty. But if we wish to enjoy real satisfac- 
tion in viewing the splendid edifice, we must "go down to its very foundaiion." 
We must cross the gulf of time, and go back to the age ia which its " stones were 
known, and visit the graves of the Masters whose hands fashioned and heaved thera 
iato their places." Let us often think upan the mysterious and solemn ties which 
unite us as a band of friends and brothers, and pledge anew our vows of holy broth- 
erhood, and ever walk uprightly before God and man. 

Brothers, may yeu discharge all your Masonic duties with fidelity and aoner ; 
that when the events of time shall be ended and the retributions of eternity begia ; 
when the morning stars shall again sing together, and the sons of God shot for 
loy, may each of you join the animating choras, and share the glorious. triumph. 
Then you shall be deemed worthy to enter the doors of the celestial temple to e« 
adorned with jewels beautiful with immortality, and advanced to glories, incoxn- 
narably more resplendaat than any here below. 
1 J E. F. WATSON, G. M. 

The. Grand Lodge then went into ah election for officers fox 
the ensuing, year, which resulted as follows : 

John McCormick, of Harnett Co., Grand Master. 

R. W Best, of Greene, " Sen. Warden. 

l)avid H, Stephenson, of Wake, " Jun. Warden. 



0. W D. Hutchings, of Raleigh, [Grand Treasurer. 
William T. Bain,- of Raleigh, " Secretary. 

The following document from Yadkia Lodge, No. 164, in 
the case of Bro. VanEaten, was read and adopted : 

Whbreas Yadkin Lodge, No. 162, has suspended brother W. L. TanEaten from 
f -otn ail the rights of Masonry fr twelve months ; and whereas, said Lodge has, 
after repeated applications on the part of said brothers, refused to send up to this' 
(id Lod«-e a copy pf its proceedings in said case, Brother VanEaten having ap- 
■waled frocTsaid decision of said Lodge ; be it therefore. - 

1 Kesalved, Tfaat brother W. L. TanEaten be restored to^il the rights and benefits- 
of Masonry, and the said Lodge be restrained and prohibited from acting as a Lodg* 
„t,hi a caav of its proceedings in said ease be sent to this Grand Lodge. 
w v * D. K. SHERWOOD. 

Ralekjh, N. C., November 7th, 1864. 
This day personally appears before me, V- T. Bain, Grand Secretary of Grand 
Lodge of North Carolina, W- L. TanEaten, and ciaketh oath that he has applied to 
the Secretary, and to the Master, of Yadkin Lodge, no less than five times, for a 
copy of the proceedings in the case in that Lodge against Lira, and has offered to 
them to have the said proceedings drawn off at his own expense, and has always been 
refused a cossy of said proceedings. 

Sabscribie-d and sworn to before me. > 
W. T. BAIN. J 

Past Grand Master, Bro, W. F- Collins, appeared this 
evening, and was invited to a seat in the Grand Lodge. 
On motioa of Bro. Stanly, it was 

Memlvei, That a Committee of three be appointed to invite P. G. M.,W. G-. HUH 
to be present and install the Grand Officers elect for the ensuring year, to-morrow 
juorniag at S o'clock. 

Bros. Stanly, Denny and Foster compose that Committee. 
The Committee on the Grand Treasurer's account made the 
annexed report which was adopted : 

The Committee appointed to examine the accounts of the Grand Treasurer, brr 
!a«ye to report that they have examined the same and find them correct ■ That he 
tins received f;om the Grand Secretary $2124 25. tsgether with $172 67, «n hand 
of last rear, in all 2,296 91 and his disbursements have been $1.9S6 10 leaving a bal- 
ance of $380 82. 


S.-P Horton, appointed Bro. 'S. W Neal proxy for his 

W D. Meacham appointed Brother Wellkowsky his 

Hethe appointed Bro. Matthews his proxy. 

B. H. Sorsby appointed Bro. D. W Bain his proxy. 




Called off until to-morrow morning 9 o'clock. 

of nobth carolina. 17 

Wednesday Mokning, 9 o'clock, ) 
December 7, 1864. f 

The Grand Lodge called from refreshment to labor. 
The Grand Officers and delegates in their seats. 
The following Grand Officers were installed by P. G. 
Master, E. F. Watson : 
Brother John McCormick, Grand Master, 

" R. W. Best, " Senior Warden, 

" D. H. Stephenson, " Junior Warden. 

" C. W. D. Hatchings, " Treasuier. 

" William T. Bain, " Secretaiy. 

The Grand Master then made the following appointments : 
Brother E. Grissom, Deputy Grand Master. 

" Rev. Jas. MeDaniel, - t " Chaplain. 

" R. V. Blaekstock, " Sen. Deacon. 

" "W. .WDunn, " Jun. Deacon. 

" M. Bowes, " Marshall. 

" W. H. Avera, " Sword Bearer. 

" W R. Denny, « Fursuivant. 

" James M. Beits, " Tyler. 

Bro. A. G. Mackay was requested, and gave his views at 
some length on the history of Masonry, in regard to the 
Prestonian and Stevenson work. 
Called off until 3 o'clock. 

Wednesday Evening, 3 o'clock, ) 
December 7, 1864, 1 

The Grand Lodge called from refreshment to labor. 

Past Grand Master A. T. Jerkins appeared, and was in- 
vited to a seat in the Grand Lodge. 

The preamble and resolution of Bro. William G. Hill were 
called up, and after some discussion the. same were adopted : 

Whereas, on Friday evening, December 7th, ISfiO,. ostensibly to secure uniformi- 
ty t if wirk. a resolution was adopted by the Grand Lodg*, substituting- for "SteTen- 
boii's" work (adopted December -6849) " the 'so-called Prestonian System," as taught 
by Thomas Smith Webb ; 


18 PBOCEEDINGS of the gband lodge 

And whereas, this action, at the close of the communication, when delegates from 
but thirteen Lodges were present, has failed to bind the subordinate Lodges; since 
most of them continue to attest, by use, their approval of Stevenson's work ; and 
whereas, this change, hasty and ill-advised, was affected counter to known wishes of 
a large majoTity of the delegates to that communication, and mainly through the 
shre d management of one F. N. Porter, accredited representative near this Grand 
Lodge, from the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire, who being a pedlar of Rob Mor- 
ris' books, on the so-called Prestonian System, &c, wtis peculiarly and pecuniarily 
interested in foisting said work on this Grand Lodge, Therefore, in justice to Ben. 
Stevenson, and to secure entire uniformity of work for the good of the craft 

Resolved, That said resolution adopted on Friday evening, December 7th, 1860, is 
hereby rescinded, and the resolution of December, 5846, restored to full force and 
effect. WM. G. HILL. 

The Committee on unfinished business made the annexed 
report which was adopted » 

To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Nortji Carolina: 

The Committee of unfinished business of the Grand Lodge, respectfully 
report that they have examined the proceedings of the Communication, 
and find on page 17, in the report of the Committee on Masonic juris- 
prudence, the following s . 

" Upon the cnse which has been reported to your Committee, as having 
occurred between Phoenix Lodge, No. 8, and St. John's Lodge, No. 1, it 
has been thought advisable to make no, report to this Grand Communica- 
tion, and request the Most Worshipful Grand Master to appoint a Com- 
mittee, whose duty it shall be to examine the testimony — each Lodge being 
represented — and report to the next Grand Lodge. 

They also find on page*18, the lollowing: 

" The Grand Master appointed brothers Alfred Martin and J. F. Green, 
as the Committee to investigate the complaint of Phoenix Lodge, No. 8, 
against St. John's Lodge, No. 1, as recommended by the Committee on 
Masonic Jurisprudence." 

It is evident that the report of this Committee, is- order to be presented 
to this present Grand Communication. 

They find nothing else in the proceedings of the last Grand Communi«a- 
tion calling for their notice, unless some report is to be expected at this 
Communication from the Committee on St. John's College. See page — , 
of the Proceedings, all which is respectfully submitted. 


T. M. GARDNER, I Committee. 


The annexed report, submitted by Bro. Colton, was read 
and adopted : 

Your Committee has had iD consideration the subject matter of the 
communication from Phoenix Lodge, No. 8, and beg leave to report : 

That they deem it unwise that there should be among us so many unaf- 
filiated Masons, the more especially when they desire to connect themselves 
with Lodges and become active and useful. Many of these Masons are"' 
refugees from their former homes, and, owing to the peculiar character of 
of their departure thence were unable to obtain demits. It is now utterly 


impossible for them to obtain such demits even it Lodges are* working in 
the Location of their former homes. 

We quote a resolution of the Grand Lodge, adopted 5551, as follows : 
Now, is a fact well known and generally conceded, that common law does 
not intend or desire to cremand from any one the accomplishment of an 
impossibility. The ear and eye of the Grand Master is the great beacon of 
Light to which every true Mason looks. Hence, if the Grand Master, 
after a careful survey of all the facts, deems it impossible for any brother 
to obtain a demit, your Committee submits that it is unmasonic that such 
Mason should longer be kept from the rights and benefits of a true member 
of the Lodge nearest where he now resides. Further, your Committee ven- 
ture to express the opinion t^at it is impossible for any Mason, formerly a 
resident of any Northern State, or of any city, town or section now, and 
■"ikely for some time to be, in the hands of the enemy, to obtain a demit; 
hence, that such -Lodge is to him and his brother Masons of this Grand 
Lodge dormant ; and therefore, for the benefit of all such, your Committee, 
beg leave to present the following: 

Resolved, That all unaffiliated Masons, refugees from their former homes— which 
former homes are in the hands of the enemy— may, by application to the Grand 
Master, and bis certifying that, in his opinion, it is impossible for them to obtain 
demits, by showing evidence of true Masonic conduct, may become active and affili- 
ated Masons in the Lodge where they are now nearest resident by paying the usual 
fees, and upon showing evidence satisfactory to said Lodge, shall be entitled to all 
the honors and titles they may have heretofore enjoyed. 


The report on returns and proceedings of tfhe subordinate 
Lodges, was adopted : 

To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of North- Carolina ; 

Your Committee on Returns and Proceedings, beg leave to make the 
following report : 

They have examined the returns of the following named Lodges and 
find them correct : Fellowship, No. 84 ; Hanks, 128 ; Blacksoer, 127 • Lo- 
gan, 121; Franklinton, 123; Marlboro', 177; Wayne, 112; Joseph War- 
ren. 92; Morning Star, 85; Lincoln, 137; Adoniram, 149 ; High Point 
199; Deep River, 164; Radiance, 132; Mount Lebanon,; 117 ; Wak© 
Forrest, 97 ; Clinton, 124; King Solomon, 138 ; Stokes, 32; George Wash- 
ington, 174; Mount Energy, 140 ; Greensboro', 76 ; New Light, 215; Kil- 
winning, 64 ; Fulton, 99 ; Hiram, 98 ; Holly Springs, 115 ; William R 
Davie, 73 ; Sandy Creek, 185; Cane Creek, 213; Tuscarora, 122; St' 
Albans, 114 ; Phceuix, 8 ; Rolesville, 156 ; Belmont, 808 ; Phalanx, 51 • 
Charity, 5 ; St. Johns, 96 ; American George, It. ' 

The following are wanting in date of Charter : 

Rocky River, 159 ; Alamance, 133 ; Central Cross, 187 ; Clinton, 107 • 
White Stcme, 155 ; Cane Creek, 142; Mount Hermon, 182; Buffalo, 172 - 
Cleveland, 202; Hiram, 40; Richland, 214; Pee Dee, 15.0; Mount Vernon' 
133; Warren, 101; Townsville, 182; Pleasant Hill, 168; Eno, 210- Ca! 
tawba Valley, 219; Columbus, 102; Blackmer, 170; Eagle Rock, 201 * 
Roanoke, 203 ; New Salem, 209 ; Lafayette, 179 : Winston, 167 : Care/ 
198; Pine Forest, 186. * ' 7 » 



The following are wanting in Seal and date of Charter : Beaumont, 160 ; 
Carolina, 141 ; Granite, 19i ; Fair Bluff", 1&0. 

The following are wanting in date of Charter, Seal and form! Rocfe 
Rest, 161 ; Union, 173; Kockirfgbam, 216; Pasquotank, 103. 

The following the Seal and records destroyed by fhe enemy : Lafayette. 

The following is wanting in form in every particular : Mount Moriah, 82. 

Military Lodge, J. B. Avery, No. 1, wanting in seal. 

Your Committee have been thus explicit in pointing out the defects and 

infoimalitjes of return* of the subordinate Lodges, with the hope that in 

the future the Lodges will be more careful in having tbei? returns maid© 

out properly. 

All of which i» respectfully submitted. 

C. J. ROt/NTREE,; 

B. WALKER, J. <&roHnift<m 


palled off until this ereoirrg, 7 o'clock. 

WEDffMDAt EVeui'ng; 7 o'clock, 

December 7, 1864 
The Grand Lodge called from refreshment to labor. 
The Grand officers and delegates in their seata. 
The Committee on Military Lodges reported the following 1 
Resolution, which was adopted: 

Resolved, That the subject of Military Lodges is respectfully referred to the 
Grand Master for his approval, and. the committee ask to be discharged from fur- 
ther duty. 

Brother Gardner presented the following resolution, which 
was adopted: 

Resolved, ThaWhe addresses delivered on the presentation of the Jewel presented 
to the Grand Secretary be printed, with the proceedings of the Grand Lodge. 

Brother L. C. Riddle presented the following resolution, 
which was adopted : 

Resolved, That the dues from each of the subordinate Lodges working under the 
jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge, be raised to thirty dollars per annum, from and 
after this annual communication. 

Brother fm. G. Hill moved that the following resolution, 
adopted at the communication of the Grand Lodge of 1846 
be rescinded, which was agreed to : 

Resolved, That from and after this Grand Communication the subordinate Lodees 
make pay into the Grand Lodge Treasury? as an annual stipend, the sum of fifteen 
tf item pr £ v;ded ' that no hoA ^ be ^"-ed to pay more than onextoilar for each 


Brother York submitted the following preamble and reso- 
lution, which were adopted : 

Whereas, This Grand Lodge by a resolution of 1861, recommended the G. M. to 
issue dispensations to Military Lodges, and whereas the question of jurisdiction has 
been admitted ; therefore, be it 

Begolved 1st, That this Grand Lodg» claim Masonic Jurisdiction over all troops 
belonging to the State of North Carolina, wherever they may be. 

Ketolved 2d, That no Military Lodge under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge 
shall have the power to confer the degrees upon any person other than such as by the 
laws of Noith Carolina are entitled to vote in the State elections held in the aimy. * 

The Report of the QominUtee on Expulsions and Suspen- 
sions read and adopted. 

The Committee on Suspensions and Expulsions beg leave to submit the 
following Report: 

1st. In the caee of W. J. Jones, Granite Lodsre, No. 191, we recommend 
that he be restored to membership, but be reprimanded in open Lodge. 
He has been under suspension for more than one year, and we do not think 
the offence requires an extension of the punishment. 

2d. We recommend that the action of Pleasant Hill Lodge, No. 168, in 
the case of G. M. Gable, be confirmed. 

3d. In the cage of Hiram Hunter, Blackmer Lodge, No. 170, we think the 
sentence of the Lodge too severe, it being expulsion, and therefore recom- 
mend that the action of the Lodge be reversed, and that he be suspended 
for one year, at the end of which time he be reprimanded in open Lodge. 

4th. We recommend that the action of Dan River Lodge, No. 129. in the 
case of David Matthews, be reversed, and he be suspended for six months. 

5th. We recommend that the proceedings of Mocksville Lodge, No. 134, 
in the cases of W Stonestreet and E. M. Godby, be returned tor total in- 
formality of proceedings. 

6th. In the case of W. . ..noccly, George Washington Lodge, No. 174, 
and N. R. W;itkins and F. I Hartsfield, Rolesville Lodge, No. 158, we 
recommend that these cases be referred back to snid Lod,: s for informality, 
and that they be instructed to inquire whether 'bese biothers have been 
guilty of unmasonic conduct?.. These parties were by their respective 
Lodges expelled for desertion from the army win'' h, in the opinion of the 
Committee, is a political, and not a masonic offeue. While we as citizens, 
express our entire condemnation of- desertion. si:ni > ^iore such conduct, 
whether by masons or the profane, we would rccomoiei.u that for thef'ture, 
subordinate Lodges do not attempt to deal with their members on the 
simple charge of dt -t nion, '* Although all the most ancient and univer- 
sally received precepts of the ins itution inculcate obedience to the civil 
powers, and strictly forbid any mingling in plots or conspiracies against 
the peace and wdlfare of the nation yet no offence against the State, 
which is simply political in its character, can be noticed by a Lodge." 
Once introduce this subject into the Lodges, and open the door for 
the introduction of politics and religion, subjects which are stringently 
forbidde i to be introduced into Masonry, and we undermine the very 
foundation of our time-honored institution. 

All of which is respect'ully submitted. 



Bro. Salinas presented the annexed resolution, which was 
adopted : 

Resolved, That authority be granted to Saint John's Lodge, No. 1, to confer the 
Master's degree on Bro. J. 0. Boorg. 

The Keport on the Grand Master's Communication was 
read and adopted. 

Tonr Committee on the Grand Master's Address beg leave to report: 

That the pride and satisfaction of this Graud Lodge must be aroused by 
the prosperous condition of Masonry, which appears from the Grand Master's 
Address upon the state of the Order, and that they trust it will continue to 
grow, not only in numbers, but in perfection of work and purity of morals. 

That the Grand Master's remarks urging Masons not to identify them- 
selves as Masons, or in their Lodges, with any secret political order which 
has been, or may be introduced into this country, are worthy of our most 
careful attention. 

That the subject of non-affiliated Masons is one which merits our careful 
attention, and some action of this Grand Lodge- should be taken in regard 
to the number of nonaffiliated Masons who crowd our towns, do not pay 
anything for the support of Masonry, and are ever ready to display them- 
selves on public occasions, and when traveling it may be of benefit to them. 

The official acts of the Most Worshipful Grand Master meet our approval, 
and the mild and, impartial manuer with which he has dispensed the duties 
of his office is worthy our highest praise. 

We entirely concur with the Grand Master in the eloquent manner with 
which he*has portrayed the beauties and benefits of Masonry. 

In parting from him, we tender to him. for you, many years of usefulness, 
and that each recurring year may find him among us in genial broiherhood. 

M. FETTFR, \ Com. 


The Keport on Accounts and Claims was read and adopted. 

To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Worth Carolina : 

The Committee on Accounts and Claims beg leave to report, that they 
have examined the accompanying accounts and find them correct. ■ 

Account of W. W. Holden, for printing $30 00 

Account of Methodist Book Store, for paper, etc 24 50 

Account of W. L. Pomeroy, for steel pens, etc. 1 50 

$65 00 
All which is respectfully reported. 







Bro, K. W. Best submitted the following resolution, which 
was adopted : 


Whereas, Bro. Win. B. Smith, of this city, has commenced the publication of a 
Magazine "devoted t» the interest of the Masonic Fraternity," and entitled "The 
Key Stone ;" and whereas, a work of this kind is very much needed at this time by 
the craft throughout the Confederate States : therefore 

Resolved, That this Grand Lodge recommend said work to the subordinate Lodges 
and the craft generally. 

The annexed resolution was read and adopted ; 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Grand Lodge are due, and are hereby tendered 
to Bro. W. 3. Palmer, and the officers associated with him, for the kind invitation 
they have extended to us to attend the public exercises of the Institution for the 
Deaf and Dumb and Blind. 

Bro. Colton submitted the following resolution, whieh was 
adopted ; 

Resolved, That Benjamin K. Russell, of Tbasmx Lodge, No. 8, be restored to all 
rights and benefits of Free Masonry, in accordance with a petition from said Lodge 
to that effect. 

Bro. David H. Stephenson introduced the following reso- 
lution, which was adopted : 

Resolved, That the Grand Tyler be paid twenty*£ve dollars ($25) per day during 
the session of this Grand Communication. 

■ On motion of Bro. Stanly, it was 

Resolved, Thit the thanks of this Grand Lodge are due, and are hereby tendered 
to the officers of the same, for the faithful manner in which they have discharged 
their duties* 

Bros. C. W. D. Hutchings, W. G. Hill and William T, 
Bain, were appointed the Printing and Publishing Com- 

Bro. S. Lander introduced the following resolution, which 
was adopted : 

Resoloed, That the thanks of this Grand Lodge are hereby tendered to the Rail- 
Toad Companies in the State, which have passed its delegates over their roads for 
half price, 

The Grand Lodge having finished all the business submitted 
for its consideration was closed in ample form by the Most 
"Worshipful Grand Master, until the first Monday in Decem- 
ber, 1865, being the fonrth day of the month. 


Grand Secretary. 



Address of Bro. Mackey, Grand Secretary of South-Caro- 

My Dear Brother : — In a Masonic experience not, it is true, as long as 
yours, and yet sufficiently long to bave_ afforded me many pleasing remin- 
iscences, I know of none which will, in future years be more grateful to 
my memory than the transaction in which, by the kind partiality of your 
Grand Lodge, I have this evening been made an actor. Holding in my 
own jurisdiction an official position, similar to that which for many years 
you have so faithfully exercised in yours, I almost feel that I am, in some 
sort, the participator in the honor which is now bestowed upon you. It 
seems appropriate that the GraDd Secretary of one State should be selected 
as the agent to express the sentiments of respect entertained by his breth- 
ren for the Grand Secretary of another, and a sister jurisdiction. I, at 
least, am able to appreciate the nature of the labors which, in your official 
character, devolve upon you— the industry aud energy which are required 
for the faithful discharge of those labors — and the conduct which you must 
have pursued to have' grained that respect and esteem, the evidence of which 
is this evening demonstrated. 

Yours, my brother, must have been a happy life. For nearly a quarter 
of a century, the Mason* of North Carolina have come up together at stated 
periods to renew their vows around our sacred altar — to legislate for (he 
government of the order in then" native juris'dietion — and to adopt those 
measures which should be conducive to the prosperity and healthy exten- 
sion of our beloved institution. And at each anniversary they have brought 
with them the renewal ©f their respect and esteem for you as their Grand 
Secretary, and by repeated, unanimous, re-elections have testified their 
persocai affection for you as a man, and their grateful sense of your fidelity 
as an officer. This long continued demonstration of their confidence is 
son ; i'. j; of which you may well be proud. 

Won'.! the illustrious architect of the metropolitan cathedral of England 
had been gathered to his last resting place, no splendid, obelisk or stately 
urn was ereeted to point out the situation of his grave ; but buried in the 
very centre of St. Pauls, that gorgeous pile which his skill and genius had 
erected, a plain marble slab alone indicated his tomb, but on its surface 
was inscribed these memorable words, "If you would behold his monument, 
look around you." 

&o you, too, need no written certificate of your character or of your ser- 
vice. Should any stranger, unacquainted with the industry, energy and 
fidelity with which, for -o a period, you have discharged the duties of 
your responsible and laborious office, ask for soipe evidence of your worth 
you too might refer to the r spect and esteem which your purity of life has 
won.auci, pointing to these brethren who now, with warm hearts and kindly 
glanc 8, are gazing on your venerable form, might proudly say, " If you- 
Want the testimony of my integrity and my usefulness look around you." 

The medal which the Grand Lodge of North Carolina has ordered to be 
presented to you contains this significant legend: "We love those who 
love us : we honor those who have honored us." Yes, venerable brother 
for mor£ than a quarter of a century, you have demonstrated by your 
worus and actions, a warm attachment to our sacred institution, and untir- 


ing devotion to its welfare. And now the sons of those whom you first met 
in our hallowed courts, come up •here this evening to return, with grateful 
feelings, a portion of that love which you lavished on their sires. # And the 
Grand Lodge whom you have honored by the long and faithful discharge of 
one of the most important offices in its gift, now proclaims by this act in 
which we are engaged, how highly it honors and esteems the honest man, 
the upright Mason, and the faithful officer. The bread cast upon the 
waters, after many days has returned. 

In the name and in behalf of the Grand Lodge of North-Carolina, and 
the craft, which it represents, I present to you this medal as an offering of 
affection. May you long wear it with health, and intellect, aod usefulness 
unimpaired; and when, in the expressive symbolism of our Order, you shall 
in the pilgrimage of life have passed the Southern and Western gates, un- 
conqnered by the temptations which are there, you shall at length have 
leached the Eastern gate, :iud there been compelled to yield to the inexor- 
able foe of our race, may death find you like " the widow 1 s son" not unpre- 
pared for.the great change which will await you. But may your disem- 
bodied spirit, called by the Omnific Word of the Grand Waster of the uni- 
verse, from the grave to. which weeping brethren shall have consigned you, 
be permitted to unite with the true and faithful who have gone before you 

in the eternal refreshments of the Celestial Lodge. 

Tp which Brother ¥m. T. Bain, Grand Secretary, replied 
as follows : 

My Dear Brother Macket: I should certainly be guilty of an act of 
unpardonable ingratitude, if I were to refrain Irom expressing the feelings 
of my heart in accepting this beautiful and valuable token of the friendship 
and fraternal regard which my brethren of the Grand Lodge of my beloved 
State have shown towards me. 

To say that I am thankful only, would be but a poor return for this 
unmistakable evidence of their kind and generous failings. Yes, my 
brother, I can truly say that the gratitude I feel will be cherished in my 
bosom to the latest period of my life, to remind me of "the many and mul^i- 
.plied favors and acts of kindness received at their hands. If I were to say 
that I have committed no errors in discharging the duties of my office, I 
might justly be accused of.vanity and presumption, but I flatter myself 
with the pleasing reflection that my brethren will ascribe those errors to 
the imperfections ofmy nature, and not from any disposition on mv part to 
shrink from the performance of those duties connected with the office of 
Grand Secretary. 

For more than forty years I have had the honor of a connection with the 
Masonic Fraternity, and during that long period of time, I have endeavored 
to promote its interest and to act the part of a useful and acceptable mem- 
ber ; and here, I hope, I may be indulged in submitting a few brief remarks 
on some of the excellent tenets of our'Order. 

Masonry may with much propriety be regarded as a moral institution, 
having among other objects a calm and dispassionate inquiry into the origin 
of man, his destiny on earth and his future state, that it may be ascertained 
as far as practicable, what he owes to hi* Creator, to society and himself. 

Man was not placed on earth to live for himself alone. 

The Author of existence has imposed* imperative duties upon us, and we 
are not obeying the moral law if we fail to discharge those duties faithfully 
under all circumstances of life. 


The cold headed misanthrope may presumptuously inquire what essential 
duties are made obligatory on us to discharge? 

Christianity will readily answer the question by loudly calling upon us to 
feed the hungry, close the naked and to infuse comfort and consolation into 
the hearts of the afflicted and distressed ; and Masonry at all times prompts 
ns to act the Samaritan's part when objects of our pity and commiseration 
present themselves claiming our benevolence and charity. 

When he is inducted into the mysteries of Masonry, the candidate will 
readily discover without much effort of the mind, that its principles are 
closely connected with Christianity. Heat once perceives that the degrees 
h,e has taken are founded upon that Book which the good and true Mason 
values above all others, and if he conforms to the requirements it imposes, 
he cannot fail to act the good Mason's part and receive the plaudits t>f 

Masonry may be said to be a language which is understood and spoken 
by the craft wherever dispersed, and it forms a common medium of corns 
munication among our brethren of all nations and tongues. In a strange 
land the good and true Mason finds, without much difficulty, a home in the 
hearts and houses of his brethren ; and it he is in want, his wanta are 
cheerfully supplied, and his heurt is made to rejoice, that, a'though a 
stranger and far from home and friends, he is among those who claim him 
as a brother of the mystic tie. 

It cannot be denied that in many ages of the world's existence, kings and 
princes, with others high in rank and power, have arrayed themselves 
against our beloved Order, but their wicked and malicious efforts to injure 
and destroy our usefulness, have fallen harmless at our feet ; and we appear 
on the world's wide stage, clothed in all the majesty of our strength, power 
and influence. It may be also declared that the shafts of malice and 
vituperation have been hurled at our very viials, to impair our energies and 
defeat our plans, to disperse Chris' ian and Masonic principles among the 
nations of the earth; but with much pleasure and gratification we can say, 
that a period in our history has arrived when the tongue of slander and 
malice has been silenced, and we now stand on firmer and more substantial 
ground than we have occupied for many centuries past. 

In closing these imperfect remarks, I beg to, be permitted to return my 
sincere thanks and grateful acknowledgements to you, my much esteemed 
brother, for the very kind and flattering manner in which you have been 
pleased to present this memorial of the undiminished friendship of those 
much honored and beloved ones with whom I have spent many happy and 
pleasant hours in by gone days. May prosperity and happiness accompany 
you and them through life ; and when you shall be summoned to exchange 
time and all earthly things, (or a long and never ending eternity, may you 
all be received into the Gkand Lodge above, where the Supreme Architect 
of the universe presides in all His glory and splendor, there to enjoy unin- 
terrupted happiness and peace in thje haven of eternal repose. 



Saint John's Lodge, No; 1, $15 00 

Royal White Heart, " 2, 1863, and '64, 30 00 

Charity, " 5, 20 00 
Unanimity, " . 7, 1862, '63, and '64, 45 00 

Phoenix, " 8, 15 00 

American George, " 17, 15 00 

Phalanx, " 81, 15 00 

Stokes, ' " 32, 15 00 

William R. Davie, " 37, 15 00 

Hiram, " 40, 15 00 

Liberty, " 45, 15 OC 

King Solomon, " 56, 1863 and '64, 30 00 

Widow's Son, " 75, 1863 and '64, 30 00 

Greensboro', " 76, 15 00 

Mount Moriah, " 82, 15 00 

Fellowship, " 84, 15 00 

Morning Star, " 85, 15 00 

Enfield, " 88, 1861, '62, '63 and '64, 60 00 

Joseph Warren, u 92, 15 00 

Jerusalem, '• 95, 15 00 

Wake Forest, " 97, 15 00 

Hiram, J« 98, 15 00 

215 00 

Fulton, «• 99, 15 00 

Warren, " 101, 15 00 

Columbus, " 102, 15 00 

Pasquotank, ". 103, 30 00 

Belmont, " 108, 15 00 

Wayne, " 112, 1862, '63 and 64, 45 00 

Saint Albans, V 114, ' 15 00 

115, 15 00 

117, 15 00 

240 00 

Holly Spring, 


Mount Lebanon, 


Mount Hermon, 








Mill Creek, 






Dan River, 








118, 15 00 

122, 15 00 

123, 15 00 

124, 15 00 

125, 15 00 

127, 15 00 

128, 15 00 

129, 15 00 

132, 15 00 

133, 15 00 

134, 15 00 

180 00 

165 00 
$800 4)0 


Amonnt brought forward, 

Leaksville Lodge, No. 136, 1862, '63 and '64, 

Lincoln, " 137, 
KingSolomon " 138, 
Mount Energy, »' 140, 

Carolina, " 141, 
Cane Creek, < " 142, 

Mount Vernon, " 143, 
Taylor, " 144, 

Palmyra. " 147, 
Adoniram, * " 149, 

Pee Dee, " 150, 

Chalmers, " 151, 

Eolesville, . " 156, 

Knap of Reeds, " 158, 

Rocky River, " 159, 

Beaumont, " 160, 

Rock Rest, " 161, 

Yadkin, " 162, 

Deep River, " 164, 1863 and '64, 

Archer, " 165, 

Winston, " 167, 

Pleasant Hill, " 168, 

Blackmer, " 170, 

Delk, " 171, 

Buffalo, " 172, 

Union. « 173, 

George Washington, " 174, 

Marlboro'. » 177, 1861, '62, '63 and '64, 60 66 

Lafayeite, « 179, 1863 and '64, ' 

Caldwell, » 180, 

Carthage. " 181, 

Dourasville, u 182, 

Sandy Creek, " 185, 

Pine Forest, " 186, 

Central Cross, " 187, 

Fair Bluff, « 190, 

Granite, " 191, 

Burnsville, «' 192, 1863 and '64, 

CnpeFear, " 194, 

Falkland, " 196, 1862, '63 and '64. 

Carey, • « 198, 

High Point, " 199, Balance, 

Eagle Rock, " 201, 

Cloaveland, " 202, 

Roanoke, " 203, 

Long Creek, «' 205, 

Mongo, « 206, 

$800 00 

$45 00 






■ .'n"i 


1 . 










— — 

195 00 

























— 265 00 









t, 60 














— 225 00 





15 00 

















15 i 


15 I 


OAK Art 

11,730 00 



New Salem Lodge, 

Crane's Creek, 
\ew Light, 

Catawba Valley, 

Amount brought forward, 
No. 209, 


210, 1863 and-64, 

211, for 1864, $15 00 
" in advance, '65, 30 00 



214,' 1863 and '64, 







$15 00 
6 00 







$1,780 00 


" 188, 1863 and '64, 

30 00 

Charter for W. Q. Hill Lodge, 

d< Jeffv rson Lodge, 

i\i Stokesburg Lodge, 

d.- Webster Lodge, 

(It Tabernacle Lodge, 

d; County Line Lodge, 

di Haw River Lodge, 

d Wilson Lodge, 

dt Jonesville Lodge, 

Disp .^.tionfor Corinthian L^dge, 
Gunter Lodge, 
> McDowell Military Lodge, 

o William G. Hill Lodge, 




211 00 

80 00 

$1,971 00 


180 00 
$2,151 00 


10 C^-tiScates for Royal White Heart Lodjre, 5 00 
40 ).-. r;i copies. of Proceedings for Fellowship Lodge, 

> .. 84, 20 Of 

5 V. -■■ ra copies or Proceedings {or Sandy Creek Lodge, 3 0( ; 

20 ■■ .lomas for Fulton Lodge, No 99, 10 00 


Ded-'i.-t for Charters, 
d Dispensations, 

d< Diplomas, 

40 00 

38 00 

2.229 00 
22 00 

2,251 00 

$9 00 
3 ?;(■ 
8 0! 

20 00 

2,231 00 



t Amount brought forward, $2,231 00 

Dispensation for Atlantic Lodge, Currituck County, 10 00 

Deduct for Grand Secretary's fee, 1 00 

9 00 

$2,220 00 
Feb. 22/ Moant Olivet Lodge, No. 145, for dues, ]5 00 

2.235 09 
Feb 24. Dispensation for Henderson Lodge, Ganville Co., 10 00 
Deduct Grand Secretary's fee, 1 00 

9 00 

2,244 00 
eb. 24. Dues from Scotch Ireland Lodge, No. 154, 15 00 

10 Copies of Grand Lodg« Proceedings, for 

New Salem Lodge, No. 209, 5 .00 

_w . 20 00 

§2,284 00 



St. John's Lodge, 

Royal White Hart 

St. John's 




American George 



William R. Davie 



King Solomon 





Widow's Son 




Mount Moriah 



Morning Star 



Western Star 

Joseph Warren 


St. John's 

Wake Forest 











St. John's 













No. 1, Wilmington, New Hanover County, 

" 2, Halifax, Halifax do . 

• " 8, Newbern, Craven do 

5, Windsor, Bertie do 

7, Edenton, Chowan do 

8, Fayetteville, Cumberland do 
17, Murfreesboro', Hertford do 

31, Charlotte, Mecklenburg do 

32, Concord, Cabarrus do 
37, Lexington, Davidson do 
40, Raleigh, Wake do 
45, Wilksboro', Wilkes do 
56, Jackson, Northampton do 

58, Tarboro', Edgcombe, do 

59, Plymouth, Washington do 
64, Wadesboro', Anson do 
71, Hillsboro', Orange do 

75, Camden'O. H., Camden do 

76, Greensboro',, Guilford do 
78, Greenville, Pitt do 

81, Trenton, Jones do 

82, Statesville, Iredell do 

83, Jacksonville, Onslow do 

84, Smith 6 eld, Johnston do 

85, Nashville, Nash do 
88, Enfield, Halifax do 

" 90, Williamston, Martin do 

" 91, Rutherfordton, Rutherford ( do 

" 92, Stantonsburg, Wilson ' do 

" 95, Hookerton, Greene do 

" 96, Kinston, Lenoir do 

" 97, Dunnsville, Wake do 

44 98, Clinton, Sampson do 

" 99, Salisbury, Rowan do 

" 101, Kenansville, Duplin do 

" 102, Pittsboro', Chatham do 

" 103, Elizabeth City, Pasquotank do 

41 104, Washington, Beaufort do 

14 106, Hertford, Perquimans do 

" 107, Yanceyville, Caswell do 

" 108, Bear Swamp, P. O., Duplin do 

" 109, Beaufort, Carteret ' do 

" 110, Smithville, Brunswick do 

" 111, Wentworth, Rockingham do 

" 112, Goldsboro', Wayne do 

44 113, Roxboro', Person do 





St. Albans 


No. 114, 

Holly Springs 


« 115, 

Mt. Lebanon 


- 117, 

Mt. Hermon 


« 118, 



" 121, 



" 122, 



" 123, 



" 124, 

Mill Creek 


" 125, 



" 126, 



" 127, 

Dan River 


" 129, 



" 181, 



«' 132, 



" 133, 

Mocksville * 


" 134, 

Black Rock 


" 135, 



" 136, 



M 137, 

King Solomon 


" 138, 

Mount Energy 


" 140, 



" 141, 

Cane Creek 


" 142, 

Mount Vernon 


" 143, 


it ' 

" 144, 



" 145, 



" 146, 



" 147, 



" 149, 

Pee Dee 


" 150, 



" 151, 

Mount Carmel 


•' 153, 

Scotch Ireland 


" 154, 

White Stone 


" 155, 



" 156, 

Mount Pleasant 


" 157, 

Knap of Reeds 


" 158, 

Rocky RJver 


" 159, 



41 160, 

Rock Rest 


" 161, 



" 162, 

Deep River 


41 161, 



" 165, 

Saint Paul's 


" 166, 



" 167, 

Pleasant Hill 


" 1G8, 



" 170, 



" 171, 



" 172, 

Union : 


" 173, 

Geo. Washington 


" 174, 



" 175, 



" 176, 



" 177, 

LumbertoD, Roberson County, 

Holly Springs, Wake do 

Wilson, Wilson do 

Asheville, Buncombe do 

Jamestown, Guilford do 

Oxford, Granville do 

Pranklinton, Franklin do 

Louisburg, Franklin do 

Newton Grove, Sampson do 

Gatesville, Gfites do 

Clark's Creek, Montgomery do 

Madison, Rockingham do 

Hamilton, Martin do 

Snow Hill, Greene do 

Graham, Alamance do 

Mocksville, Davie do 

Black Rock. Brunswick do 

Leaksvilk-, Rockingham do 

Lincolnton, Lincoln do 

Long Creek, New Hanover do 

Tranquility, Granville do 

Carolina College, Anson do 

Snow Camp, Alamance do 

Goldston's P 0. Chatham do 

Belle Voir, Chatham do 

Franklin, Macon do 

Marphy, Cherokee do 

Averasboro'. Harnett do 

Young's X Roads, Gran-ille do 

Norwood's Store, Stanly do 

Carbonton, Moore do 

Scott's Hill, New Hanover do 

Mount Vernon, Rowan do 

Wakefield, Wake do 

Rolesville, Wake do 

Rogers' Store, Wake do 

Knap of Reeds, Granville do 

Mudlick, Chatham do 

Beaumont, Chatham, do 

Hadley's Milts, Chatham do 

Yadkinsville, Yadkin do 

Foust's Mills, Randolph do 

Creech^ille, Johnston do 

Beattv's Bridge, Bladen do 

Winston, Forsjtbe do 

Patterson's Store, Alamance do 

Reem's Creek, Buncombe. do 

Coleraine, Bertie do 

Buffalo P. O., Moore do 

Kernersville, Forsythe, do 
Lassiter's M Roads, Chatham, do 

Pollocksville, Jones , do 

Dav'd Collfge, Mecklenburg do 

Marlboro', Pitt do 























Centre Grove 








Sandy Creek, 




Pine Forest 




Central Gross 








Taylors ville 




Fair Bluff 












Cape Fear 




Mount Olivet 
















High Point 








Eagle Rock 
















Long Creek 












Mount Olive 




New Salem 
















Crane's Creek 








New Light 








Catawba Valley 




W. G. Hill 




















County Line 




Haw River 












Han-el's Store, New Hanover Comity. 

Leasburg, Caswell do 

Cbapel Hill, Orange dtj 

Carthage, Moore do 

Townesville, Granville do 

Summerfield, Guilford do 

Reynoldson, Gates do 

Laurel P. 0., Franklin do 

Harrington's Harnett do 

Peach Tree Grove, Nash do 

Ashboro', Randolph do 

Taylorsville, Alexander do 
Fair Bluff, Columbus . do 

Stalling's Depot, Johnston do 

Burnsville, Yancey do 

Elizabeth Town, Bladen do 

Browers' Mills, Randolph do 

Falkland, Pitt do 

Grogansville, Rockingham do 

Carey P. , Wake do 

High Point, Guilford do 

Hendersonviile, Henderson da 

Eagle Rock, Wake do 

Shelby, Cleaveland do 

Weldon, Halifax do 

Berea, Granville do 

Hopewell, Mecklenburg do 

Draughn's Store, Sampson do 

Whiteville, Columbus do 

Mount Olive, Wayne do 

New Salem, Randolph do 

Durham's Depot, Orange do 

Mount Airy, Surry do 

Company Shops, Alamance do 

Crane's Creek, Moore do 

Thomasville, Davidson do 

New Light, Wake do 

Rockingham, Richmond do 

Morganton, Burke do 

Raleigh, Wake do 

Jefferson, Ashe do 

Walnut Cove, Stokes do 

Elevation, Johnson do 

Gilmer's Si ore, Guilford do 

County Line, Davie do 

Summerfield, Guilford do 

Olin, Iredell do 

Jonesville, Yadkin do 



Working under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of 
North Carolina, which made Returns at the Communica- 
tion of 1864. 


Officers.— A. A. Hartsfield, W. M.; H. H. Koberts, S. 
W. ; E. W Manning, J. W. ; L. 0. Turner, Treasurer ; M. 
H. Woodhull, Secretary ; T. M. Gardner, S. D. ; J. 0. Bow- 
den, S. D. ; B. J. Jacobs, Tyler. * 

Members.— W. M. Poisson, T B. Carr, P. W Fanning, P. 
G. M. ; M. Cronly, P M. ; J. W. Zemmerman, N. Martin, 
P G. M. ; R. G. Rankin, P. M. ; J. M. Clark, E. Turlington, 
N. F. Newkirk, D. Cashwell, E. D. Hall, J. M. Monk,.D. A. 
Lamont, L. B. Huggins, A. J. Howell, A. Lamont, J. A. 
Taylor, J. D. Taylor, F. W. Potter, A. Medway, D. E. Bunting, 
H. A. Bagg, J L. Cantwell, J. H. Flanner, W. W". Harriss, 
Geo. Harriss, J. F. Heins, H. Hirsb, N. T. Harriss, G. W. Har 
riss, W. G Jones, S. King^ B. F. Keith, E. J. Lutterloh, F. 
McMiliian, O. 'Mcllbenny/ A. O. Bradley, J. Cox, J. H. 
"Wright, E. P Gause, H. H. Roberts, L. B. Lyons, M. Gold- 
smith, F J. Boykin, C. Polrogt, J. McCormick, J. Alder- 
man, H. C. Hewlett, T. J. Mulford, J. Rice, J. B. Morrison, 
A. Treadwell, R. J. Jones, P. A. Durant, C. M. Van Orsdell, 
•M. W Hillbnrn, E. O. Parsons, D. McMillan, W. S. Ander- 
son, Jno. Bishop, J. Stokeley, G. Gilbert, Alex. Boon, B. G. 
Bates, H. M. Bishop, M. Castin, J. J. Hedrick, Robt. Lee, J. S. 
Melvin, W. H. McDowell, J. S. McCollum, "W. J. Price, J. B. 
Russell, D. Kahnweiler, S. Kahnweiler, R. W. B. Blaney, C. 
W Benson, R. Bate, G. T. Curtis, E. L. Dick, Jas. M. Foy, J. 
J. Gay, G. F. Horning, E. Hewlett, R. S. Herring, E. A. Jack, 



M. M. Katz, Jacob Lyon, A, T. McCallnm, J. B. Mnse, K. 
McCenzie, J. McGlenn, Thos. Morrison, J. Parks, S. J. Per- 
son, J. A. Stanly, J. M. Stevenson, W. C. Swann, A. D. 
Taylor, W. H. Turlington, J. S. Tipton, R. B. Wood, A 

Residents not Members. — L. D. Wallace, A. Empire, G. 
R. French, R. S. McCumber, B. Hallett, J. F. Post, R. 
Strange, Jno. Nutt, M. Mclnnis, J. Casseday, Geo. 0. Tan 
Amringe, A. P- Refiton, S. N. Cannon, W. N. Peden, W D. 
Smith, T. H. Howey, R. Morris, S. R. Bunting A. McRae, 
Sr., A. McRae, Jr., J. T. Schonwold, C. D. Ellis, W. G. 
Thomas, T. W. Brown. 

Initiated 25 ; passed 26 ; raised 21 ; rejected 26 ; ex- 
expelled 1 ; admitted 5 ; withdrawn 2 ; died 2 ; residents' not 
members 24; whole number 133. 

Regular time of meeting, last Thursday of each month. 


Officers — James M. Grizzard, W. M. ; James H. Prince, 
S. W. ; Wm. D. Faucett, J. W. ; Geo. W. Owens, Trea. ; 
Wm. W. Daniel, Sec. ; Chas. N. Webb, S. D. ; A. Stephen- 
son, J. D. ; T. G. Lowe, Chaplain ; John O'Brien, Tyler j 
E. A. Pearson, Jas. L. Ousby, Stewards. 

Members — E. B. Freeman, honorary member ; J. V Al- 
len, A. V. Russell, Jno. H. Wood, John T. Gregory, S. J. 
Snow, T. L. Emry, L. T. Neville, J. A. B. Kilpatrick, W. N. 
Allen, W. W. Carter, Rev. Jos. G: Barkley, Wm. H. Un- 
derbill, Robt. Brinkley, Robt. J. Day, Jas. H. Walker, Robt. 
E. Morecock, Jas. H. Northington, Rev. John N. Andrews 
Wm. D. Barkley,T. C. Snow, Robt. J, Vincent, J. N. Jud- 
kins, F. N. Mc Williams, Dr. John L. Ivey. 

Resident not Members — W. W Brickell, Wm. H. Bass, 
John W. Heptinstall, H. A. Sledge, James S. Snow, W. P 
Williams, John D. Weeks, Wm. H. Kirwan, Dr. M. A. Will- 
cox, W. H. Ponton, E. P* Green, Wm. R. Williams. 

Initiated 4 ; passed; 2 ; withdrawn 4 • died 3. 

Regular time of meeting, first Saturday in every month.. 




Officers— fm. P. Gnrley, W. M. ; Burril B. Rassell, SV 
W. ; Wm. G. Rhodes, J. W. ; Jame3 L. Mitchell, S. D. J 
Charles J. Moore, J. D. ; Wm. P Mitchell, Sec. ; John Sr 
Shepperd Trea. ; Joel Grizzard, Tyler. 

MEMBEps-r-Thomas T. Allen, Stark Byrara, Wm. R Bowen, 
Richard P. Freeman, Levi Harden, Augustus Holly, Joseph 

B. Lowenburg, Wm. F. McGlauhon, Joseph J. Mizell, Wm. 

C, Miller, Wm. W. Morris, William P Mitehell, James L. 
Mitchell, David Harrell, Jonathan J. Rhodes, Charles H. 
Stevenson, Arodi Piland, Whitmel H. Spivey, Stark B. Smith, 
Thomas H. Speller, Robert' H Smith, Whitmel R. Swain, 
Wm. M. Sutton, P. H. Winston, John N. Webb, John Wil- 
liams, Wm. W Thomas. 

J. Resident not Me&bers — Zebulon L. Simmons, Cyrus Wa- 
ters, Thomas W Skirwin. 

Initiated 2 ; passed 2 ; raised 3? withdrawn 2 ; died 2 ; resi- 
dents not members 36 ; whol,e No. 33. 

Regular time of meeting', second Monday of all the 
months except March and September, 3d Monday of 
M^rch and September, and the anniversary of St: John the. 
Pivine and St. John the Evangelist. 


Officers. — George Lauder, W. M. ; Rich. W Bruff, S. 
W ; James G. Cook, J. W ; Warren Prior, Treas. ; A. M. 
Campbell, Sec; Wm. P. Weroyss y S. D. ; Silas Shetz. J. D.; 
David Wemyss, Tyler. 

Members. — P. M., Joseph Arey, Wm. Alderman, P*F. 
Alderman, Matt. Atkinson, Wm. Butler, 'Jas. Banks, J. L. 
Bryant, James D. Bine, Geo. Brandt, S, Brandt, Jas. Bell, 
%. A. Blacky Neill R. Blue, L. Blackman, Chas. R. Banks, 
Rich'd Brooks, Jr., Wm. H. Carver, Neill A. Cameron, L. 
Cnlbreth, R*D- Davis, T. W Devane 1 , M. E. Dye, Geo. W. 
Decker, J. B. Davis, E O. Dailey, J. K. Dailey, W P El- 
liot, Henry S. Frizell, Wm. T. Frizell Wm. S. Fonlkes, D. B. 
Oillis^Thos. Gilmorej Jas, F- Greene, J. B. Gayle, N. A. 


Graham, Jno. T. Howrine, Wm. H. Baigh, E ; JL Hines, 
Isaac Hollingsworth, K. E. Heide, C P. Jones, J. McD. 
Jessup, Jno. P. Johnson, Jno. A. Johnson, F- H. Ivey, 
Jas* Kirkpatrick, T. S. Lutterloh, W H. Lutterloh, J. W. 
Sett, Jno. Lawrence, L. 0. Lineberry, M. C Lamont, Wm. 
Mitchell, Alex. Mnrchison, J. M. Monk, T. F. Marsh, Matt. 
Morgan, John Morgan, Ben j. Morgan, A. F. McDonald, H. 
A. McSwain, J. R. McDonald, J E. McMaster, P M., Jas. 
McDauiel, D. G. McDuffie, Randle McDaniel, Hector 
McNeill, D. McDugald, D. McNatt, M. Mclnnis, Jas. T. 
Nott, C. W Oldham, R. M. Orrell, A. J. O'Hanlon, D. McR, 
O'Hanlon, J. A. Pemberton, B. F- Pearce, E. Page, W M. 
Parker ,*K. Philips, E. P Powers, Jno. W Plummer, P. P. 
Rollins, W. S. Rose, B. R. Russell, W B. Ray, p. K. Ray, 
J. B. Starr, W. J. Smith, P Shemwell, Thos. Stephens, P. 
J. Sinclair, R. Sutherland, F. W Thornton, Wm. Vink, J. 
D. Williams, J. M. Williams, Wm. Warden, A. H. Whit- 
field, J. A. Worth, P. A. Wiley, G. W. Wightman, H. S. 

Resident not Members. — T. J. Curtis, Geo. McNeill, E. J. 
Hall, E. Glover, H. Erambert, W Murphy, D. Cashwell, E. 
J. Hines, J. Q. McPhersou, Jas. Davis, J. C. Aired, A. W. 
Walker, — Hale, — Moses, — Blackburn, E. W. Hines, 
N. A. Stedman, J. 0. Poe, W T. Home, B. F. Fessenden, 
H. E. Colton, D. G. McRea, W. Jones, Thos. J. 'Owen, M. 
T. Taylor, W. T. Rhodes, J. W Landford, Wm. Bell, Jas. 
McGilvary, T. S. Barrett, W. J. Anderson, A Murdock, 
John Gee. 

Initiated T5 j. passed 15 ; raised 15 •, rejected 20 ; died 3 ; 
residents not members 33 ; resident Masons excluded for 
non-payment of dues 16; whole number 160. 

Regular time of meeting, first and third Friday Evenings 
in every month. 


Officers— F. M. Capehart, W. M. ; John P. Lee, S. W. ; 
H. C. Madrey, J . W ; G. D. Parker, Sec. ; Jos, J. Vaughan, 
Trea. ; Willis R. Warren, Tyler, 


Members — Wm? P Beaman, Dr. R. H. Worthington, Jas. 
M. Wynns, Jas. S. Flythe, A. W. Moore, Eli Carter, C. L. 
Britt, William Jones,' Willis Beal, J. H. Majett, Dr. J. W. 
Hutching, John Slaughter, T. M. Forbs, D. C. Gatling, Dr. 
Wm. E. Pool, Dr. R. H. Worthington, Jr., H. J Jenkins, 
M. L. Ewer, Thos. E. Matthis, Dr. Jos. P. Jordan, James 
Anderson D. Beal, W. P. Roberts, R. Majett, H. M. Britt, 
John Baker, D. D. Stockston, Wm. Downing, T. H. Evens, 
Jethro Willey, Richard Baker, George W. Sandlin, Wm. D. 
Briant, Thomas H. Wynn, J. M. C. Luke, John Wilson Har- 
rell, John Hoggard, Henry S. Britton, George H. Mitchell, 
John W. Pool, Dr. J. C. .Shannon, A. J. Harrell, £)ris Park- 
er, King Parker, John E. Jones. 

Residents not Members— L. M. Cowper, E. Johnson, J. 
A. Yinson, Wm. H. Darden, Wm. J. Majett, H. Griffith, 
Wm. T. Bynum, H. Francis, E. A. Mrrtin, Alas:. Brett, R. 
S. Parker, T. J. Deans, Jesse Darden, W L. Hargroves, A. 
Yinson, G. 0. Mcjore, E. D. Britt, L. Eley, Chas. Yann, 
Samuel Moore, John A. Yann, J. Jordan, R. H. Shields. 

Initiated 25 ; passed 25 ; raised 25 ; admitted 1 ; withdrawn 
5 ; residents not members 23 ; resident masons excluded for 
non-payment of dues 6 ; whole No. 74. 

Regular time of meeting, first Saturday night in every 


Officers— S L Riddle, W M ; T W Dewey, S W ; W F 
Windle, J W ; H M Phelps, Trea. ; R K^ Gregory, Sec. ; J 
Berryhill, S D ; C J Alexander,. J D; J Colderon, Tylor; 
John Wads worth, A Barnhart, Stewards. 

Mkmbers — S J Lowrie, G C Cathey, Jonas Rudasill, R G 
McLain, Thomas Trotter, F M Ross, Daniel Asbury, C Over- 
man, L S Williams, Robt Shaw, E H Andrews, J W Osborn, 
R M Robinson, H G Springs, Alex Graham, D L Ray, Wm 
Johnson, John P Ross, S H Walkup, John M Potts, M L 
Wriston, H M Phelps, Robt H Maxwell, F Hoorah, J M 
Saunders, A R Barnhart, Saml N Stowe, Asa Chilson, C H 


Elms, J F B Boone, Jas B Robinson, John M Springs, Jas 
Northey, A K Saville, M Carter, W J Yeates, W F Windle, 
DC Wolfe, J T Kell, J F Davidson; W P Hill, Rev E A 
Price, J A Fox, C'W Alexander, S L Riddle, Robt Stewart, 
Jas A Sadler, Thomas W Dewey, J J Sinns, Saml Gross, 
Adam Siler, Rev R H Griffith, A H Martin, DrRK Gre- 
gory, Dr J M Miller, Dr M B Taylor, Dr J M Abernathey, 
B M Presson, "Wra Gleason, G W Gragson, Geo Jackson, G 
W-Gaekins, S V Turner, John L Brown, F Sctriermer, A 
"Weill, J S Sanner, Wm S Turner, B Koopman, J F Adams, 
Jos T Johnson, W F Lorey, Elias Guy, Henry Tabb, M F 
Windle, A H Brown, Jos Heilbrun, E A Osborn, Jas Potter, 
Chas T Myers, Dr J T Johnson, S W Davis. 

Residents not Members — Dr Wm W Gregory, Wm Phifer, 
T D Gillespie, Wm Johnson, John Clenney, John H Myers, 
Joshua Sikes, Merritt Moore, J A Snares, J A Fisher, S P 
Alexander^ A A McAffee, Wm F Davidson, R F Davidson, 
Levi Drucker, D Elias, R J Echols, John A Towers. 

Initiated 36 ; passed 27 ; raised 22 ; rejected 7 ; admitted 
7 ; died 3 ; residents not members 18 ; whole number 83. 

Regular time of meeting, second Monday in each month 
except June and December, and in those months on the? 24th 
and 27th. 


Offiers. — L. S. Bingham, W. M. ; J. C. H. Burkhead, 
S. W. ; J. M. Long, J. W. ; W. A. Patterson, Treas. ; C. A. 
Caldwell, Sec. ; Wm. M. Coleman, S. D. ; P. S. Deaton, J. 
D. ; Wm. A. Wright, Tyler. 

Members — Daniel Coleman, C N White, A J Yorke, M 
S Bost, J N Brown, PA Correl, J D Frazier, G G Smith, E 
R Gibson, J P Gibson, J A Gibson, T P Coleman, D R 
Coleman, J C Benson, P A Smith, C F Harris, K P Harris, 
Jos Young, R W Allison, Jno McDonald, Jno Sloop, R F 
Er^win, Cyrus W Alexander, Jacob V Peythel, J L Bost, E 
M Correl, J J Cross, J L Shinn, Sam Neister, Sam L Erwin, 
I A Fitzgerald, F M Henderson, Jno B Moss, Jno A Patter- 


son, Rev J Rumple, Rev Wm M Kilpatrick, G W Kestler, 
W F Phifer, L R Rose, C W Bradshaw, T J Eagle, Daniel 
Cool, J W Fisher, J F A Mellon, S W Bracken, F A Archi- 
bald, M L Barringer, Jno W -Gorman, W LD Benson, D 
A Caldwell, V W Kestler, A J Bagget, C R Martin, J D 
Erwin, A M Wilhelm, "Wm H Fitzgerald, James. C Gibson, 
J C Miller, J M Alexander, J M Carter, Richard S Harris, 
Wm M Eudy, James Gongar. 

Residents not Members — Robt Pender, Amos Harvey, 
Jas K Baughn, — Shepherd, M S Sloop, J J Colman; C S 
Partee, T V White. 

Initiated 22; passed 13; raised 13; rejected 8 ; admitted 
1; died 2; residents not Members 8 ; whole No. 92. 

Regular time of meeting, Friday night of each week. 


Officers— Geo Riley, "W M; J P Stimson, S W; W 
Lindsay, JW; A C Hege, Treasurer; R S Aderton, Sec ; 
D W Wagoner, S D ; T F Grimes J D; T C Ford, Tyler. 

Members — J M Leach, A D Montgomery, Bennet Nooe, 
Herem Brummel, Henry C Ronnceville, D F Henderson, 
Joseph Molsinger, John A Holt, James S Bledger, S J Pigott, 
Lewis Gumb, Tomas Semmons, James V Symmons, J L 
Johnson, A H Marsh, Jacob Motsinger, Richard Jordan, A 
C Rigen, C D Hampton} W C B Leonard, William N Thomas . 
James Haden, J A Sowers, Franklin Fritts, J H Shelton, J 
H.' Adams, J A Clodfetter, C M Payne, R L Payne, George 
Fritts, W B Marsh, John Primm, J A Cornish, Jacob Berier, 
J F Adams, R L Holmes, J T Fitsgerald, D F Fritts, J W 
Williams, J H Grimes, William P Ford, John Mikle, W B 
Hamner, H L Conrad, William Simerson, William Turner, 
A H Workman, Lewis Hiliard, T W Redwine, David Smith,. 
Henry Hege, W F Stoner, H H Conrad, Valentine Leonard, 
R T Carnhardt, A J Trentham, Eben Merrill. 

Residents not members — R A King Tenant, Eli Benby. 

Initiated 41 ; passed 40 ; raised 39 ; rejected 12 ; admitted! 
1 ; resident not members 2 ; whole No. 65. 

Regular time of meeting, first Friday in each month. 



Officers — John Nichols, W M ; S M Parish, S W ; Josiah 
Jones, Sec ; Drnry King, Trea ; Anderson Betts, J D ; J M 
Betts, Tyler. 

Members— Thos W Bell, ¥m T Bain, J G Brummell, J W 
Cosby, J J Christophers, Thomas Carter, Eli Dupree, Burton 
Dupree, Alvin Dnpree, M Grausman, A M Gorman, C¥D 
Hatchings, P M, Jas M Harris, Dr Wm G Hill, P M, Wm H 
High, Albert Johnson, Abram Kline, W J Longee, "Wm E 
Lee, David Lewis, Jonas Matthews, Jas A Moore, John H 
Murrell, P F Pescud, J M Pool, E E Rigon, R E Reamg, 
Eldridge Smith, W D Williams, P M. O P Copeland, W H 
Laughter, Emory Burns, Kassimer Cook, Samuel G Dupree,. 
Henry Mahler, A S Thompson, W J Eddins, D G Fowle, M D 
Britt, D W Bain, J A Walton, Harris Vaughan, L H Adams, 
Elberry Britt, B F Walton, W M Brown, H A Badham, E B 
Thomas, W D Williams, Jr, Michael- Bowes, Thompson 
Lynch, D W Allen, L E Heartt, J0W1 W Cole, Isaac Oettin- 
ger, Burwell Bell, Jr, C D Christophers, C W Williams, J 
Q A Barham, E Hunt, G B Waterhouse, W C Roberts, 
Josiah Broadwell, J C Marcom, Wm G Upchurch, W W 
Crawford, A S Lee, L W Robinson, T McGee, Thos E Steele, 
D P Meacham, J H Separk, L D Stephensop, J L Britt, Cal- 
vin Betts, Ira Beckwith, T H Brame, Wm E Anderson, B F 

Residents not Members — J W Johnson, E O Macey, Geo 
W Norwood, T J Holt, D A Wicker. 

Initiated 15 ; passed 15 ; raised 16 ; rejected 14 ; admitted 
3 ; withdrawn 10 $ died 3 ; residents not members 5 ; whole 
number 85. 

Regular time of meeting, third Monday of each month, ex- 
cept June and December: then on the days of St John the 
Baptist and St John the Evangelist. 



Officers— H H Dent, WI; C R S Simpson, S W ; Wm 
G Hix, J W ; E M Welborn, Trea ; A B Dancy, Sec ; J N 
Hayes, S D ; F D Welborn, J D ; Wm L Johnston, Tyler. 

Members — J F Adams, J F Amos, Capt T S Bouchille, A 
S Calloway, Wm Emerson, J W Felts, E M Felts, S J For. 
rester, Wm N Forrester, A M Foster, J A. Foster, Capt N A 
Foster, Wm A Foster, S J Gamble, S J Gennings, J G Greer, 
J E Greer, A L Hackett, R F Etackett, N H Gwyn, John 
Hall, Robt Hall, F A Harris, Peter Johnston, J M Luther, 

A D Hendrix, McDaniel, J O Martin, T D Mills, F B 

Parks, L D Parks, A Russeau, H J Spicer, Rev M V Sher- 
ril, N M Scales, Rev C C Plyler, Rev Wm N Robey, J W 
Tulbert, H S Vannoy, David Edwards, R H Wallace, J P 
Warren, F D Welborn, Braxton Woodruff, D C Woodruff, 
D D Woodruff, G M Woodruft, Rev J D Wilson, M C York, 
Tyree York, J W Steelman, A A Grogan, Taylow. 

Residents not Members — Major John Finley, Gen S F Pat- 
terson, Col H A Brown, Major L Hickerson, Robt Allen, 
Wm Martin, Rev Wesley Reynolds. 

Initiated 27 ; passed 22 ; raised 20 ; rejected 12 ; died 1 ; 
residents not members 7 ; whole number 53. 

Regular time of meeting, Friday night on or before the 
first full moon in each month : on Tuesday night of every 
Court week, and on the festivals of the two Sts. John. 


Officers — Noah Odom, W M ; Wm Grant, S W ; Jas 
W Newman, J W ; John B Motley, Treas ; F M Spivey, 
Sec ; S Boyce, SD; G D Holliman, J D ; Wm B Knight, 

Members — Wm J Capeheart, W W Peebles, Wm Barrow, 
T A Lanier, H Lassiter, L W Tanner, Jas t W Newman, 
Richard Thane, John T Wheeler, A J Allen, Matthew Brew- 
er, J E Stevenson, W H Woodruff, Moses *W Bryan, C B 
Cook, Thos Futrell, W J Cook, Isaac Smith, Geo W Cook, 



Daniel Balance, W F Bristow, L H Boyce, Richard Barnes, 
G Holloman, L R Cook, John W Faison, W H Williams, T 

Residents not Members — Joseph Barham, John B Odom, 
Nathan Crocker, R J Grammer, G T Stancell, J A Rodgers, 
J M G Rodgers, John Ranney, Turner Stephenson^ B F Jor- 
dan, J H Deberry, B Parks, J M Moody, B Bikes, H De- 
bratih, J J Rochelle, J F Long. 

Initiated 5 ; passed 5 ; raised 5 ; withdrawn 1 ; died 2 ; 
residents not members 17 ; whole No. 48. 

Regular time of meeting 1st Saturday evening of every 


Officers — S W Neal, W M ; John Boylin, S W ; Arch 
Nevin, JW; W P Kendall, Treas ; J C McLaughlin, Sec ; 
E F Kendall, SD;AB Cason, J D ; E Hutchinson, Tyler ; 
Rgv J B Richardson, Chap ; John P Ratliff, C B Lindsey, 

Members — M S Austin, A W Alexander, Col John B Ash* 
craft, Rev John Beckjvith, Thos R Baldwin, W O Bennett, 
James Boggan, Rev A E Bennett, Maj W D Barringer, A 
Baucum; Capt J T Bradley, A C Benton, W S Bennett, Jno 
G Bennett, Thos R Bennett, John R Barber, John Broada- 
way, Capt H Beverly, Rev D Barrentine, Capt J L Cox, 
John Cheers, Thomas Capel, John Cowick, Capt J G Cara- 
way, W J Cox, B F Clark, W H Cox, James B Clark, James 
Cattingham, Rev O A Darby, H M Diggs, Rev S D Daven- 
port, Lieut E Deberry, Frank Darley, John R Dunn, E M 
Diggs, Jesse Edwards, C A Frazier, W H Flake, James M 
Flowers, Dr W H Glass, Thos D Grint, Thomas Gulledge, B 
F Gulledge, James R Gulledge, B C Hutchinson, Capt R T 
Hall, E Hutchinson, T M Hamilton, W S Henly, Jas Hooker, 
Sr, E D Huntley, Elijah Huntley, T F C Hinson, John 
Hatchenson, James D Hooker, W D Hooker, J W Huntley, 
H M Ingram, J B Ingram, Dr W G Jones, J L A Jackson, 
C H Jarman, Rev W H Jordan, J Kindred, B D Randall, B 


F Knotts, RevF M Kenedy, Jno P Little, E R liles Capt 
W A Liles, Alexander Little, P M, S C Liles, W B Little, Dr 
W L Ledbetter, J H Liles J W Liles, A D Liles, S L Liles, 
E M Liles, T J Lockhart, A'C Moore, N McConner, Jrio Q 
McPherson, Dr A Myers, Dr J A McRae, J T Marsh, J McRae, 
James S Marsh, John C McGugen, W B Marsh, John A 
Marsh, S R Moore, W H Mills, Lieut B F Moore, M E 
Moore^ Dougald Niven, Rev R R Pegues, F M Parson, Lt 
E H Streater, Dr Jno" C Smith, Capt Chas E Smith, Thomas 
J Smith, Jr, D Sayfor, James A Smart, John Ruscoe, R M 
Russ, John Robinson, Thomas Ratliff, Dr H W Robinson, P 
M, W F Stubbs, James P Richardson, James Redfearn, D 
Q Redfearn, W A Redfearn, C L Richardson, Pleasant Rat- 
liiT,- W Tiddy Jr, Ret E ^.Thompson, R H Tilman, W O 
Teal, W L Tilman, Jas D Tilman, T A Vestal, G W Wil- 
loughby, Levin Woolen, W W Wilkins, Q M Watson, S G 
Wall, James Wall, J M Williams. 

Residents not members — S Y Simons, Jos White. 

Initiated 43; passed 41; raised 38; rejected 15; with- 
drawn 1 ; died 7 ; residents not members 2 ; whole No. 145. 

Regular time of meetings second and fourth Mondays in 
each month. 


Officers— Thos Palm«r, W M ; W B Ferebee,. S W ;. Jos 
Spencer, J W ; Geo W Speneer, Sec ; Samuel Tillk, Treas ; 
Thos J Ethridge, SD; John M Forbes, JD; Walter R 
Forbes, Tyler. 

Members.— B Baxter, Jas Chamberlin, Dr Wm H Cowell, 
E S Dozier, B Duncan, Luke Gregory, Jas M Gregory, R R 
Gurkin, A Galloss, S Gregory, T C Hum.pris, J Halsted, J 
G Hughes, Jas S Jones, J B Lee, L P Morrisett, W MLcPhur- 
son, W S Mercer, W C Mercer, M S Morrisett JD Morrisett, 
ESarryer, T Sanderlin, D L.R Sanders, J Sasanger, W San- 
derlin, D L. Tillett, C P Walaton, Jas Wilson, S P Wilson, 
W C Gordon, J C Tatnm, J L, Chamberlin, W.m R Overton,* 
N Jones t AP Cherry, S Bright,, H Whiteh.urst } N B Upton,, 

E Overtbn, J Rnttler, J C Roby, G Sp&ice, N J Over- 
ton, T E Spence, P G Morrisitt, J M. Forbes, A Keatoh } 
H C Bright, J N Hinton, W McPherson, Jas McPherson, 
*W Booths, Dr T S Wash, N Mullen, M Taylor, J N Overton, 
J D Gordon, M R Gregory, J M Forbes, Jno S Burgiss, C 
W Kellinger, DrRC Perkins, J Sanderlin,' K G Grand.y, 
J S Davis, Jno F Gray, D H Spencer, W E Brothers* J W 
Morrisett," W C Dawson, Jas Mercer, O McPherson* 

Initiated 16 ; passed 13; raised 10; admitted 3 ; died § ; 
residents not members 10 ; whole number 99. 

Regular time of meeting 3d Saturday of each month. 


Officers.— J W S Parker, W M ; G H Parker, SW;¥ 
E Edwards, J W ; C S Morse, SI); J H Tarpley, J D ; J 
M Ward, Treas ; D N Sherwood, Sec ; Wm Collins, Tyler. 

Members. — Peter Attains, G M Adams, D E Albright, G 
M Albright, Boon, J B Balsley, D M Bennet J H 
Buchanan, P M Coble,, A P Coble N G Cryer, Jno Cryer,'C 
Curtis, J K Curtis, J H Coble, Dr G Z F Cummings, R W 
Cole, Dr. J L Cole, A L Clark, W A Coe, J P Coe, R L 
Conltrain, J C Clendenin, J S Crossett (F C) Peter Clapp, 
(E A) ; J G Causey, (F C) ; W S Clark, Rev C F Deems, T 
Davis, J P Denny, R W .Denny, R P Dick, F A Dowler, 
John Endy, J F.Erwin, Wm D Edwards, A B Gardner, G 
Gardner, Dr R W Glenn, E T Garrrett, Dr D P Gregg, J S 
Geringer, J A Houston, N A Hanner, J F Hughes, C V* 
Hani:er„ W D Hardin, J C Hunter, Dr H H Hunter, E B 
Higgins, J A Hanner, Jno Hiatt, N Hiatt, J P Hawley, W 
S Hawley, B D Johnson, J FJollee, Jas Kirkman, D N 
Kirfcpatrick, R Y Kirkman, D W Kirkman, D Kirsey, P 
Thnrston, J Thornburg, Wm Tate, J R Tucker, W G fuck- 
er, W C A Frerichs, J W Watson, S White E J Watson, D 
A Wolff, W Wilson, E J Wade, J R Watson, H Soits, Lewis 
Jolley G M Iseiy, W R Heath, T F Patrick, Rev J Bethel, 
George Foust, Rev. M L Wood, - C M Tucker, W F Lane, 
Dr W H Moore, J W Pearce, G W Plunkett, W D Ross, A 


H Scott, An Summers, Dr R Sockwell, Dr S B Semmong J 
S Scott, H H Sharpe, J L Sullivan, T I Sandridge, J Sears, 
L Snmmorill, J A Sloan, M S Sherwood, J A Steward, AP 
Sperry, A Sperry, S D Springs, J N" Simpson, W C Smith, 
J E McLean, S D McLean, B H Fields, C S Moring, J B 
Marsh, E O Macy, R W Macy, H H Prather, A Whitting- 
ton, J W Wharton, J W Weathery, T W Wiley, Rev C W 
Westbrook, J R Wilkinson,' W M Young, A Clapp, H F 
Wiley, J D Donnell, Sa'tal Walker. 

Residents not Members — J Collier, J T Dodson, R Gorrell, 
Joab Hiatt, C P Mendenhall, L Swaim, D Scott, Rev NHD 
Wilson, H Maurice, J Hildeshiemer. 

Initiated 83 ; passed 45 ; raised 43 ; rejected 23 ; admitted 
1 ; withdrawn 4 ; died 2 ; residents not members 10 ; whole 
number 146. 

Regular time of Meeting, first Saturday night in each 
month, and on Tuesday night of each County and Superior 


Officers— E.W Ward, W M; A J Murrill, S W; J B 
Frazel, J W ; WE Burns, Treas ; A J Johnstou, Sec ; Benj 
Greer, Tyler. 

Members— E W Montfort, E W Fonville, B Fonville, L O 
Fonville, James R Fonville, F S Humphrey, E Murrill, Jr, 
J F Murrill, J H Foy, L O Henderson, D A Humphrey, J 
E Shivar, W P Pelletier, J O Frazel, Jonas Jones, W E 
Shivar, J K Sanders, Hill King, O Huggins, R S McLean, 
E F B Koonce, Straton Burton, S W Venters, S Gornto, J 
F Mattocks, G N Ennett, W*T Ennett, R F Pelletier,.C J 
Mattocks, A F Farnell, M L F Redd, W B Hansley, D N" . 
Cox, W H Hurst, L W Humphrey, E W Sanders, C'S Hewett, 
John Cook, E Beasly, C, Huggins, J M Scott, James Bryan, 
C B Glover, J J Ellis. 

Residents not members — A J Hurst, Sr, Seth King, W.*J 
King, L W Harger, W J Hill. 



Initiated 2; passed 3 ; raised 4; rejected 1 ; residents not 
members 5 ; whole No. 55. 
Regular time of meeting, second Saturday jn each month. 


Officers — Wm H A vera, W M ; A Holland, S W ; Seth 
Woodall, JW;SE Morgan, Sec ; Josiah Strickland, Treas'; 
Wm H Joyner, S D ; James R Whitley, JD;FT Phillips, 

Members — Wyatt Earp, Ray Philips, Edward Sanders, N 
L Whitley, Dr A F'Telfair, Dr J G Rose, McNab Eaip, Jno 
T Cobb, Jno Smith, K B Whitley, Jno R Coats, Wm P 
Raiford, A G Wellons, Rev B B Cnlbreth, Wm H Cullom, 
Zach Hill, D L Avery, W A Smith, B A Wellons, W J 
Barrow, P T Massay, W H Morning, R D Whitley, Parrot 
Creech, Turner Joynar, C Radford, H B Watson, Rev P J 
Caraway, Parry Godwin, Jno H Cotton, D W Boykin, J T 
Pike, Capt E A Boykin, H H Alford, H Barber, Moses 
Stancil, Jno W Hodges, James H Parker, L D Bailey. 

Residents not Members — P Richardson, J L Rhem, L El- 
dridge, Jno E Allen, Jas M White, Jno R Thompson. 

Initiated 17; passed 20; raised 19; rejected 16; with- 
drawn 8 ; died 4 ; residents not members 6 ; resident Masons 
excluded for non-payment of dues 1 ; whole No. members 47. 

Regular time, of meeting, first Saturday in each month. 


Officers— B H Sorsby, W M ; R D Wells, S W ; R Daw- 
try, J W ; W Colson, Treas ; J J Q Taylor, Sec ; J P Tillory, 
SD;EH Cockrell, J D ; W W Weaver and G W Cooper, 
Stewards ; R B Griffin; Tyler. 

Members — John E Lindsey, B H Vester, J W Vester, 
Wm P Sledge, J J Bunn, Willis Barbee, W W Parker, A 
J Taylor, L J Hooper, Dr N J Pitman, Jesse Beal, Willie H 
Cooper, S J Batchelor, W B Bergeron, W Rintfro, Sidney 
Bunn, Dr John G F Drake, N 'W Cooper, A G H Cooper, 
B H Joyner, Calvin Cooper, N. W Arrington, Jr., W W 


Manning, Willis Warren, LNB Battle, B Daniel, J H Ed- 
wards, Dr John H Winstead, T H Scott, D W Williams, B 
H Blount, J E Griffin, S H Griffin, H H Griffin J H Drake, 
J P" Jenkins, J W Barrett, J J Drake, T C Yick, Isaac V 
Cockrell, J W M Stone. E' L Care, J J Cockrell, J H Hun- 
ter, James B Williams, James H Beal, John N Batchelor, G 
E D Winstead, Eli M Manning, W H Battle, H H Arring- 
ton, Jeremiah Johnson, John A Eicks, G W Arrington, M 
L Lunnel, John W Griffin, J T Wells, G Coggin, D E Sum- 
mer, H A Whitley. 

Initiated 25 ; passed 22 ; raised 22 ; rejected 6 ; withdrawn 
1 ; died g; whole number 70, 

Eegular time of meeting, fourth Saturday in each month. 


^Officers— J J Bynum, W M ; J Applewhite, S W ; E A 
Ellis, J W ; G W Stanton, Treas ; Jonathan Applewhite, Sec ;, 
J T Graves, S D ; W J Exnm, J D ; Willie Smith, Tyler. 

Members — Thos F Davis, Jno A Lane, E G Pippin, J J 
Overman, Thos J Applewhite,. W E Yelverton, E C Bardin, 
Wm Bardin, F J Becton, Henry Bryant, W L Eandolph,, W 
J Exnm, JNB Vick, A J Finlayson, Hardy Summerlin^B 
H Lane, E W Langston, W A Daggan, J L Hardy, Z M L 
Peacock, E W Yelverton, Bryant Minshew, Elias Ba68, 
Gabriel Lane, Jno Carter, A J Ellis, Jessee Sauls, William 
Sauls, Martin Sauls, Jno Wilkinson, Henry Martin, C C Pea- 
cock, J P Eogers, Gray C Harriss, Wm Turner, Isaac Barden, 
Calvin B Hicks, Daniel E Thompson, A Q Upchurch, J T 
Weaver, Berry Crocker, B B Sauls, W N Summerlin, W H 
Applewhite, F M Moye, J E Davis, Stephen Woodard, J J 
Scott, H G Yelverton, Wm P Applewhite, B F Briggs, 
Wash Barnes, Joseph Sauls, Wm E Bass, Bryant Little, Mor- 
dica Bass, Wm T Outland, W L Edwards, Nathan Hales, S 
B Lane, N V Peele, L D Killett, G W Lane," Henry Pope, 
E H Holland, J B Peacock. 

Initiated 26 ; passed 26 ; raised 26 ; rejected 6 ;, withdrawn 
1 ; died 5 ; whole No. 74. 



C Officers— J M Partrick, W M ; F M Rountree, S W ; 
Irvin Jones, J W ; J Pittman, Treas. ; S D Pop^ Sec. ; H F 
Granger, SD;TE Hooker, J D ; N A Hooker, Chap. ; S T 
Smith, Tyler.- 

Members — Ashley A Allen, R D "Warren, Ruffin Granger, 
John W Harper, W J Pope, Jesse Hart, John H Coward, 
Samuel G Abbott,* S W Ormornd, W T Dixon, Franklin 
Thomas, J L Canada, Noah Ablem, "Washington Summel, 
Calvin Tucker, D McMonroe, Wm H Rountree, C J Roun- 
tree, John W Dixon, John J Ormornd, W F Edwards, John 
H Joyner, Jesse T Davis, Edmond Brooks, D A Hill, J Q 
Jackson, Titus Carr, Jesse Nelson, J T Albritton, "W J Tuton, 
J E F Harper, D A Spivey, John Grizard, W F "Williams, 
Josephus Pittman, S R Harper, D W Edwards, J "W "Wolvin, 
E F Cox, J Grinsley, J T Dixon, J S Taylor, S B "Wilson, S T 
Smith, Haywood Jones, Barney Phillips, T E Hooker, "W B 
Hooker, F M Pittman, H H Farrest, F R G Taylor, Wm C 
Loftin, "Waett Churchwell, Seth Gaskins. 

Residents not Members— Jonathan J Granger, E R Cow- 
ard, Joel Patrick, Joseph Dixon. 

Initiated 12 ; passed 13 ; raised 12 ; rejected 8 ; .expelled 
1 ; admitted 1 ; died 4 ; residents not members 4 ; whole 
number 46. 

Regular time of meeting, 2d Saturday in each month. 

*ST. JOHN'S, No. 96, KINSTON. 

Officers — Samuel H Rountree, W M ; William W Dunn, 
S W ; Edward H Dill, J W ; Jesse Jackson, Treas. ; Francis 
M Harper, Sec. ; William G Taylor, S D ; Levi A Mewborn, 
Jr, J D ; Warren Kilpatrick, *Tyler ; John H Stevenson, 
Elias F Albritton, Stewards. 

Members— Jas T Askew, L H Aldridge, H F Bond, P M., 

Dr H W Blount, Dr Jas B Bryan, Dr Wm C Brown, Rev E 

A Best, Spencer Brooks, J I Coleman, Wm Cannon, Wm A 

Crocm, Council H Clark, E F Cox, C L Davis, J S Davis, R 



E Davie, J G Davis, L Friend, A Harvey, T A Heath, J MT 
Hines, H A Thompson, T A Harvey, Jesse Kemp, L H 
Sutton, Lovitte Lewis, J L Cox, L B Cox, E Wooten, T J 
Hill, J T Brown, J B Cummings, J P Hardee, N Hunter, 
John Jackson, G W Jones, George A Jackson, W A Jones, 
S B Kilpatrick, Dr J M Kilpatrick, L A Mewborn, Sr, L H 
Mewborn, L J Mewborn, W A Pugh v D H Philips, B W 
Pope, B F Parrott, J M Parrott, B F Phillips, J Parks, J F 
I Sutton, "Wm Sutton, S I Sutton, H B Strong, S W Scar- 
borough, S B Taylor, J E Taylor, A W Taylor, B B- Taylor, 
L Kilpatrick, T J Presson, G W Yenters, Eev JB Webb, J 
Warcers, BO West, Dr T A Woodley, Edward Williams, W 
H West. J Wilkins, S B West, IK Witherington, M Harvey. 
B R Bryant, I Williams', H E Byrd, W J Smith, E J Byrd^ 
F R Smith, T F Warters, Wm F Rountree, B F Sutton, Jr, 
I "W Dill, G A Eichardson, TSntton, George Gray, C Gray, 
W S Sumerell, L B Hardee, H B Turner, Arch Ccx, A J 
B;ov n. D J Long, S E Hodges, S J Carrow, L A Mewborn, 
Jr, T F Jackson, Charles Clark, Elias F Albritton. ^ * 

I ! -iiiENTs not Members — L C Desmond, P Hardee, E W 
King, JG Herring, E J Powell, E Wallace, -J B Stanley, E 
F Green, J G Stanley, A Wilson, S Dewey, W H Reddit. 

Initiated 41 ; passed 39 ; raised 38 ; rejected 21 ; with- 
<;iaw n '-3 ;' died 2 ; resident not members 12 ; whole lN~o*. 118. 

Regular time of meeting, second and fourth Wednesdays 
; n each month and 24th June and 27th December. 

Officers— G B Allen, W M ; Jas S Eay, S W ; J B Lassi- 
ter, J W ; P Dunn, Treas. ; J H Bell, Sec. ; T Yeargin, S D ; 
T Robertson, J D; W T Brooks, Chap.; J W. Wadford, 
Tyler ; James Bolton, W L Fort, Stewards. 

'Members— E E Gill, G W Norwood, Dr T Hicks, H P Gill, 
J E Cooper, G M Allen, J Xeargin, Eev Jas Purefoy, W L 
Terrell, J Weathers, Huston Honeycutt, Ashiel Craven, JH 
Norwood, H L Bay, H A Murrell, Wm B Allen". 



Residents not Members— T Pullen, J R Dunri, Dr J B 
Dunn, L W Hobertson, P A Dunn, J Hunter, J D Powell 

Initiated 3 ; passed 3 ; raised 3 ; rejected 1 ; withdrawn 1 ; 
residents not members 7 ; whole number 28. 

Eegular time of meeting, 2d Friday in each month. 

Officers— S B Killett, W M ; John- Vann, SW;HMc- 
Alpin, J¥; A B Chesnutt, Treas. ; M P Owen, Sec. ; P 
Johnson, Tyler. 

Mkmbbks — J Armstrong, G W Armstrong, G W Autry, A 
M Blackburn, J A Bizzell, J R Beaman, "W" H Boykin, C 
Boney, A Bullard, A B Chesnutt, II It Caison, J D Cul- 
breath, M B Grumpier, J A Darden, C W Ezzell, H J Hobbs, 
G W Hall, J E Harris, A N Johnson, J C Kirby, H Mc- 
Alpin, A N Matthews, R A Moseley, G W Moseley, B S 
■Owen, B Matthews, M P Owen, E BOwen, W T Owen, J 
A Gates, b L Brock, T L, A S C Powell, L A Powell, 
Patrick, H H Register, L H Rich, D Smith, J R Smith, J 
Vann, J J Vann, M White, W H Herring, W Williamson, 
O T Stevens, J H Stevens, J T F6Tt, L Chesnutt, A W 
Denning, C P Johnson, O W Williams, H Honeycutt, W 
Honeycutt, H Vann, W A Matthews, R M Grumpier, G W 
Marsh, J Herring, J D Pearsail, JAR Howard, W F Si^ 
II Smith, J E Parker, B Parker, A C Peterson, J "W Stokes* 
W H Johnson, G W Hobbs, J H Turlington, O S rarborcugh* 
Amos Royal, T B Matthews, W W Herring,. Jb J Hall £ 
Johnson, Hiram Honeycutt, J W Roberts, F Cooler R / 
Parker, R K Pearson. " < 

Residents not Members — O H Johnson, E Peterson V 
Peterson, L C Graves, P B Troublefield,' j K Smith 
Bizzell, E Bass, J Moore, T Moore, J M. Moseley, 
James King, J T Molton, T J Faison. 

Initiated 24 ; passed 23 ; raised 23 ; rejected 24 
1 ; died 4 ; residents not members 15 ; whole nun- 
Regular time of meeting, third Friday in ej,r' 




Officers — Luke Blackmer, W M ; Martin Richwine, S W ; 
Chas. D Smith, J W; Benj F Fraley,Treas.; John F Moose, 
Sec; Jas Slater, S D ; D R Newsom, J D ; A W Buis, Tyler. 

Membees — J M Brown, A W Buis, D A Davis, Jas H 
Enniss, B F Fraley, R E Love, Win Lambeth, E Myers, M 
S McKenzie, A M Nesbitt, Wm Overman, L Partee, W 
Rowzie, John J Shaver, J J Sumerell, M Whitehead, O 
Woodson, J A Weirman, J F Chambers, Jas W Clark, H S 
Gorman, C D Smith, A G Holder, EH Smith, L Blackmer, 
J A Davis, H Murdock, Jas Slater, A J Mock, W,Murdock, 
J Steel, Jac Correll, J B Farriss, F C Schafer, W L Saun- 
ders, J M Coffin, C A Henderson, Rowan Slater, M S Sloop, 
R H Broadfield, W M Willhelm, R S Moran, R P Bessent, 
J F Moose, J E Moose, L C Groseclose, C Gordon, Jas C 
Lowe, John L Lyerly, Wm Myers, B F Crossland, S Gallo- 
way, A B Shepperson, N R Windsor, Jno H Enniss, D R 
Newsom, W R Wilson, John O Brian, John K Leitch, E P 
Haglier, S E Linton, W J Mills, E G Blackmer, L Mitchell, 
M F Hunt, M A Smith, J Sowers, J Close, J J Wilson, J F 
Shirley, C D Freeman, W Smithdeal, S R Harrison, G N 
Folk, J J Spann, J H Merriman, Joseph Henderson, C H 
McKenzie, A G Breniyer, J A McConaughey, W H Eester, 
George Kerns, E D Sneed, W T Shinn, D Kerns, W R S 
Burbank, G W Latham, H P Allen, O Kerns, W H Mont- 
gomery, B Marsh, F M Y McNeely, J W Hall, F M Finch, 
H G Kellogg, M F Alexander, H McCoy, L M Davis, J W 
Jones, W H Howerton, John B Upsher. 

Residents not Members. — Jas C Turner, Wm Baily, S 
Frankford, J T Rumple, John A Holt. 

Initiated 52 ; passed 52 ; raised 49 ; rejected 8 ; admitted 
8 ; withdrawn 1 ; died 3 ; residents not members 5 ; whole 
No. 115. 

Regular time of meeting, 1st Friday night of every month, 
27th of June and December, and Tuesday of each Court 



Officers — John D Southerland, W M ;^Kader Bryan, S 
W ; Jonathan Chesnutt, J W ; John W Hinson, Treas. ; Geo 
A Newell,. Sec. ; D J Middleton, S D ; David Browo, J D ; 
John W Swinson, Tyler ; R J Pearsall, D Mallard, Stewards. 

Members — Thos J Carr, E Southerland, H Grimes, T S 
Watson, J D Stanford, O R Kenan, J E Hussey, EL G Max- 
well,. A H Parker, W B Middleton, Wm Farrior, D M Mc- 
lntire, G W Middleton, R M Middleton, M W Brown, J A 
McArthur, G A Southall, W A Allen, R J Pearsall, D T Mc- 
Millan, Jacob James, John Howard, J B Southerland, W J 
Newell, J J Forlaw, David Farrior, Jas J Davis, Anthony 
Davis, D M Pearsall, Horace Winders, F G Simmons, R S 
Chesnutt, B Witherington. 

Residents not Members — J B Kelly, J Murray, J Maxwell, 
Hiram Newell, T J Kinnier, A T Stanford, Jas G Branch, J 
H Judge, Jonathan Murray, John W Hall. 

Initiated 15 ; passed 16 ; raised 16 ; rejected 1 ; admitted 
2 ; residents not members 10 ; resident masons excluded for 
non-payment *f dues 7 ; whole number 43. 

Regular time of meeting, Saturday before the second Sab- 
bath in each month. 


Officers— William Gunter, W M ; Robert Hatch, S W ; 
H H Burk, J W ; J W Hatch, Treas. ; Wm F Foushee, Sec. ; 
C A Boon, S D ; J T Malory, J D ; J C Dennis, Tyler, R C 
Cotton* and Jos Thompson, Stewards. 

Members— W P Taylor,. P M ; John W Taylor, P M ; 
James P Taylor, P P ; J W Hatch, P M ; Wm S Gunter, P 
W; N A Ramsey, P M; W L London, R J Hatch, F M 
Gun'ter, Jos Thompson, J F Bland, W A Taylor, J C Tyser, 
Wm G Eubanks, Wm F Berry, Wm H Tysen, J J Crump, 
L Rogers, S D Adams, J A Thompson, T B Gunter, A Boon, 
H A Sikes, S L Brown, J E Eubanks, J A Hanks, J S 
McClenahan, J J Knight, Wm A Nash, W T Fox, John 
Neal, Wm Hathcock, J J Jackson, W Harris, H H Hatch, 


I Long, J Q A Leach, A Eubanks, Sr, R G Eubanke, A En- 
banks, Jr, J A McDonal, Wesley Pendegrass, Wm Pende- 
grass, R C Cotton, Jr, J W Hackney, J M Ellington, Jos 
RopCr, O Newlin, O S Poe, Wm N Poo, Willis Poe, J J 
Taylor, Wm McClenahan, J W Tinnin, Jos B Martin, C B 
Clegg, Wm S Ramsey, A F Richardson, J W Wright, J 
Sanders, E B King, W J Sloan, M Johnson, Robert Johnson, 
B Johnson, J A Alston, A-G Markes, O M Weal, Thomas 
Webst*er, R £ Petty, J R Malory, Wm H Hatch, C L Brown, 
W J Rollins, Jos Thomas, Wm J Womble, S T Womble, G 
P Moore, Stephen Moore, N Melton, G W Dismukes, W W 
Dismukes, H Earp, James A Parham, J W Boon, G W May, 
S M Holt, A Petty, Ed Long, N Coplin, Wm G Bland. 

Residents not Members — David Murden, J Hardin, — 

Initiated 26 ; Passed 25 ; raised 24-; withdrawn 4 ; died 5 ; 
residents not members 3 ; whole No. 94. 

Regular time of meeting, first Tuesday in every month 
and Tuesday night of every Court and the anniversaries of 
the St Johns. 


Officers — Dr Jos Commander, W M*; John Benbury. S 
W ; Jas Forbes, J W : S Weisel, Treas. ; S D Cartwright, 
Sec. ; John Palin, S D ; J Asher, J D ; G E Sampson, Tyler. 

Members— Dr R K Speed, W B Reid, E Berry, J B Dyer, 
W W Burgess, A H Burcher, Frank Vaughan, M Sanderlfn, 
Jr., C Trueblood, C W Grandy, Jas W Hinton, W W Wil- 
liams, T Gray, Jos Simmons, F A Brother, B F Miller, Dr J 
T P C Cohoon, Martin W Cobb, Wm E Vaughan, P C W^ 
liams, F J Murden, Jas R Doughtie, Wm E Mann, James 
Hobbs, Wm Banks, B B Tatem, J L Ball, Jos Palin, P D 
Sikes, B F Keaton, M Pritchard,_ Lemuel Jackson, F M' God- 
frey, Wm Stager, R R Smithson, John M Hinton, V Knight, 
A L Butt, M W Fatherly, E J Wilsou, W G Lamb, Jos 
Bronson, Wm F Murden, John H Zeighler, Jas M Morgan, 


F 0., Elisha Harris, F 0., Jas W Vaughan, F 0., C B Broth- 
ers, EA,A¥ Morgan, EA,f A Newbold, E A. 

Residents not members — John C Eheringhaus, John S 
Brirgess, Dr PARC Cohoon, J B Fearing, ¥m H Clark, 
R White, T Hunter, B B Tisdale, C M Lavertz. 

Regular time of meeting, second Saturday evening in each 
month, Monday nights of Court weeks, and Sts. John's days. 


Officers— C D Vernon, WMjAA Pattello, S W ; Thos 
H Hatchett, J W ; L Fels, Treas. ; W H Pattillo, Sec. ; G 
Rosenthal, S D ; A Fels, J D. 

Members— C D Vernon, R Ferguson, F A Wiley, W P 
Watlington, J W Cobb, C R Rice, J S Craves, SB Black- 
well, W G- Blackwell, S B Cobb, F C Dobson, S S Harrison, 
F Graves, F Warren, G W Pinnix, J T Ware, S Rice, T W 
Graves, W H Rice, J M Jones, W R Neal, John Kerr, E 
B Withers* S A Badgett, John W Gunn, Thos J Stephens, 
Nat Ware, H Harralson, G A Featherston, E W Gunn, W 
M Lbyd, A Slade, C W West, B S Carter, T J Watlington, 
J M Swift, A S Williamson, W J Totton, R Maynard, J C 
Griffith, John D Wemple, W F Butler, N M Roan, A B 
Walker, D Y Murphy, W A Dameron, S F Murray, W H 
Henderson, A Walker, N W Lyon, J W Williamson, G W 
Gunn, C Sledge, W P Foster, T B Adkins, A Fels, W N 
Shelton, M Harralson, John E Robertson, B Y McAden, A 
G Henderson, M W Norfleet, R W Lauson, Jr, L B Hender- 
son, G N Graves,* J S Roberts, C G Lea, W H Hatchett, W 
H Womack, W H Chiles, W H Holderness, B Harralson, H 
Hubbard, W C Ferrill, J W Lea, W S Williamson, W G 
Graves, N S Henderson, J G Lea, J S Park, J M Poteat, W 
H Gate wood, E Edwards, J H Totten, S H Thaxton, R B 
Harrison, W L Page, F J Dennis, J F Morris, L Walker, Q 
T Anderson, J Hutcheson, H Malone, C W Ryles> J L Ker- 
sey, J L Goodson, H W Reinhart, J W Hatchett, A G 
Womack, E Slade, G D Turner, R.F Gwynn, T J Foster, J 
F, White, W A Carter, H E Hodges, R H Price, T Ray, T L 


Blackwell, Jr, J E Bailey, W D Hall, G T Goodson, J R 
Warren, W L Terrell, W P Hooper, W A Turner, V B 
"Womack, T J Parrish, B A Boswell, W L Saunders. 

Besidents not Members — Jas K Lea, Geo Williamson, Dr 
B Brown, G M Griffin, A Willis, J C Harvey, K J Carraway, 
Dr. S E Bracken, E Graves. 

Initiated 15 ; passed 18 ; raised 1 8 ; rejected 13 ; with- 
drawn 2 ; died 5 ; residents not members 9 ; whole num- 
ber 136. 

Begular time of meeting, second Saturday evening each 


Officers— J E Ezzell, W M; Jas F Shine, SV;AG 
Moseley, J W ; M Moore, Treas. ; J B Hurst, Sec. ; D Bow- 
den, SD;DB Newten, J D ; H J Johnson, Tyler. 

Members— Jas W Blount, D Bowden, S Hill, T B Hill, 
D B Newten, W M Williamson, J E Hurst, D Wright, DI 
Kornegay, W Southerland, Jas Williams, C Bradley, H F 
Murphy, D Cobb, J E Ezzell, D F Jones, J F Shine, L W 
Hodges,. J G Jackson, J R Hatch, J F Watkins, H Sikes, A 
G Moseley, W M Boyetto, J C Kelleth W J Moore, J W 
Grice, H Best, N Fredrick, M Moore, Jas Holingsworth, E 
A Yeates, M Giles, J N Best, E E Bill, E T King, W Graddy, 
A M Faison, A A Boyetto, J M Millard, H Stephens, J 
Eivenbark, T J Hering, W J Brown, J T Barden, O B 
Morisey, J T Hillett, J F Ireland, W G B Hurst, C A Thomp- 
son, H D Lewis, John W Blount. 

Eesidents not Members— B C Bowden, C D Hill, W E 
Hill, T Bright, H W Faison, D Oats, JoelTaftin, B F Cobb, 
A E Hicks, H E HursS, J G Dickson, C Thompson, F B 
Millard, E W Millard, M C Blount, T E Loftin, T F Wil- 
liams, A Guy, S E Ireland. 

Initiated 22 ; passed 20 ; raised 20 ; rejected 1 ;' residents 
not members 19 ; whole No 71. 

Eegular time of meeting, first Saturday in each month. 



Of-iciss— W F Eornegay, W M ; John B Griswold, S W ; 
Nat:, an Adams, J W; T A Granger, Treas.; Thos H Allen, 
Sec; M D Crayton, S]5;¥H Finlayson, JD;TD Erwin, 

M %p.zbs— J J Baker, Jesse Bizzell, CAW Borden, J C 
Bore .1. W H" Borden, L S Baker, Needham B Cobb, Bryan 
W Cob, John Cameron, G W Collier, D C Carrington, W 
E Di- 4, John W Davis, John T Ederton, R T Fulglmm, R 
J G.' ; cry, W B Gulick, Jonathan Garris, John W Bam, A 
H H ;:ipbrey, Lewis Hummell, F Hummell,' R D HoH, W 
F JB; .es, JC Justice, John T Kenneday, John McLeod, J 
C M.J.--.0, William Carraway, Wm T Gardiner, T T Hollo- 
well, r; ? Howell, W W Nichols, John H Powell, Levi Pel- 
letiei , 7, G Pearsall, John G Parker, F C Patrick, William 
Robii fvra, John A Richardson, Richard A Newsom, John 
Simp 1 rrs, S Satterwhite, John Spelman, H F Smith, Wm 
ATh. oson, J L Tew, J B Whitaker, H R Willis, B C 
Wood S A Wright. 

Res'l: '¥T3 not Members. — John E Becton, Wm C Hunter, 
Daniel \ Powell, Charles F Dewey, Thomas Loring, Richard 
Washington, Thomas Warters. 

Inits'ed 27 ; passed 27; raised 26 ; rejected 10; admitted 
2; ret.. ■"■■ 3nts not members 7; whole No. 59. 

Reg , time oT meeting every Monday night. 


Offt ■-cr.'—J W Hunt, W M; W H Smith, S W; W P 
Wilkii T?; J Drnmwright, Treas.; A R Foushee, Sec; 
J T F. '■■-. SD; J Younger, J D ; J T Critcher, Tyler. 

Memi, ■■■»u— E G Reade, Dr C H Jordan, John Baird, J J 
Ellison, fc '/'instead, John Barnett, John A Barnett, Thos 
H Nelson, Cvesley Hamlin, Rev W R Webb, B B Link, Jas 
Barnett, R A Tonan, A H Lunsford, John VanHook, 
Edwin WhileSeld, William Moore, J W Pearce, John Jones, 
Jas H Woody, Ro B Trinn, Solomon O'Briant, J W Philpot, 
John A Bailey, Jas M Burton, Ro E Brewer, Thos A Wiles, 


William H Maione, Jas W Villines, John D Wilkerson, R 
H Cearnal, John Newton, M L Webb, Jas T Yancey, Ro C 
Harris, W P Harris, A Barnett, David K Reid, J C 'Bailey, 
(dead,) Hardy Hurdle, Ro Holloway, A J Bumpass, W Loy, 
H A Reams, L G Hopkins, John C Dixon, Smith Humphries, 
Jesse D Walker, Jas L Brooks, John King, Wm G. jgaird, 
Wra A Bradsher, Jr, (dead,) Wm A Brooks, Wm Holloway, 
Nathan Fox, A J Hester, L H Blackard, Camp Barnett, J 
W Cuningham, Thos Stokes, L C Smith, W R Neal, T S 
Wilkerscn, A Woody, W C Day, Jas R Day, C G Mitchell, 
Wm G Stanfield, Wm T Blackwell, Henry Carver, Jno H 
Barton, Monroe Cash, Alex Norwood, T J Horner, Sam A 
Barnett, E Ramey, Dolphin Briggs, P C Farrar, J W Brooks, 
J B Pleasants, A M Latta, Jas G Norwood, Wm E Wagstaff, 
J B. Wagstaff, C M G Wagstaff, J H Harriss, H M Paylor, 
W A Bradsher, Sr, C Williams, H Satterfield, H Woods, B B 
Brooks, A Jones, J Rogers, C Jones, G B Pearce, Geo W 
Henry, J L Timherlake, Joel Sweaney, Lyney Dixon, (dead,) 
O J Kenueday, R H Dickerson, T K Glenn, Ruffin Woody, 
John B. Glenn, (dead,) Saml S Moore, Barnett Moore, Ro S 
Davie, B P Wagstaff, Dr. W M Terrell, Thos B Hargis, D 
M Baird, A M Gray, J M Snead, Benj T Tingen, Nathaniel 
Walker, Ro W Williams, Geo W Bucch, Stephen W Glenn, 
Jonathan Terrell, Samuel Winstead, John D Lea, J W Luns- 
ford, William B Jones, Dr C H Bradsher, S-C Barnett, John 
A Baird, James D Baird, W F Reacle, Rev J P Moore, Rev 
T W Moore, Albert Yarbrough, (dead.) 

Residents not Members — A R Moore, G B Southerland, 
Jno C Dickens, T T Satterfield. 

Initiated 85 ; passed 82; raised 82; rejected 4; withdrawn 
1 ; died 4-; residents not members 4 ; whole No. 135. 

Regular time of meeting, 3d Saturday in each month, ^21 


Officers— William A Dick, W M ; T N Bond, S W ; N A 
McLean, J W ; James Blount, Treas. ; John R Carter, Sec. ; 
W F French, S D ; Rev N M Ray, JD;A Lawson, Tyler, 


Members— John W Alford, JIL Alford, J H Atkinson, 
M McN Alford, J A Barnes, Henry Bullock, Jr, Robt Byrd, 
Wm J Brown, Robt Birthright, A D Brown, F Broad well, 
W B Blake, Dr J B Brown, Thomas Barker, Chas Bullock, 
Calvin Black, J C Barnes, J H Caldwell, C Cmgg, J A Davis, 
E S French, PM,AH Fulmore, Benjj L Floyd, J M Free- 
man, J H Freeman, C Godwin, A P Gage, John T Harring- 
ton, Calvin Johnson, Benj Inman, J L Inman, Henry Lani- 
mon, John C Moore, Hector McNeill,. Hector McNeill, Jr, J 
J McLauchlin, Alex McMillan, G W McKay, N Q McLeod, 
Elias Mitchell, Angus McPhail, A H McLeod, W P Moore, 
P M., J B McRae, R J Millsape, Murdock McRae, Ii J Mc- 
Lean, D P McEachern, L} M McCormic, Dr David McBryde, 
Rev McNair, W S Norment, H F Pitman, J T Petteway, 
Isham Pitman, John McN Powers, J A Rowland, P M., 
Alex Rowland, J H Richardson, Dr John Regan, Rev N M 
Ray, M F Sealy, N T Sealy, R Steagall, G M Summered, 
John P Smith, David Townsend, J W Townsend, R W Tay- 
lor, L W Thompson, N A Thompson, John Williams, Eli 
Wishart, PM,D A Wood, Dr W Williams, F M Wishart, 
John Walker, Dr S B Morisey, A H Moore, Edward Kernes, 
Asa Heistand, James S McQueen, P P Smith, L B Godwin. 

Residents not Membebs--T A torment, M E McNeill, F 
R McNeill, W S Fowlkes, E K Proctor, G W Daffron, Rev 
P H Scovill, S W Bennett. 

Initiated 22 ; passed 18 ; raised 15; rejected 1 ; admitted 
1 j residents not members 8 ; whole number 1 10. 



Officers— Wm*H Stinson, W M ; J L Johnson, S W ; J 
M Jones, J W; A S Utley, Treas. ; S M Utley, Sec. ; A 
Leslie, S D ; S W Holland, J D ; J W F Rogers, Chap. ; 
Isaac Hunter, Tyler. 

Members — J H Adams, G W Atkinson, A N Betts, R M 
Brown, Allen Betts, A J Blanchard, A B Betts, A K Cle- 
ments, W W Clements, W J Clements, W J W Crowder, 
EH Carter, Thos,Dnpree, Nat Dupree, David Fnquay, W H 


Franks, J Gardner, John Gardner, E Langston, H Lashley, 
Eev J C Marcom, J A McLean, Ira Olive, L Penny, Young 
Penny, G H Parker, Jas Rogers, A E Rowland, T J Utley, 
S J Utley, M C Utley, B S Utley, T D Trnlove, S Trulove, 
John A Senter, lag Spence, Wra Senter, S A Smith, J B 
Stedman, W R Stephenson, D H Stephenson, D Y Stinson, 
N A Sponce, D H Smith, D D Senter, Rev T G Whitaker, 
R H Whitaker, G H Williams, O T Williams, J M Rowland, 
W W Johnson, A E Smith, Lynn Banks, F Edwards, J T 
Adams, J G Burt, H W Langston, W H Rowland, J H Col- 
lins, S C Booker, B Grimes, G Booker, W Utley, A T Ste- 
vens, D L Adams, Jesse Wihborn, J D Ballentine, Green 
Sexton, M McN Hollaway, W M Ballentine, James A Burt 
S M Williams, T H Wray, J B Myatt, J B Strain, W Senter, 
J H Burt, G J Allison, 

Initiated 28 ; passed 28 ; rejected f 2 ; admitted 5 ; died 

4 ; whole number 88. 

Regular time of meeting, Saturday before the 4th Sabbath 
in each month, June and December excepted, then on the 
24th and 27th. 


Officers — L D Fanner, W M ; J Rountree, "S W ; fm 
Hinnant, J W ; Willie Daniel, Treas. ; Dr W J Bullock, 
Sec. ; W A Duggan, S D ; Jacob Fiedler, J D ; G W Bare- 
foot, Tyler. 

Members — Jas H Armstrong, J W Aycock, Jas W Barnes, 
Saml J Barnes, ThosRBass, Ruffin Barnes, Jacob H Barnes, 
B H Burden, Jas J Braswell, John R Batts^, Alfred Boykin, 
C C Bonner, R H Baker, D W Barnes, J H Barnes, Hay- 
wood Biggs, R H Blount, R G Barham, J P Barden, John 
Coleman", R W Clayton, P P Clark, R M Cox, J T Dew, A 
R Davis, T C Davis„J W Dunham, J B Elliott, Hackney 
Eatman, Jos Barber, John G Williams, W D Fanner, J J 
Taylor, Josiah Fanner, A D Fanner, B E Fanner, A Fanner, 

5 B Fanner, S Fountain, Hugh Gallagher, Bennett Gay, T 
H Griffin, G H Griffin, W T Gay, J J Hales, E H Hooper, 


R W Hines,. J S Holt, R Hinnant, E D Johnston, Emerson 
Joyner, W G Jordan, A S Mendenhall, Edmond Moore, B 
H Lancaster, Silas Lucas, Jesse Pitman, Warren Pitman, H 
D Patton, W L Quails, J H Rentfrow, J H Riggan, D P 
Shajhn^ton, R A Savage, A J Simms, J W Smith, J J Tay- 
lor, Jas, Tomlinson, Perry Taylor, Thos Tomlinson, W T Tay- 
lor, Dr C A Thomas, E O Tuck, J W Williamson, Garry 
Williamson, S W Vick, G W Blount. 

Residents not Members — John A Stanly, B M Selby, J W 
Lancaster, Dr A D Moore, D S Richardson, S M Warren, S 
S Satchwell, S Milburn, R B Ellis, W N Hackney, Wm 
Driver, Moses Fanner, J B Fanner. 

Initiated 8; passed 8 ; raised Y; rejected 2; admitted 3 ; 
■withdrawn- 6 ; died 4 ; residents not members T ; whole num- 
ber 89. 


Officers — A W Cummings, W M ; W H Stone, S W ; 
Jos Reed, J W ; J Hildebrand, Sec. ; Joshua Roberts, Treas. ; 
J D Wagg, S D ; Jos Miller, J D ; H F Wolstenholme, Tyler. 

Members — A W Cummings, W H Stone, Jos Reed, J 
Hildebrand, Joshua Roberts, J D Wagg, Jos Miller. H J 
Wolstenholme, J R Osborne, G'W Whitson, J M Israel, J 
W Wilson, D Reynolds, R B Vance, Jno Reynolds, W W 
Reynolds, J M Blair, Z B Vance, E H Cunningham, J E 
Patton, W L Hilliard, R G Love, S L Love, M L Williams, 
Chas Moore, W G Chandler, T W Murrell, D S Plemmons, 
J M Alexander, J M Gudger, T Draper, T Plemmons, T D 
Johnston, J P Gaston, J McGudger, D M Gudger, J W 
Gudger, J Whaley, J E Reed, J M Stevens, M E Carter, J 
M Taylor, T G Henson, J R Garren, P H Thrash, H A 
Osborne, T S Rob'ards, T M Stevens, N A Goodlin, G M 
William*, H M Rodgers, E W Herndon, B A Merrimon, A 
G Bailey, T C Westall, G M Roberts, J H Davis, A K 
McLellan, W R Young, J Rickman. 

Initiated 28 ; passed 24 ; raised 22 ; rejected 3 ; suspended 
1; died 4 ; residents not membersJL7; whole No. 81. 



Officers— S T Pickens, W M ; Albert Armfield, S W ; E 
A Ledbetter, J W ; Wm N Armfield, Treas. ; B Y Thorn- 
ton, Sec. ; Harmon Brudy, S D ; E N Kersey, J D ; J 
Church, Tyler. 

Members— S G Coffin, J N Millis, Wm H Reece, M Hedg- 
cock, Haly Brown, Dempsy Brown, C J Wheeler, Lewis M 
Leach, Nathan Beard, S C Sapp, M M Wheeler, P N 
Wheeler, K. M Morrison, W. W Roberts, TF Merritt, J C 
Lamb, Henry Ledbetter, M Jones, Solomon Sullivan, Wm 
Lamb, J A Carpenter, F S Carpenter, Daniel W Edwards, 
J H Hedgcock, B F Sullivan, J J Gordon, J A Woodbern, 
J C Hedgcock,' Henry liorney, B Y Hunt, E E Pitts, E T 
Blair, John W Fieeman, O M Dixon, T F Leach, H W 
Homey, H M Briggs, Nathan Wright, M E Osborne, E 
Hedgcock, W M Hedgcock, A B Hinshaw, Thos S Robert- 
son, A P Ledbetter, Henry Potter, J W Hiatt, A E Stanly, 
H C Lamb, Anderson Lamb, S J Vincent, J W Hicks, Jas 
Robertson, J F Stephens, James Medters, E S Thornton, J 
II Johnston, T W Lindsay, R D McCuystor, P JJBrilbo, J 
T Brown, O S Cansey, J M Whorton, H Hadson, David 
Irwin, John Andrew, Wm Robertson, A S Vickory, W A 
Russell, G W Mauney, J F Ledbetter, M Conch, W Arm- 
iield, H J Whitsitt, J Conch, Z J Ledbetter, J Jackson, B N 
Stephenson, J C Kerkmon, A Y Shaw, J A Gardner, J R 
Williams, J W Finch, B F Wiley, J IT Thayer, J C Nichol- 
son, E Ledbetter, W E Millis, D A Armfield, J A Gray, 
James Lowe, A W Dean, John S Binns. 

Residents not members — L S Reece, David Widons, Z S 
Coffin, J S Ray. 

Initiated 13; passed 10; rejected 17; expelled 1; with- 
drawn 1 ; died 6 ; residents not members 4 ; whole No. 105. 


Officers.— W A Philpott, W M ; L A Williams, S W ; 
L C Taylor, J W; J G Jones, Treas. ; T M Lynch, Sec. ; 
Ligon Hotfgood, S D ; W OOrabtree, J D ; T W Pool, Tyler. 


Members— W A Philpott, L Taylor, W A Johnson, K 
J Mitchell, T L Hargrove, E J Devin, J T Littlejohn, Chast 
Allen, J R Fuller, T B Kingsbury, R W Lassiter, Lyman 
Latham, Willis Lewis, W PI Paschall, P P Peace, L A Pas- 
chall, Thomas H Rainey, A F Spencer, R P Taylor, H A 
Taylor, T E Venable, L Edwards, John F Harris, John S 
Ellis, John W Boothe, S G Wilson, E W Owen, W II Reams, 
Alex Reams, John R Buchanan, C F Reams, ATT Jones, 
Roger Atkinson, W C Oabtree, L A William?, S G Hayes, 
John P Reams, W G.Washington, J D C Pool, T W Pool, 
J P Montague, W R Turner, Ligon Hobgood, J B Lynch, 
George Reams, Bourbon Smith, Joseph Waldo, Thomas J 
Crews, T C Hines, J L Williams, W R Beasley, J M Mat- 
thews, J M Pittard, W B Mallory, J T Williams, T M Lynch, 
Joseph Hobgood, J G Jones, W R Jenkins, T L Williams, 
Simeon Tippett, D C Reames, J M Hobgood, J L Hobgood, 
Eaton Kittrell, Chas R Cawthorn, James D Knott, J B Hun- 
ter, John L Oabtree, C W Rainey, L W Dickerson, Chas 
H Williams, W J Reace James A Crews, A M Clay, G A 
Reams, W H Cawthorn, John Fleming, Oliver Hicks, Sam- 
uel Latimer, A C Patham, N" W Frasier, R T Champion 
Alfred Hobgood, Samuel Edwards, W B Crews, J il Mills, 
R H Kingsbury, David Allen, R W Harris. 

"Residents not Members — J R Herndon, H C Herndon, J 
H Horner, R D Hoit, J C Taylor. 

Initiated 27; passed 2-i ; raised 25 ; rejected 12 ; suspended 
1 ; admitted 2 ; withdrawn 1 ; died 2 : whols n umber" 90. 

Regular time of meeting, first Monday night in each 
month, except December, then on the second Monday. 


Officers— S D Beves, W M ; Wm F Hilliard, S W ; 
R S Harris, J W ; P C Person, Treas. ; Jas A Winston, Sec, ; 
Geo W ISTeal, S D ; John Y McGehee, J D ; Doctor Cole', 
Tyler ; Geo Winston, Jr, Willie J Winston, Stewards. 

Members— B J Blackley, W J Beddingfield, C C Blacknall, 
S C Allen, T H Cony^rs, J W Fuller, J P Griffin, B T Green, 


J J Harper, W C Lankford, Z A Minnis, W A Witchell, R 
P Overton, R L Paschall, Charles Perry, Willis Pearce, L 
Perry, J T Pearce, J M Stone, S M Stone, J H Whitfield, 
F J Whitfield, Jos J Ward, N G Whitfield, W J Winston, . 
Geo Winston, Jr, A H Williams, J E Tuarrington, L W 
Joyner, W H Williams, P H Tharrington, S W Winston^ 
W H Watson, J Wester, J F Moss, John Rhem, J 1ST Green, 
F Tharrington, T W Winston, A B Cook, P H Winston, H 
Freeman, Jas Wiggins, Perry Wiggins, T H Griffin, J B 
Fuller, R A Hicks, Z W Gill, A S Gill, W R Debuam, A D 

Residents not Members — J J Thomas, Isaac Winston, W 
K, Martin, H W Hargrove, John Shackleford, Rev T £ 
Ricaud, Rev Williamson Harris, Jas H Lassiter. 

Initiated 14; passed 13 ; raised 15 ; rejected 14 ; admitted 
2 ; withdrawn 1 ; died 1 ; residents not members 8 ; whole 
number 68. 


Officers— Ellis Mel one, W M; E L Stegall, S W; Wil. 
Ham H Furman, J W ; J J Minetree, Treas. ; William H 
Strother, Sec. ; N B Walker, S D ; B P Clifton, J D ; R, W 
Stallings, Tyler ; T IS T Carlile, F M Stone, Steward's. 

Members — R F Yarborough, W Harris, Wm B Foster, H 
L Bennett, T K Thomas, Dr J B Mann, Gen J B Littlejohn, 
Irvin Wilder, A D. Green, W H Pleasants, G S Baker, Dr J 
B Clifton, S W Marshall, W R Young, B J King, W K Davis, 
T C Horton, Joseph J Davis, A W Jackson, S T Wilder, B 
F Wilder, Jefferson Harris, WK Barham, G W Wynn, M 
S Davis, Hugh S Hays, H H Hight, P B Hawkins, A B An- 
drevzs, Wm E Ray, James Southgate, Burne P Baker. 

Residents not Members — Rev Wm Closs, Rev T W 
Guthrie, Wm P Williams, H H Thomas, Dr A H Macnair, 
A H H Dawson, Alexander McKnight, E" B Massenburg, 
Rev K" J Barham, John Skinner, Wm Bagley. 


Initiated 13; passed 13; raised 13; rejected 5; admitted 
1 ; withdrawn 1 ; died 3 ; residents not members 11 ; whole 
No. 42. 

Regular time of meeting, first Thursday night in each 
month and on the festival of St. John the Baptist and St. 
John the Evangelist. 


Officers— E A Bizzell, W M; S W. Blackman, 8¥;B 
Grantham, J W; J B Cox, Treas. ; J J Harper, See. ; R Lee, 
S D ; G P Rose, J D. 

Members — N B Stephens, B Grantham, R Lee, B B Rose, 
"W" H Bryan, D C King, N Grantham, L Eldridge, R Rayner, 
E S Jones, J A Williams, J L Bonn, J Lee, J G Rose, S W 
Blackman, G P Rose, A Thornton, J C Monk, L C King, IT 
W Cox, J C Eason, J H Bryan, J Tart, J Harper, T D Snead, 
J B Cox, E Rich, E Bizzell, J T Westbrook, G West, U Hill, 
F Westbrook, N K Thornton, W Langston, J Langsfon, W 
A Langston, T W Woodall, J J Harper, JLDnpree, W 
Cole, Jr., J Summerlin, J Thompson, M Lee, G R Britt, J C 
Hood, J Stephens, W H Smith, M A Lee, M H Bizzell. 

Residents not Members — Nathan Williams, Hiram Gran- 
tham, Everitt. Smith, William Hendson, Tyras Thornton, 
Blackman Lee, John L T McKiimie, Richard Manly, Yv T II 
Parker, Bryant S Parker. 

Initiated 11 ; passed 11 ; raised 11 ; rejected 14 ; admitted 
2; died 5 ; residents not members 10; whole number 49. 


Officers— C W W Wooley, W M; J C Andrews, S W ; 
Moses Haywood, J W ; W G Deberry, Treas.; J T Mathison, 
Sec; Moses Haywood, S D ; E F Andrews, J D; John Bc_-'- 
gan, Tyler. 

Names of Members — C J Cook, James M Green, Rev A 
P Stoker, Dr J H Montgomery, C J Cochran, Dr J M Crump, 
J Luther, Rev R S Ledbetter, Rev D R Brnton, Dr Had- 


ley, Green Bingham, J H Reid, R T Steele, J F Green, Dr 
A McLennon, Rev N T BowdeD, Jackson McRae, K Mathi- 
son, Rev J T Townsend, D A Boyd, Dr D N Patterson, Rev 
Z Rush, C H Rush, D C Harris, D B Nicholson, E H Davis, 
A C Northcott, Rev D Wright, A F Rush, Rev L A Whit- 
lock, A J Bruton, O H Dockery, Dr P Luther, W J Mont- 
gomery, James W Ewing, B Wood, R J Steele, Welcome 
Ussery, E J Gaines, M D Matheson, C C Wade, J R Scar- 
b rough, H M Scarborough, B F Simmons, R A Andrews, Noah 
Thompson, J Legrand, J D Haywood, L D Boyd, J T Bruton, 
M McCaskill, J A Wood, W G Mills, Jas Haywood, W A Jor- 
dan, Thos Wood, P C Saunders, Harris Russell, C C Billiard, 
J S Spence, Dr R A Chambers, B L Sanders, Saml T Usher, 
John B Usher, John W Harris, Jas B Ballard. A M Moore, 
Jone6 S Williams, John M Ballard. 

Residents not Members — M G. Gwynn. 

Initiated 18; passed 18; raised 19; withdrawn 2; died 2;. 
whole number 77 

Regular meetings of the Lodge on Friday evening, before 8 
the full of the moon in every month, (at 5 o'clock in summer 
and at 4 o'clock in winter.) 


Officers— D Curtis, W M; J R Swofford, S W; Ff 
Fox, J W ; James E League, Treas. : J M Odell, Sec. ; H F 
Fox, S D ; J A Odell, JD; A J York, Tyler ; J A Luther, 
J L Coble, Stewards. 

Members — J L Reece, T W Allied, E A Craven, A Cra- 
ven, A S Horney, D P Reece, H W Arlidge, John Howard, 
J M Reece, Jos Murray, Jos Sumner, L S Reece, Jacob Steel, 
P E Hntson, Alfred Lewallyn, L D Stout, B C Burgess, J R 
Bulla, R F Trogdon, Dr H B Marley, A F Beckerdite, Erwin 
Heath, Milton Kennett, B B Bulla, John Heath, Seymore 
York, J T Fox, O M Pike, W A Brown, J L Brower, Wm 
Cox, J P Swain, J G Marsh, John Wrightsd, J B Troy, T B 
Parks, M W Coward; Y P McMastera, Milton Leonard, 
Yancy Johnson, R P Troy, Phelix Parks, Reuben Cox, Wm 


Welborne, Riley Wright, John Welborne, A C Jones, M S 
Jones, J W Burgess, D B Julian, J S Fogleman, F D Fox, 
C Gray, J M Pounds, W H Burgess. 

Residents not Members — J J Kendall, Win Stagg, A M. 
Furgnson, Hugh Parks, W A Burgess. 

Initiated 32 ; passed 31 ; raised 29 ; rejected 16 ; admitted 
2 ; died 2 ; residents not members 5; whole No. 70. 

Regular time of meeting, the third Friday night in each 
month, except June and December, and then on the anni- 
versary days of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evan- 


Officers— D A Sugg, W M ; Arve] Sugg, S W ; D A 
Spi-vey, J W ; J T Freeman, Treas. ; W II B Tayler Sec. ; 
II II Best, S D ; W J Jones, J D ; Theo Edwards, Tyler. 

Members— R W Best, G J W ; T Barrow, J Benton, B J 
Best, G Britt, J G Britt, J W Britt, J H Albritton, W S 
Darden, W B Newsom, Wm Frazier, R W Taylor, E Carr, 
A J Rasbnry, A D Swinson, J W Potter, J Potter, M J 
Edwards, J R Smith, C H Albritton, W G Williams, W A 
Brand, C H Harper, A Rasbury, J F Jones, N Edwards, A 
Croom, W S Taylor, W F Edwards, Isaac C Edwards, R B 
Davis, R W Bridgen, J R Murphy, W G Little, Ira E Nor- 
man, O J Pate, D W Hood, J Robinson, H Canady, J 
Walston, T Hughes, D Hawkins, J W Taylor, L Lewis, W 
C Singletary, H R Pridgen, G Edmundson, D Harper, J 
Murphy, J Darden, J B Faircloth, R A L Carr, H M Thdmp,- 
son, Josiah Dixon, W A Darden, Jr., S G Barrington, N 
Smith, Dan Howell, W B Thompson, T L Hartsfield, T H 
Sugg, Jno D Walston, Patrick Lynch, W II Sugg, Rev J 
Mahonej, G F M Dail. 

Residents not Members — Dr John Harvey, W A Dar- 
den, Sr., B H Smith. 

Initiated 12 ; passed 12 ; raised 12 ; rejected 3 ; admitted 
1 ; withdrawn 3 ; died 2 ; residents not members 3 ; whole 
No. 74. 

Regular time of meeting, first and third Saturday in each 



Officers— W H Faucett, W M ; A H Boyd, S W ; A 
Moore, J W; Joseph McAdams, Treas.; Eobert Hanner* 
Sec; C F Klapp, SD;W A Albright, JD;JJ Younger, 

Membees— E F Watson, GM;PA Holt, PGM; Jno 
R Holt, R Love, W A Holt, J T Trollinger, M Russell, H C 
Trollinger, J K Klapp, G W Foster, S A White, JEN Fau- 
cett, J Vincent, L H Wood, J B Randleman, J I) Corbin, II 
Hurdle, E M Holt, J W Steel, A G Farmville, A J Hughes, 
George Walker, W G Clendennin, It Moore,- II Maynard, E 
W Leal, A Murray, J C Yin cent, D Moore, R Walker, E G 
Tinin, J A Murray, B McRae, J Gant, F T Jones, J Hurdle, 
G II Garrison, A Iseley, T J Fowler, J W Wellons,*J V 
Moore, C Whitsett, W S Ector, T G Foust, L A Vincent, J 
Lowgest, H A Cheek, J W Sharp, S R Curtis, II Cook, J P 
Albright, J Elapp, S Crawford, J Morton, H C Albright, J 
Sharp, J M Foust, M Boon, John 11 Ireland, C N Soney, G 
Leath, J Aslnvorth, W Wood, T M Holt, II Curl is, CR 
King, Alfred Sharp, Sidney Anderson, II J Dishough, W:n 
Redding, L Klapp, J L Scott, L Iseley, G M Harden, Thos 
WiJkii^ W J Anderson, R A Noeil, N A Williams, G Mpser, 
t) C Holt, J H Long, Jas PdcAdams, W S Long, C C Curtis, 
Eli Sharp, M Long^H B Niitt, G E Freeland, E Dixon, Win 
Browning, John Faneett, J C Faucett, J S Faucett, A Wal- 
ker, William King, R T Berry, HI Fowler, J A Long, J R 

Residents not --iembers — J) A Montgomery, W II Oliver, 
G Rosenthal, S Y McAden, J A Planner, John Hutcheson, 
R W Hamlett. 

Initiated 25.; passed 24; raised 24; rejected 11: with- 
^?.we,5; died 3 ; whole number 107. 



Officees— A A Harbin, W M ; John Taylor, S W ; Jerry 
Wellmau, J W ; B Bailey, Treas. ; R F Cain, Sec. ; J A 
Kelly, S D; P R Martin, J D; L Bingham, Chap.; Che- 
shire Sain, Tyler. 

Members — IT R Austin, C Anderson, G A Bingham, C 
Bohannan, W E Booe, Rev S S Barber, R D Brown, T J 
Brown, J W Burke, ft" M Brock, G W Booe, Rev R G Bar- 
rett, J E Brown, J W Clifford, G W Cambell, D M Cren- 
shaw, II Critz, J F Coon, G B Clifford, Darias Carter, Win 
A Clement, Wilie A Clement, D C Clement, J M Clement, 
J N Charles, P ft T Doolin, H X Dwire, H C Eccles, J C Ellis. 
B'R Eaton, E Frost, Joseph Gray, J W Gray, Rev W C 
Gannon, F D Horn, L C Hains, J Holman, S J Hains, J A 
Hendricks, A N Hendren, A Henley, O Henley, D Ijames, 
B Ijames, M N Ijames, G W Johnson, J M Johnson, J II 
Johnson, W H James, F M Johnson, J A Kelly, S A Kelly, 
W F Kelly, A C Kelly, "VV F MoMahan, W A Meroney, Jas 
McGnire, P F Meroney, T T Maxwell, S W Naylor, S T 
Naylor, J F Nichols, U H Phelps, Robt Rose, W Reives, 
Jonathan Smith, W Smith, D J L Smith, J W Sheek, W 
R Sharp, Casper Sain, J S Smith, W H Smith, M D Travil- 
lion, S Taylor, J M Turner, Alfred Turner, B Turner, J W 
Wiseman, R Wiseman, A W Wiseman, R F Williams, W 
H Wyatte, A F Walice, Rev W C Willson, Wm Wyatte, J 
J Woodruff, A M Young. 

Residents not Membebs — A M Booe, William Baitty, ft 
Deaver, D Hendren, S W Little. 

Initiated 30; passed 25 ; raised 25 ; rejected 16; expelled 
2; admitted. 3; withdrawn 2; died 3; residents -not mem- 
bers 5 ; whole number 102. 

Regular time of meeting, third Friday night in each month, 
nights of County and Superior' Courts, the nights St. John 
the Baptist and St. John Evangelist, 




Officers— Thomas W Field, W M; D E Field, S W; R 
R Eobinson, JW;J Strong, Treas. ; B I Field, Sec. ; J W 
Emmit, S D ; A Moir, JD; R M Hopper, Tyler. 

Members — Jones W Burton, W L Binford, E T Brodnax, 
O C Calhoun, W H Carter, W S Carter, James M 
Cabanis, Hughs Dillard, James P Dillard, Overton Dil- 
lard, James Dallas, John W Emmit, Thomas TV Field, D E 
Field, Z RFewel, John E Field, B J Field, Burwell Flana- 
gan, Beverly Flanagan, George K Griggs, Stephen H Hodgin, 
W" M Harrison, R M Hoppin, C G Jones, Peter Camp, J C 
Martin, G W Martin, Alex Moir, L Martin, James S Moir, 
Robt Moir, R L Moir, W P Millner, James W Millner, 
Charles H Norman, Thomas Reynolds, R R Robinson, W II 
Robertson, James B Wray, A L Robertson, John Strong, "W" 
A Sheffield, John D Sail, William Saunders, Cornelius Wat- 
son, Hugh Willis, Pryor Reynolds, Samuel Smith, James H 
Waddell, Bridges Arendall, A V Jones, John H Dillard. 

Initiated 9 ; passed 9 ; raised 9 ; suspended 1 ; admitted 
1 ; died 2; residents not members 2 ; whole No. 52. 


Officers— S Lander, Jr., W M; William Tiddy, Sf{ J 
T Alexander, J W ; J A Parker, Treas. ; W H Alexander, 
Sec. ; H S Odell, S D ; W C Adams, J D ; J R Detter, 

Members — Rev H Asbury, J M Adams, Javan Bryant, B 
Black, Rev L M Beny, J A Caldwell, R F Cronland, A 
F Cannon, Rev J M Cline, S R Clapp, J Campbell, A W 
Detter, J W Derr, H S Dellinger, Eric Erson, A J Huss, W 
J Hoke, S H Hunter, — Henley, J F Hill, C L Hutcheson, 
G M Hoke, J F Johnston, J A Jetton, O B Jenks, J W 
Kerr, T W Lindsay, R L McLurd, Caleb Motz, R S Proctor, 
J H Richardson, T W Robinson, V M Ramsour, J P Stott, 
A J Yount, D M D Fount, J D L Yount, P L Yount, H W 


Residents not members — L Fener, Eev S Lander, Sr., W 
Lander, A W Barton, Rev O A Darby, W R Edwards, Alex 

Initiated 13; passed 11; raised 11; admitted 3; with- 
drawn 2 ; died 1 ; residents not members 7; whole No. 54. 

Regular time of meeting, first Friday of each month, Tues- 
day of Court weeks, and St. John's days. 


Officers— S H Bell, W M; W Robitzseh, SW;J Black. 
Jf; J Garrason, Treas.; W S Larking, Sec.; G. F Walker, 
S D : W F Robetzseh, J D ; S Bryant, Tyler. 

Members— F H Bell* P M ; J Jones, D W Mott, C W 
Murphy, J B Pegford, J H Murphy, J Eakins, John Moore, 
J F Moore, J E Robitzseh, M C Collins, W C Mott, S 8 
Satchwell, R W Collins, S B Rivenbark, J F Croom, W R 
Brenson, J T Collins, J J MoMillan, W D Somers, C D Sikes, 
J F Pegford, J S Hines, C Y Hines, C P Moore, W II Moore, 
H E Carr, W M Monroe. 

Residents not Members — J C M McLeod, W J Price, J P 

Initiated 7*, passed 7; raised 7; rejected 3; withdrawn 2; 
died 6 ; residents not members 3 ; whole number 36. 

Regular time of meeting, first Friday in each month. 


Officers— W N Harris, W M ; R H D Bullock, S W ; E 
Dalby, JW; BB Hester, Treas. ; James B Floyd, Sec. ; B 
F Bullock, SD;¥ B Jeffreys, J D; J W Kemp, Tyler. 

Members— B B Hester, J G Cannady, H Smith, J P Hes- 
ter, J D Rullock, Z Burnett, A Bragg, R Bobbitt, J P Adams, 
G C Compton, J Dickerson, J Estess, R C Freeman, H Free- 
man, W L Garrett, J B Green, W Green, N E Cannady, W 
H Hunt, W H P Jenkins, J M Kittle, E B Lyon, E E Lyon, 
J Moss, James C Moss, W B' Jeffreys, Benjamin Knight, J 
T Smith, L T Smith, A C Smith, J C Rogers, C White, T F 


Bmmmutt, A D Peace, J W Mitchell, J C Hester, W S 
Hester, L H Bullock, Weldon E Bullock, J Y Moss, W E 
Bullock, J L Fuller, Samuel Usry, R Suit, E Suit, H Hailey,. 
J G- Hester, B F Bullock, Jr., J T Bullock, E B Laurens, M 
Fowler, Benjamin Moss, C Bennett, Robert Suit, Kinchen 
Heath-cock, W M Blackwell, W J Rogers, W Rogers, M H 
Suit, G W Rogers, James Bragg, John Bragg, J R Knight,. 
W A Bobbitt, W L Mitchell, Jos H Cook. 

Residents not Members — B F Bullock, Sr. 

Initiated 18 ; passed 15 ; raised 16 ; rejected 10; died 2 ; 
residents not members 1 ; whole number 75. 

Regnlar time of meeting, first Saturday in each month, 
2 o'clock, P M. 


Officers — Nathaniel Knight, W M ; Dr Wm S Kendall, 
S W ; James W Hendley, J W ; T B Crump, Treas. ; A 
Knight, Sec. ; Roy J R Griffith, S D ; Eli Spruill, J D ;, 
Madison Roberts, Tyler, 

Members — Joseph Allen, D B Allen, O P Bennett, Robt 
H Burns, George M Ballard, John Billingsbey, Hartwell 
Broadway, John Ballard, M W Bnrroughs, Z D Clark, R R 
Crump, William Carter, Alexander Crump, H'C Collier, F 
A Clarke, J F Capion, J F Dunlap, V S Garrett, John B 
Gillis, B F Garris, F B Flake, Thos M Henley, Dr William 
F Harler, Jere Ingram, Jas W Ingram, Dr W A Ingram, Dr 
John S Kendall, D B McSwain, James M McBryde, Rev W 
C Power, W S Richardson, Samuel Rose, George A Smith, 
Wm Shudding, G BThreadgill, James Thomason, Joel Tyson, 
Jr., Edmund Turner, John Threadgill, Wrn A Threadgill, R 
P Simmons, Dr C Watkins, John F Watkins, John B Wad- 
dill, A A Waddill, Samuel T Wright. 

Residents not Members— Wm Little, S W Cole, Joseph 

Initiated 34; passed 34; raised 32; rejected 31; sus- 
pended 3 ; admitted 2 ; withdrawn 1 ; died 4 ; residents not 
members 3 ; whole No. 82. 


Regular time of meeting, Thursday night after the full 
moon in each and every month and the festivals of St John 
the Baptist and St John the Evangelist. 


Officers— Benj Davidson, W M; John M Stout, SW; 
William M Millis, J W; Henry Stout Treas.; Nathan Stout, 
Sec:; E Demock, S D; William Woskman, J D; Simon Al- 
len, Tyler ; William Ii Pickard and L B Branson, Stewards. 

'Members— Joseph Stout, Malcom Murchison, Jos Allen, 
Job Stuart, H O Durham, Calvin Workman, Ira Henshaw, 
A J Perry, John Low, James Griffin, William D Holt, F W 
Vestal, William G Murchison, C A Brewer, Win A Perry, 
John S Albright, J H Stout, F Bailiff, James Robeson, G C 
Gurther, John S Ray, James Thomas, William Teague, G 
Stafford, Madison Perry, J R Glenn, J G Fowler, A J 
Headen, Jonn Barbee, W II Loy, John Britt, D C Murchi- 
son, F Lindley, C Teague, T*Robeson, Sr., N Robeson, J A 
Jones, Milton Allen, James Eulis, Newton Stout, A L Ken- 
eday, W Robison, Eli Albright, Aaron Andrew, NFurgison,. 
A Turner, Patterson Pigott, Alvis Harris, T Hadley, W H 
Pickard, J C Thompson, J H Wiiiingham, Levi Moser. 

Initiated 22 ; passed 22 ; raised 22 ; died 1 ; residents not 
each Members 2 ; whole No. 65. 

Regular time of holding meeting, first Saturday night in 


Officers — R B Paschall, W M ; Jchn Straughan, S W ; 
James Gilbert, J W ; Edward Phillips, Treas. ; W H Ellis, 
Sec. ; B B Bobbington, S D ; John A Brooks, J D; R R 
Moore, Chap. ; Samuel Thomas, Tyler ; L J Hackney, J E 
Page, Stewards. 

Members — D A Carter, J I Lane, S W Brewer, W P Lane, 
Dr L M Bray, R T D Fooshee, Merrit Rosson, A J Kivett, 
J F Rives, P M H Fox, Manly Lane, J J White, J II Bray, 
B W Smith, W H Brooks, W M Tally, Tyson Johnson, W J 



Page, W S Webster, A Y Phillips, E F Lambert, Adams 
Brewer, J A Tilmon, W H Watt, J D Cheek, A S Dowd. 
James Hughes, Henry Dorsett, Dr T A Brooks, Tarleton 
Johnson, -K P Harmon, George Womble, Jere Hughes, E H 
McManns, J S Davis, W H Harper, G W Blalock, Ira Nail, 
Wiley Tally, Jere Tilmon, H B Scott, C F Rosson, J W Ellis, 
J J Andrew, Jos Moody, L B Welch, Willis Jones, Neill 
Kidd, W J Lambert, W J Headen, L Ellis, N R Smith, W 
W Edwards, J M Edwards, N R Sanders," J L Smith, J R 
Lane, James Clark, A G Williams, W A Fox, N S Stone, J 
J Lambert, James Boroughs, Oren Welch, J Q Smith, J M 
Brooks, H B Welch, C H Welch, E M Welch, J T Tuck, W 
L Bray, George Emerson, A B Bright, W J Welch, J S 
Womble, D H Lambert, J N Brooks, C C Tally, Rev D C 
Mucbison, W H Dark, J T Brooks, Dr M Street, J D Dor- 
sett, A B Dark, James Ray, W H Boroughs. 

Initiated 31 ; passed 33 ; raised 83 ; rejected 6 ; admitted 1 ; 
died 16 ; residents not member! 1 ; whole number 99. 

Regular time of meeting, Saturday before the third Sun- 
day in each and every month. 


Officers— A Parker, W M ; Wm Byrd, S W ; A J Tur^ 
lington, J W-; L M Sauls, Treas. ; H A Barns, Sec ; N S 
Stewart, S D ; M Byrd, J D ; R J Norris, Tyler. 

Members — James C Sauls, P M ; James A Johnson, L 
Godwin, W B Sauls, M D Denning, H A Williams, J W 
McCad, D G Massie, J C Williams, J R Graddy, R A Lassi- 
ter, S A Johnson, James J Adams, D R Parker, C Banker, 
C B Sauls, R Colyer, D M Byrd, J Jones, R D Byrd, B F 
Shaw, D Stewart, A B Alderman, S R Sauls, H J Ryals, A 
H Duar, J Byrd, S F Crowder, H Gainey, G W Barbee, Wm 
Pearson, T H Spence, J Bain, Jr., W G Adams, A R Smith, 
Wm H Allen, James B Stewart, N McDougal, J N Gregory, 
James P Hodges, Joseph Warren, Wm Williams, H Mands, 
R Barns, L B Tew, L H Godwin, J Holms, Jr., L M Wade, 
L B Byrd. 


Residents not Members— Robert Norder, fi Freelove, E 
Stewart, A S McNeill, D Sumraerler. 

Initiated 14; passed 13; raised 12 ; rejected 15; died 2; 
residents not members 5"; whole No. 57. 

Regular time of meeting, Thursday, before the third Sat- 
urday in each month and the St. John's days. 


Officers— J S Overbey, W M ; L B Stone, S?;TJ 
Pittard, J W ; Jos H White, Treas. ; L Garner, Sec. ; B T 
Winston, S D ; H C Hicks, J D ; T J Overbey, Tyler. 

Members — D S Wilkerson, Harmon Puryear, Dr P W 
Young, James Elliott, James M Overbey, ZIP Downey, 
Henry J H*esrer, Jobn H Overbey, E N Wilkerson, J F Clack, 
H Y Allen, G W Watkins, John A Watkins, T Y Harrison, 
F B Hester, G W P Pool, Wm S Jordan, Robert Elliott, Jas 
Clarke, James A Royster, M S Daniel, Rufus Clarke, Y Mc- 
Montigu-e, William E Royster, John E Montigue. 

Residents not Members — Hugh McAdden, J J Speed. 

Initiated 18; passed 17; raised 17; rejected 2; admitted 
1:; withdrawn 1; died 9; residents not members 2 ; whole 
number 33. 

Regular time of meeting, Saturday before the second Sun- 
day in each month. 


Officers— W H Smith, W M ; J T Robinson, S W ; T K 
Colson, J W ; C P Brooks, Treas. ; R Harriss, Sec. ; W S 
Smith, S D ; J D Watkins, J D ; James Howard, Tyler. 

Members— J W Smith ? S M Tomlinson, R M Wall, M T 
Waddill, William Allen, J G Brooks, R A Carter, T H Ed- 
wards,- W W Forest, J N Henry, M Kirk, R M Lanier, B F 
Lilly, A N Lawson, Jo Marshall, L E Melchor, W F Nash, 
W H Randle, J O Ross, W J Ross, W Randle, Dr A G 
Shankle, M Shoffner, T A Simpson, J B Simpson, J S Turner, 
D Underwood, C P Brooks, J D Watkins, J A Howell, Jno 


Thompson, RHarriss, J Story, J¥ Abernathy, P H Turner, 
J R DeBerry, W A Maner, J F Parker, J H Robinson, JN 
Shankle, E F Avitt, J F Howard, C L Shankle, D M Ross, 
Allen Carter, J W Bivins, AW Stone, C Brooks, DrDM 
Smith, H W Hill, E M Smith. 

Residents not Members — Dr R A Anderson. 

Initialed 24 ; passed 24 ; raised 21- ; died 2 ; whole num- 
ber 56- 

Regular time of meeting, first Saturday in each month, at 
2 o'clock, P M. 


Officers— R A Stuart, W M; W A Hayes, S W; W 
Gillech, J W ; R G Frasier, Treas. ; AM Leod, See. ; C W 
Canol, S D ; A W Jones, J D ; E B Hampton, Tyler ; J W 
Gillian, A "W" Jenkins, Stewards. 

Members — R Gibbs, W McDonald, Z Buronghs, B Bur- 
oughs, A W Palmer, R H Davis, G G Temple, W M Mcin- 
tosh, G W Fooshee, A P Barker, C C McCrnnnon, R Street, 
J G Fooshee, A McFayden, D R Mcintosh, Solomon Ellis, J 
W Berryman, J Dority, J H Farrar, D M Leod, E Welch, 
JohnOheek, Wm Elkins, R Murchison, J F Anderson, O S 
Yarbrough, A Wilson, E S Mclver, D McFayden, J D Tyson, 
W L Miller, A McLeod, J L Nicholson, E D Nail, E Wads- 
worth, A. McCan, J Pagerthire, B Y Tyson, G Wilcox, J D 
Gilliam, W Caviniss, A P Labarle, H Giiliam, J Hendry, 

T Hay, R L Jenkins, W B Philips, J C Hooker, N Burns, H 
Klinger, N McDonald. 

Residents not Members — E A Craven, S Henley, M 
Browning, Wm Murdock. 

Initiated 9; passed 9; raised 9; suspended 14; died 2 ; 
residents not members 2 ; whole No. 65. 


Officers— B S Erider, W M ; T A Burke, S W ; R W 
Griffith, J W ; E P Hall, Treas. ; J P Marlin, Sec. j D B 
Wood, S D ; D Fleming, J D ; R J M Barber, Tyler. 


Members— T A Allison, W A Lnckey, C C Krider, Rev 
W A Wood, J W Steel, T S Wood, John Lindsay, J T Ray, 
J M Armes, J A Hudson, J Irvin, J G Knoxj A A Hart, 
D W Krider, DF Watson, J F Standi, G Ramsay. 

Residents not Members— T D Mears, T A Allison. 

Initiated 7; passed 6; raised 5; died 1; residents not 
members 2 ; whole number 28. 


Officers— F G Foster, WM; D „B Griffin, S W; A J 
Underbill, J W ; I) H Bnnn, Treas. ; C M Horton, Sec. ; J 
R Brown, S D ; B T Strickland, JD; H liocntt, Chaplain ; 
W S Cheeves, Tyler. 

Member's— C B Strickland, II Daniel, J Chambler, W S 
Harriss, J II Cheeves, J C Fowler, C Pippin, W E Stott, R 
H Bailey, W R Phillips, W Privitt, T J Wiggs, Wm Privitr, 
W II Rood, J W Perry, M Whitley, D T^Crenshaw, J J 
Nowell, J Woodroe, A Pearce, J S Williams, J M Taylor, IT 
Holleman, A J Foster, A Brown, G II Dodd, D Bizzell, W 
Ballentine, T II Hood. 

Residents not Membek-s-^W B Chambler, John Griffin. 

Initiated 6; passed G; raised 6; withdrawn 1; died ± ; 
residents not members 2; whole No. 33. 


Officers— R E fl arris, WM; H A Hodge, S W; II W 
Jones,- J W ; Isham Young, Treas. ; J Robt Jefft'eys, Ssc. ; 
C H Horton, SD;JT Weathers, Jb;LB Rogers, Tyler ; 
Dr A R Young, S W Terrell, Stewards. 

Mejiukks— J I^obt Jeffreys, P M.; II A Hodge, P M.; II 
W Junes, Isham Yonng, F II Perry, J M Terrell, P M ; S C 
Baily, \V D Jones, P M ; James B Red ford, Dr A R Yonng, 
C H Horton, C B Walker, P M., L B Rogers, J J Terrell, J T 
Weathers, P M.; J Q A Barham, S VV Terrell, Dr A R Dunn, 
W B Dunn, Jr., Junius W Fort, Dr C H Harris, James II 
Scarborough, W B Dunn, Sr., H C Ligon, Dr W T Hodge, 


R S Perry, Robt E Harris, Wm B Smith, Jasper Fleming,. 
W A Baker, J L Watson, H V Pace, Tk R H Harris, Wra, 
B Bedford. 

Residents not Members — John H Brodre. 

Initiated 4-; passed 5 ; raised 5 ; rejected ©;- expelled 2 ;i 
withdrawn 1 ; died 3 ; residents not members 1 ; whole nun> 
her 34. 

Regular time of meeting, held monthly, on Thursday be- 
fore the first Saturday in each month. 


Officers — John Fleming, f M; Dennis Tilley, S "W" ;. R 
L Heflin, J W; Joseph Woods, Treas. ; F, J Tilley, Sec-.; 
John Peed, S D ; W T Meadows, J D; T S Jenkins, Tyler. 

Members — John Adcock, Marcus Ball, Wm Bolin, W G 
Bullock, Addison Bratcher, R B Beasley, T B Coley, D B 
Cozart, W W Cozart, William. Carringtori, G W Duncan, J 
C Denny, W E Edwards, S D Femll, Alex Fleming, S D 
Franklin, W T Gooch, R H Gooch, H S Gooch, T R Groom. 
W C Haskins, M Harris, T R Hall, E M Holt, Wm Hobgood, 
R II Hobgood, W H Jones, M Johnson, W D Kimball, 
Joseph Lunsford, J M Lyon, AW Mangum, Henry McFar- 
land, F M Meadows, James Meadows, J S Meadows, Willis 
Meadows, Addison Mangum, Willis Mangum, R W Minor, 
R V" Minor, A Mangum, E Meadows, Seth Meadows, Wihie ' 
Meadows, Dudley Parker, D Parish, J P Paschal, Richard 
Peed, Sherman Peed, W H Peed, Gaston Roberts, J V 
Roberts, M F Roberts, A J Roberts, R L Suit, P Southerlin, 
II Tilly, S D Umstead, J D Umstead, L W Umstead, A M 
Yeazey, M C Washington, E Washington, S-P Washington, 
J Wheeler,. N A Waller, Jeff Wheeler, H Wheeler, D W 
Wheeler, Gaston Walters. 

Residents not Members — W A Gill, W R Tilly, 

Initiated 16; passed 16; raised 17; died 1; whole No. 79. 

Regular time of meeting Saturday before the third Sunday 
in each month, and 27th of December. 


ROCKY RIVER, Ho. 159, MUDLICK. : ^C!Sffl 
* - 

Officers— Dr W S McClane, ¥M;Dr George Kirkmaiij 
S W ; Anthns McCoy, J W ; Jos A Gilliland, Treas. ; Dr 
John C Kirkman, Sec. ; A M Record, J D ; R Smith, S 
D ; P S Siler, Tyler and Steward. 

Members— J W Culberson, P M.; Dr W S Edwards, PM.j 
Rev Wm Lincberry, P M., Rev W C Kennett, Rev G H 
Gilbreath, Lieut S E Teague, Lieut A J Low, Lieut Col Isaac 
T Brooks, Capt W G Albright, J D W Holmes* H Holmes, 
W M Teague, S P Teague, W H Fox, S J Carter, J T Jones, 
W B Carter, W B Dorsett, H M Bridges, G P Johnson, 
Madison Low, W F York, J AY Bowdovyn, Zeno Johnson, J 
Holaday, J W Cox, W A Lineberry, A M Record, Isaac 
Fogleman, D L Barker, W A Siler, John Low. 

Residents not Members — A P Barker, John Clapp. 

Initiated 32 ; passed 31 ; raised 31 ; rejected 12 \ admitted 
1 ; withdrawn 2 ; died 2 ; residents not members 2 ; whole 
number 66. 

Regular time of meeting, third Saturday everting in each 
month, one hour after sun set* 


Officers— Dr W D Watson, W M ; H F Fike, S W ; A G 
Headen, J W ; E Fike, Treas. ; R H Green, Sec. ; T L Wins- 
low, S D ; A T Dixon, J D ; J R Burke, Tyler ; J E Hetties, 
J Ausley, Stewards. 

Members— J M Green, D F Mclver, A P Brooks, E Fike, 
R H Green, J W Turner, F F Fike, D Oldham, U It Brown- 
ing, J E Hetties, W D Watson^ M Browning, H O Dunlap, 
W C Burke, T B Long, E Ausley, T W Moody, JM Hadley, 
A T Dixon, E W Harris, J Guthrie, J R Burke, Joseph Aus- 
ley, A G Headen, H R Bridgers, Dr T L Winslow, J F 

Initiated 3 ; passed 8 ; raised 8 | rejected 1 : died 6 ; resi- 
dents not members 3 ; whole number 27. 

Regular time of meeting, Saturday evening preceding each 
full moon. 



Officers — C Justice, WM;TP Henderson, S W ; Isaac 
Henderson, J W; James Johnson, Treas. ; Jesse W Perry, 
Sec; Jorrin Stanford, S D ; Hyram Johnson, J D ; James 
Campbell, Tyler ; W J Liitterloh, Simeon Fowler, Stewards.. 

Members— Ed m on d A Poe, Richard "Webster, Charles 
Daffron, Joseph Johnson,- Thos J Clark, James Henderson, 
Calvin Williams, C B Poe, Berry Cruze, John W Perry, C 
E Johnson, H P Straughan, Isham Thrift, Jesse Richardson, 
J B West, F A Mann, Wm C Mann, R A Patterson, James 
Copeland, Lindsey Andrews, John R Johnson, John Ray, 
John Richard, John J Badley, Oliver Lamb, R C Cotton, 
Addison H Perry, Gilom Carter, Josiah Stone, Thomas S 
Perry, James E Perry, Joshua Johnson, J T Cheek, John W 
Williams, M G Elmore, James Campbell, Wm M Thomas, 
A J Roberson, Alvis Thomas, Charles M Snipes, J J- Cook, 
W J Baldwin, B E Webster, R M Perry, A M Self, W J 
Perry, A B Roberson, Tbos Thomas, N A Webster, M M 
Perry, John Crawford, Win C Hadley, Marion Perry, Sam! 
Baldwin, Wm McMath, Claiborne Carter, Egbert II Lore. 

Initiated 22 ; passed 22 ; raised 2-4 ; withdrawn 1 ;■ died 
4r. ; whole number 67 


Officers— John Idol, W M; W A Joyce, S W; L D 
Celly, J W ; W II Robertson, Treas.; W H liodwcli, gee ; R 
F Armlield, S D; ST Speer, J D ; Isaac Long, •Sen., Tyler. 

Names of Members — L Lynch, Joseph Gray, H O Y/ilson, 
W L Martin, P Y Welfare, J W Naylor, L. W Bryan, R S 
Phillips, E Krughton, John Q Messick, J M Jarrel, B 
Speer, R M Willard, Joel Reavis, Thomas Long, W W Long, 
T C TIauser, James R Lodge, T S Martin, S S Arnold. J R 
Naylor, E Benbow, 11 P Messick, Henry Marshall, M D 
Howard, Wm Steelman, A S Speer, J C Foot, A P Poindex- 
ter, R C Poindexter, R G Zachary, H P Martin, Y A Wil- 
son, F W Hall, William Miller, Daniel Hoots, J A Mock, 


J B Naylor, M H Wooten, J E Reeves, 8 W Potts, Jno Shore, 
Isaac Long, Jr., W A Poindexter, Thos "Williams, W S Wil- 
liams, S Welch, L A Todd, James Sheek, C L Cook, G D 
Williams, W F Hoots, Thos L Davis, John H Poindexter, 
John T Conrad, J L Hobson, John M Nicholson, S L Steel- 
man, Isaac Roberts, A F Gaither, W J Colburt, A S Jones, 
J C Idol, B V Idol, Thos E North, B C Myers, J P Nichol- 
son, Peter Binkly, James R Wilburn, P H Holcomb, F F 
Clark, W S North, James Allen, Thomas Holcomb, Samuel 
May, W W McRaughn, J L Nicholson, J H Cornelius, J E 

Residents not Members — J B Bitting, H S Gorman, Henry 

Initiated 7 ; passed 5 ; raised 7 ; suspended 1 ; withdrawn 
1 ; died 2 ; residents not members 3 ; whole number 90. 


Officers— Henry M Foust, W M ; G W Dorsett, S W ; G 
A Foust, J W ; N R Kimery, Treas. ; J S Bray, Sec. ; Even 
F Owen, S D ; D H Haworth, J D ; Newton Owen, Tyler. 

Members — Dr C R Graves, John R Cavness, D U Siler, O 
C Siler, Wm S Ward, Thomas F Ward, Josiah Cheek, B B 
Marley, A E Cavness, A Cavness, J F Cavness, B S Cavness, 
M'V Brooks, G W Bowen, F A Matthews, Charles Parks, 
Alfred Mofitt, H B Lambert, William F Lane, H W Bray, 
William F Bray, Thomas F Cheek, Henry Stinson, B Y Cra- 
ven, B F Coffin, EM Gatlin, W Cox, S W Cheek, J R Brown, 
R D Williams. 

Residents not Members — John Gorley. 

Initiated 13; passed 13; raised 13; rejected 1 ; admitted 
1 ; withdrawn 9 ; residents not members 1 ; whole num- 
ber 38. 

Regular time of meeting, the first Saturday in each month, 
and 24th of June and 27th December. 




Officers— Col Saml P Horton, W M ; John W Lee, S W ; 
ST J Whitley, J-'W-; William Hinnant, Treas. ; DrH M 
Whitley, Sec; Jo Blake, S 1) ; J Hinnant, J D; Wm H 
O'Neal, Tyler ; W T Robertson, A W Richardson, Stewards. 

Membeees — L O'B Batten, H L Barnes, James R Barnes, 
John J Barnes, Harris Earp, J II GWier, Ransom Hair, E 
W Hocutt, Rev J H Baton, J H Robertson, J W Robertson, 
Dr J B Robertson W H Richardson, E S Lisdal, E D Whit- 
ley, James J Wilder, J D Woody, Josiah H Whitley, James 
H Wilder. Jas H Whitley, Ashley Wilder. 

Residents not M^jlbees — Dr H C Ennis, Maj A G Lee. 

Initiated 6; passed 6 ; raised 6; rejected 5 ; died. 3 ; resi- 
dents not members 2 ; .whole number 33. 

Regular time of meeting, first Saturday in each month. 


Officers — J W Hunter, WM; J S Gibson, S W ; Charles 
Eanser, J W ; R J Bell, Treas. : J H White, Sec. ; W F 
Swaim, S D ; W Axam, J D ; Ed Spach, Tyler. 

Members — J W Alspangh, Samuel Alspaugh. F Beckerdite, 
J C Blackburn. M J Bodenhamer, Wm Barrow, Y A Barns- 
castle, JD Bodenhamer, N Crowder, A Christman, W Craff, 
N Craff, C .Clinarcl, M E Charles, William Cooper, A G 
Clark, W H Erving, A Jogle, S Fogle, William Flynt, Jas 
Fisher, Peter 'Fetter, M V Faircloth, Lee Hendrix, P D 
Headier, S G Hall, Z G Hege, W A Harper, D M Kim- 
brou°-hJ O A Keehln, L C Lagenour, H D Lott, A N Lein- 
biicC? E Leight, II A Leinback, P Mock, C W Moss, M 
ilWec, S Martin, C J Miller, A A Moss, M W Nading, Wm 
Nelson,' M I* Ogburn, A F Pfohl, L Pedicora, H H Pitts, W 
W Phillip, J H Randleman, A A Rominger, E Rominger, J 
Ric^s G H Renegar, JM Richmond, J H Stoltz, W B Stipe, 
J W Snider, W L Sink, N D Sullivan, J G Yeach, R R 
Walker, A W Walker, P A Wilson, G W Wear, M West- 
morland, S v J White, T J White, J P Whicker. 

Initiated 25 ; passed 24 ; raised 25 ; rejected 12 ; with- 


drawn 1; died 1; residents not members 4; whole num- 
ber 76. ■ 

■ -j- 

The regular meetings, second Saturday night in each 
month, and the two Saint John's days, Tuesday night of each 

Court week. 


Ornc— — Wm Patterson, W M ; T M Shoffner,- S W ; W 
L ShoiTner, J W ; A A Crutchfieid, Treas. ; D Coble, Sec. ; 
II 11 Foust, SD;ZM Foust, J D; O A Foster, Tyler; S 
Spoon, Jno-M'Kime, Stewards. 

" M mbers— William Patterson, R R Lutterloh, P M ; David 
Coble, W R Denny, P M ; J C Smith, S Spoon, B A Setters, 
W A Coble, M R Bishop, W R Coley, Wm Coble, A C 
Coley, John Stafford, J M Jordan, J Bain, Wm Zachry, 
E "vl Jones, W H McTTairy, Win Foglernan, Levi Brown, 
Jr.: Barry Kimbro, D M Isley, II M .Dnke, O A Foster, J 
GolAt, Henry Moon, T G Whorton, Jesse Butler, William 
Way, II M Foust, Uriah Marshal, F M Shaw, Z G Miller, B 
G Cmnpbell, F G Wright, A A Crutchfieid, Z M Foast, W m 
Ivlcblmh, Wm Brown, Jr.; T C Lutterloh, D B Branson, A 
M Ernhs, T M Shoffner, C D Smith, William P Isley, E D 
Pat. •:■ > <■•'!!, Daniel Isley, Madison Bowman, iNaAsnie! Law, 
Alex lioit, Josephns Isley, A M Beckmn, Jacob Graves, 
Martin Pley, Philip Isley, L A Foust, Gr M Albright, J L 
Pm;A J A Spoon, R A Dnke, W L ShoAmr, Joel Shoffner, 
G F Shoffner, John F Coble, Emanuel CApp, M M Shoffner, 
J JA Amick, W G Spoon, Michael Bightset, Jacob Olapp, 
Milton Loy, A L Isley, Sampson Kimbro, Milton Isley, David 
"Lavton, Jacob ISTeese, J J WeA;>er, J* A J Patterson, W M 
Thompson, Wm McDaniel, James F Coble, M M Rightsel, 
A. J Patterson, Eli Greeson, W M Fame, J R Garrett, A W 
Palmer, Alfred Isley, Wm L Compton, J M Kime, A J Al- 
bright, O D Holt, G W Isley, Eli M Alexander, Ed M Alex- 
ander, S M Woods, Hugh Wilson, Daniel Thomas, Lewis 
Horniclay, C M Foglernan, F Campbell, Levi Brown, Sr.; 
E S Euliss, Alfred Isley, W S Johnson, A R Johnson, M A 


Euliss, Seymore Shoffner, John Garrett, G 15 Kime, J M 
Patterson, D M Linins, Alfred Johnson, H S Euliss, David 
McMasters, Henry Kime, A E Noah, Alison Sharp, D 
McMasters, G W Clapp, Christ Curtis, W J Staily, Abram 
Staily, Alvin A Ieley, Isaac H Patterson, Wm E Gorley, J 
C Clapp, Mai tin Staily, Franklin Way, Joseph W Foust, F 
C; J W MPherson,F C. 

Residents not.Membees — "Wm A Patterson, 
Initiated 53 ;• passed 54 ; raised 54 ; rejected 15 ; with- 
drawn 2 ; died 5 ; whole number 139. 

Times of holding the regular meetings, 1st Saturday of 
every month at 1 o'clock, P M., and on the anniversary -of 
St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, at 10 
o'clock, A. M. 


Officers— J R Weaver, W M ; W R Chambers, S W ; J 
A Reagin, J W ; W R Baird, Treas. ; W B Cheek, Sec. ; W 
M Weaver, S W ; J P Eller, J W ; J W Garrison, Tyler. 

Members— K Y Blackstock, J G Blackstock, D Hunsucker, 
Rev J D Baldwin, Rev J S Stansbury, W H Munday, J H 
•■>itb, Rev L WSames,. J D Roberts, J B Nelson, A A 
Bu. " ^ J o Sames, B V Peck, W W Rollins, J Y Baird, W 
Pewns. ' t p ( Weaver, A G Anderson, ,8 W Carter, J S Car- 
B Smith, o g H H mi ter, Hamilton Fox, J & L Gudger, 

ter D G Cartel, p rf j ^.^ y Jmh j Q n..^, 

Job Barnard, LW M p ^^ ^ j Robert9? 

bers P ^ Pi ; rla ^*; nders0 n, J M Smith, L M Peck, J T 
Mancn Roberts, J W _ And- > Q J ^ p ^ 

Weaver, Rev L L Bia .son, . ^.^ ± 

Initiated 10 ;• passed , raise.u •>-,?_ > > 

Jhdrawn 1 ; d"d 2 ; residents not numbers 2 ; whole num- 
mular time of meeting, the Saturday evening before 
each full moon, 



, Officers— E Wilson, W M ; W D Hays,. Sf; J S Perry, 
J "W; G T Holoman; Treas.; J W Beasley, Sec; H Taylor, 
S D ; J H Davidsen, JD; D W Godwin, Tyler. 

Members— B B Williams, J W Sessoms, L Evans, H L 
•Ward, A J Askew, A O Askew, J B White, T Deams, J W 
Carvan, W H Slaughter, Z Lasiter, T Perry, G W Vallen- 
tine, L Askew, S M Clumac, J Baker, J H Garrett. 

Residents not Members— S B Spruill, Wm Hays, H Hays. 

Initiated 1 ; passed 2 ; raised 3 ; died 1. 


Officers— D B McTver, W M ; AM Wicker, S W ; Levi 
Gnnter, J W ; Alex Mclver, Treas. ; J D Mclver, Sec. ; Jno 
Mcintosh, SD;D Mclntyre, J D ; John Mclver, Tyler. 

Members— N K Bryan, W Bryan, D C Bryan, J F Benner, 
B G Cole, J B Cole, G B Cole, T W Colej G W Cole, J A 
Campbell, W W Dye, J M Dye, Eev S Gilmore, E B Gil- 
more, G W Gilmore, W Henly, A Harrington, J A Howard, 
M F Harrington, A Kelley, J A Easier, D N Mclver, R Mc- 
lver, E J Mclver, E F Mcintosh, W McNeill, A N Mclver, 
R A Mclver, B J Morris, L G Mclver, W McAaley, A Mc- 
intosh, D W Mcintosh, A D Mclver, A Mclver, D Mclver, 
1) G Mcintosh, A T Oliver, J W Oliver, A Poe, J E Pipkin, 
G W Petty, A A F Seawell, E R Seaweil, J L Seawell, J A 
Sheppard, A B Thomas, D W Wicker, E Wicker, E Watson, 
Elijah Wicker, J J" Wicker, S Witherspoon, H A Bland, Jno 
M Mclver, John Mclver, Williamson Mclver, L F Bonn, 
William B Petty, A B Nicholson. 

Died 1 ; whole number 60. 

Regular time of meeting, the second Saturday in each 


Officers— John H Hester, W M ; L Morris, S W ; L 
League, J W ; Jonathan Perry, Treas.; J II Pitts, Sec; Jno 
Y plunkett, S D ; J J Robbins,' JD; W G Kemur, Tyler. 


Members— M P Nicholson, J B Stockton, W A Griffith, A 
H S Beard, J P Eobbins, Aquilla Pitts, YW Perry, C B 
Brookes, W P Henley, A D Lindsay, Nelson Campbell, Z J 
Stafford, W G Kerner, J S Harmon, B J Lapp, J M Pitts, J 
L Phipps, Jas Highfill, D L Davis, Jacob Fulton, Elias Per- 
kins, J E Miller, J W Beard, R S Lenville, M C Crews, L E 
Pitts, A S Idol, W B .Johnson, L F Davis, J P Heclgcock, 
Geo W Williard, Chas League, E B League, John M Crews, 
H Davis, Z D Lancaster, H B Perry, R E Beesen, W A 
Stanley, W T Bobbins, K Phipps, J W Gentry, W A Gunn. 

Initiated 11 ; passed 11 : raised 10; admitted 2; rejected 
10 ; withdrawn 1 ; whole number 51. 

> Regular time of meeting, Saturday night before the full 
Moon in each month, and 21th June and 27th of December. 


Officers— C R Scott, W M ; James B Long, 8f;AC 
Council, J W ; B M Yates, Treas.; G A ITpcknrch, Sec; J 
Broad well, S D ; J G Wilson, J D ; A Barbee, Tyler ; Gaston 
Farrar, Chap.; Sims Upchurch and R C Council, Stewards. 

Members — W C Mason, John C Stone, G J Williams, 4 M 
J Williams, Jun.; E D Council, A S Lambeth, S L Lasater, 
N S Clark, P Barker, J E Mason, B G Lambeth, C S Jinks, 
J F Williams, Merritt Holland, Thos. Luther, H Hudson, H 
Sears, J M Morning, S T Barbee, John Williams, J B Bel!, 
M C Lewter, J B Gibson, B Jinkins, J W Oldham, J S Clark, 
J S Stone, T C Muchallon, E Cole, Green Mills, R J Foshee, 
W B Bennett, Addison Council, K R Broadwell, G S Wil- 
liams, W P Carson, W J Long, W A Marcome, Alfred John- 
son, Thos W Womble, G A Holland, A Womble, H D Mason, 
R E Sturdevant, W A Long, Charles Bennett, Sion M Beck- 
worth, Calvin Holder, A J Wilson, Willis Wilson, Willerford 
Upchurch, George Farrar, J J Jinkins, Lewis Harward, H 
J Barker, Winslow Upchurch, J H Melton, Willie Goodwin, 
A Johnson, Lewis Yates, M R Herndon, P Snips, Joseph 
Goodwin, Murray Upchurch, Jas R. Thomas, Thos A Coun- 
cil, James W Hilliard, A Harward. 


Kes'idents not Membees— William Jinks, Eev. Churchill. 

Initiated 26 ; passed 28 ; raised 28 ; rejected 9 ; withdrawn 
1 ; died 8 ; residents not members 2 ; whole No. 79. 

Eegular time of meeting, Thursday before the 3d. Sabbath 
in each month. 

MAELBORO', No. 177, PITT. 

Officers— George Joyner, W -M ; James Joyner, S W ; 
W B Mangum, J W ; James W May, Treas. ; Jacob Joyner, 
Sec. ; Sherrod Belcher, S D; George Belcher, J D ; Lemuel 
J DeBerry, Tyler ; William Flanekin, E W Joyner, Ste- 

Members — Elias J Blount, P M.; Rev Peter E Hines, Wm 
G Long, Ered Harding, William May, Gideon Allen, James 
H Bibb, M E Jones, Allen Bynum, Kendrick Kittrell, W H 
Speight, Noah Joyner, W L Edwards, A Flanekin 

Initiated 9 ; passed 8 ; raised 7 ; admitted 1 ; died 2; whole 
number 26. 

Eegular time of meeting, Thursday before the third Lord's 
day in every month. 


Officers — H F Brandon, W M; Jefferson Whitefield, S 
W ; C A Apple, J W ; R P Hancock, Treas. ; G N Thomp- 
son, Sec. ; John C Wilkerson, S D ; T J Stephens, J D ; J 
T Hambrick, Tyler. 

Members— James T Sergeant, John F Wagstaff, V L Mor- 
ton, Stephen T Richmond, Alex M Fuller, John W Allen, 
George Smith, A G Mitchell, E B Holden, William Paylor, 
Jr., Monroe Oliver, O M Luterloh, A J Jackson, John D 
Long, M Russell, Thomas J Oakley, J A Thompson, H A 
Rogers, William G Whitefield, John Daniel, J Hester, 
George Briggs, D W K Eichmond, James Love, G G Rich- 
mond, Eobt F Oliver, John L Stanfield, Samuel T Coving- 
ton, Thos W Featherston, Samuel Johnston, Jasper J James, 
A J Harrison, William H Smith, John D Paylor, W G Ste- 


phens, C L Oliver, J N McCain, Thos W Hamlett, Thos J 
Stephens, James M Smith, C A Apple, A B Newmon, J W 
Chandler, H R Farmer, Wm R Fullington, Samuel Pittard, 
Alfred P McCain, Colemon Burch, Iverson M Stephens, S L 

Initiated 28 ; passed 28 ; raised 28 ; admitted 1 ; died 1 ; 
residents not members 1 ; whole number 58. 


Officers— M Fetter, W M ; Rev F W Hilliard, Sf;D 
McAuly, J W; R H Lee, Treas .; T M Xirkland, Sec; H B 
Guthrie, S D ; A Danniel, J D ; J B McDado, Tyler. 

Members— R J Ashe, T M Argo, W Barbee, J M Black- 
wood, J H Boon, W H Couch, J W Carr, M Gloss, Rev J A 
Cunninggim, Rev J L Carroll, J M Cheek, E H Davis, D J 
Ezzell, T A Emmerson, W L Emmerson, J F Freeland, W R 
Franklin, W A Gattis, J R Hutchins, J T Hutchins, Rev F 
M Hubbard, J C Hogan, J T Hogan, O F Hatch, J B Jones, 
Rev J W Jenkins, R Louder, C W L Loyd, Rev J P Mason, 
J A McDade, W H McDade, A J McDade, J C McDade, 
MJf McAuly, A Mickle, W J Newton, T A Oldham, A 
Oldham, W N Patterson, Rev G W Purefoy, Rev S Pool, B 
Partin, BF Partin, J J Riggsbee, A Riggsbee, G O Riggs- 
bee, D A Robertson, R F Robertson, U N Sugg, R B Saun- 
ders, M D Stroud, J H Saunders, N L Shaw, D Til'iey, G S 
Thompson, Grey Utley, John White, J H Watson, T S 
Weaver, W G Whitted, Rev N W Wilson, W A Whitted, 
Rev R A Willis. 

Initiated 17; passed 18; raised 17; withdrawn 2 ; whole 
number 71. 


Members— Geo. S. Cole, W M ; J H Caddell, S W ; Arch. 
McCallnm, JW; John. Dowd, Treas.; John M Campbell, 
Sec; J R McLemore, S D ; M M Fry, J D. 

Members— A H McNeill, H C McLean, R A Cole, W D 



Dowel, W B Richardson, Thos W Ritter, S W Seawell, A E 
Black, B P Phillips, A R McDonald, A M Branson, S C 
Barrett, R W Barrett, J S Ritter, H L Muse, K L Kelly, W 
H H Lawhon, J J Richardson, S W Brewer, John Dunlap, 
E Q Sowell, W C Thaggard, Elias Maaiss, J A Jackson, W 
M M Black, V N Seawell, Weill Mcintosh, C D Caddell, W 
L Sullivan, A S Caddell, Daniel Mcintosh, Daniel Bullard, 
B P Fry, A W Campbell, W R Muse, T C Cole, D M Kenedy, 
WHH Fry, A ftl Campell, D A Blue, J W Black, J F. 
McDonald, Lewis Lawhon, W W Fry, J A Lawhon, J H 
McGdvay, J R Jenkins, H J Muse, W T Jones. 

Residents not members— Hugh McDonald, Dr S C Bruce, 
Rev S D Adams. 

Initiated 13 ; passed 13; raised 11; rejected 5; died 5; 
residents not members 3 ; whole No. 57. 

Regular time of meeting, 1st Saturday in each month. 


Officers — James R Duty, W M ; Charles R Eaton, S W ; 
Henry J Robards, J W ; Elijah Satterthwaite, Treas. ; John 
H Riggan, Sec. ; James S Lewis, S D; George D Jenkins, 
J D ; Jacob J Riggan, Tyler. 

Members — David K Glovers, William B Hughes, John R 
Haskins, John W Wiggins, Samuel P Wilson, Otis F Marrow, 
James M Higgies, Willie J Newman, Robt R Burwell, Rich 
Evans, Samuel S Cooper, James A Bullock, John Wimbish, 
Thomas H Marrow, Wm D Marrow, Wm T Rice, Wm S 
Burroughs, C T Haskins, Lewis H Newman, Rich H Hunt, 
Robt T Hughes, *Wm H Cheek, David W Knott, Lewis J 
Peoples, David T Barker, Thomas W Hicks, Stephen A Bur- 
roughs, James A Marrow, Drury S Marrow, John G Morgan, 
Samuel J Currin, Stephen Satterwhite, William H Ellis, S 

J J Harris. 

Residents not Members— John Bullock, Horace A Burton, 
Wm H Boyd, Wm T Estis. 

Initiated 9 ; passed 10; raised 8; admitted 3; died 2; 
residents not members 4 ; whole number 73. 



Officers — Daniel "Wester, f M; JI Swanson, S W ; E 
A Gupton, JW;W Cooper, Treas.'; N Davis, Sec; P Mur- 
phy, S D ; J A Debnam, J D ; C Bartholomew, Tyler. 

Members — L C Wester, J Yarbrough, J Collins, J J Fos- 
ter, J J Jones, C E Bennett, P W Gnpton, G F Smith, R F 
Hight, J K Gnpton, J C ITpchurch, J Lancaster, J G 
Leonard, W H Gupton, D Yarbrough, J B Gnpton, A 
D Williams, W A Williams, R M Duke, H Duke, A H Ball, 
J M Stallings, J Stallings, F Gordon, A Gordon, L Wester, 
T 'Gupton, B J Griffin, W T Davis, T C Wester, J W Jack, 
son, W N Fuller, AHA Stallings, Boyd, Wistan Perry, 
B M Ball, Young Harris, K Gupton, James Brewer, Benj 
Wester, J G Swanson, M V Lancaster, W E Stallings, J P 
Cook, W H Gupton, Jun.; H G Gupton, J H Gupton, G H 

Residents not Members — T B Gnpton, H Best, C Gupton, 
J Foster, L Bartholomew. 

Initiated 5 ; passed 6 ; raised 6 ; died 1 ; residents not 
members 5; whole number 61, 

Regular time of meeting first Saturday in every month. 


Officers — Sion Jgarrington, Sr., W M; D M Cormick, S 
W ; M A McLeod, J W ; J J Rosser, Treas. ; John McL 
Harrington, Sec. ; J Small, S D ; D Hawley, J D ; Neill 
McLeod, Tyler; J^Cameron^A C McNeill, Stewards. 

Members — J H Arnold, B W Brown, W L J Brown, A C 
Buie, A A Cameron, H McL Cameron/ A L Cox, J W Gun- 
ter, B Harrington,' S Harrington, J*,, T Harrington, T S 
Hockaday, W L Hockaday^B Hunter, A B Kelly, J T Kelly, 
Sr., J T Kelly, Jr., J O A, Kelly, W J Kelly, J H Matthews, 
J Maxwell, Dr J McCormick, G S W.; H D McCormick, A 
McDairmid, J A McDonald, L McN McDonald, G'McDon- 
gald, J A D McKay, N McKay, Jr., A D McLean, Hugh 
McLean, J McLeod, Jr., W McLeod, Jr., D McNeill, A A 


McPhail, B Morris, D Morrison, M Morrison, Dr J L Shep- 
pard, J M Sloan, M Small, F J Swann, M Thomas, W J 
Thomas, C Watson, D G Worth. ■J""' 

.Residents not Members— Neill A Cameron, K P Har- 

Initiated 14 ; passed 13 ; raised 13 ;. died 2 ; residents not 
members 2 ; whole number 59. 


Officers— W A Moore, W M ; Berry Bilbro, Sf;H 
Harris, J W ; M Sykes, Treas. ; W E Manning, Sec. ; U 
Creekmure, S D ; W C Harris, J D ; T F Oreekmure, Tyler. 

Members— T M A Thomas, W G Wheless, H H Bryant, 
R R Boone, H H Wester, S Gay, Bolen Melton, Briton 
Wood, A Strickland, W G Stricklin, T B Dean, J J Murray, 
B Wester, W A Bowden, W H Gay, Wm Hunt, J M Strick- 
lin, R Upchurch, EC Lewis, G R Bass, A H Wester, W T 
Bryant, T J Stokes, S Turner, A P Stricklin, A Sledge, C D 
Matthews, Jesse Perry, D N Bowden, Troy Wilder J J Bow- 
den, Joseph Hopkins, Jas T Webb, Dr A S Harris, Jas N 
Uzzel, J Moore, William Sykes, Jos W Wheless, A Whe- 
less, J M- Culpepper, Thos N Lewis, J N LTpchurch, Geo R 
Marshborn, C J Walker, W J Wilder, W J M Boone, S 
Hendrick, J J E Deanes. 

Initiated 8 ; passed 8 ; raised 7 ; died 2 ; whole No. 5S. 

Regular time of Meeting, 2d Saturday in each month and 
on the days of St. John the Baptist and Evangelist. £ 


Officers— W J Stanley, W M ; J Q Smith, S W ; J W 
McGougan, J W ; T W Barden, Treas. ; J G Powell, Sec. ; 
EW Reddick, S D; Wesley Price, J D; Joseph Page, 


Members— Alva Smith, Nicholas Carroll, W D Mills, G A 
Belcher, E D Mears, Enoch Wade, A Robertson, E E Gee> 
H W Parker, A C Oliver, J W McNair, T S Memory, Henry 


Coleman, B W Wilkins, B T Barden, E W Holliday, J C 
Croom, J W Edmond, J H Edmond, ACD Worley, Josiah 
Enzar, W H Ham, George W Pugh, L G Stephens, J D 
Oats, O Williams, S A Barns, William Boberts, Joshua Sauls, 
A McN Leach, J H Derham, Levi Granger, C C Cates, A M 
Gray, S A Laty, Owen Grahlum, J C Carroll, Whitfield 
Crawford, H C Watters, M D Godwin. 

Initiated 13 ; passed 11; raised 9; died 1 ; residents not 
members 1 ; whole No. 49. 


Officers— L P Phillips, W M; J H Bryan, S W; JE 
Whitley, J W ; Harry Johnson, Treas.; E G Hill, Sec; S H 
Hood, S D ; J H Jones, J D ; Caswell Andrews, Tyler. 

Members — J M Smith, W H Penny, Wiley Jones, J R 
Harrison, P P Medlin, J Nichols, G H Faribault, C Pool, Z 
Toler, J W Jones, A T Bunn, T R Toungblood, R L Bryan, 
R M Duncan, Chandly Pool, J J Penny, A S Pool, Caswell 
Andrews, W W Cox, N G Green, J R Brannan, N L Barnes, 
J T Bool, L Bryan, W H Lancaster, J G Barber. 

Residents not Members — L Ferrell. 

Initiated 6 ; passed 8 ; raised 10 ; admitted 1 ; suspended 
1 ; died 2 ; whole No. 33. 

Regular time of meeting third Saturday in each month. 


Officers— J P Lytle, W M ; A K McDaniel, S W ; B L 
Craven, J W ; Thomas M Kelly, Treas. ; D Blue, Sec. ; Thos 
S Whitted, S D ; S F Dickson, J D ; Wm H Porter, Tyler. 

Members— D M Buie, B F Rinaldi, Charles T Davis, B 
Fitz Randolph, James F Gillespie, Daniel Mnnn, J A Mc- 
Dowell, Thomas D McDowell, Daniel Patterson, George Tait, 
John S Willis, Robert Tait, Duncan Kelly, Neill McGill, 
Wm J Parker, Daniel M Smith, Shadrach Wooten, G W 
Sealey, A K Cjomartie, D Blue, J McK Mulford, A H Cain, 
R M Devane, H Johnson, J A McKay, E J Cain, John K 


McNeill, John N Kelly, W A Atkinson, Neill J Lemmon, 
John Monroe, Isaac J Cain, K M Lewis, John Eice, ¥m N 
Campbell, Wm M Sink, J S Eobinson, James A Kelly, 
Arch M McNeill, Daniel Johnson, Evan Johnson, D J Clarke, 
*K P Melvin, J J Melvin. 

Eesidents not Members— J W Einaldi, J E Kemp, H E 

Initiated 10 ; passed 10 ; raised 8 ; admitted 2 ; withdrawn 
3 ; residents not membem-3 ; whole number 52. 

Eegular communication, second Tuesday in each month. 


Officers— W-M King, WM; WE Williams, S W ; John 
Peebles, J W; W B F Newton, Treas.; P II Mayo, Sec; 
John King, S D ; W Peebles, J D. 

Members — W L Tyer, Guilford Moore, Henry Harriss, W 
L Grimmer, John H Hines, C P Eandolph. 

Initiated 4 ; passed 3 ; raised 3 ; admitted 1 ; died 1 ; whole 
number 14. 

Eegular time of meeting, second Saturday in every month. 

CAEY, No. 198, CAEY 

Officers— Ja's E Allen, W M ; Alvin Betts, S W ; Rev A 
D Blackwood, J W ; Jos J King, Treas. ; Jas Q Williams, 
Sec. ; W J Holleman, S D ; W S King, J D ; Jno E White- 
head, .Tyler; Eev A. D Blackwood Chaplain. 

Members— E H Jones, P M ; Wyatt B Allen, Dr Thomas 
W Young, 'C P Wilder, W D Carlton, T T Holland, T F 
Pa-smore, A L Woodall. N A Pleasants, John C King, A F 
Page, Sidney Scott, Alris Yates, L M Morgan, W E Smith, 
MB Marcom, W W Holleman, Silas G Holleman, D T 
Bunch, M P Stone, C D Edwards, P A Sorrell, L M King, 
C F Dowd, Ira N* Allen, John P Massay, Nce<ih*m Stone, 
Sidney King, W B Scott, Willie Lynn, Willie Maynard. 

Eesidents not Members— John Q Adams, Sr.; Capt Alfred 
Jones, L D Franklin, W H Marshall. 

Initiated 14 ; passed 14 ; raised 13 ; died 3 ; residents not 
members 4; whole number 39. 



Officers— Win P Pugh, W M; Henry W Weeden, SW; 
James A Campbell, J W ; David M Petty, Treas.; Jacob T 
Brown, Sec; J M Tomblinson, SD;WC Denny, J D ; Eli 

Deny, Tyler. 

Members— H W Brummell, J M Blair, B F Blair, William 
Bowman, F Coltrane, W Carman, S C Clair, Aired, Jacob 
Clinard, Hampton Horney. T B F Hay worth, Moses Ham- 
mons, D Z Hardon, Isaac Hammer, C J Hay worth, Levi B 
Horney, P A Hoover, J W Kenneday, John Hendale, 
John A Lindsay, S D Mulnix, M-M Mot-singer, J H Moore, 
M P Nicholson, Saml J Piggott, W C Petty, David M Pugh, 
B Payne, Seburn Perry, A Y Sullivan, S M Swaim, W S 
Tomblinson, A O P Teagne, Harper F Sullivan, A G Tucker. 
J D Winalow, Noah White, J W Wall, W R White, S W 
Wall, Joseph Williams, W M Wilson, W P Roper, B F Steed, 
IT J Har:I.>on, Abner Gray, Samuel W Brown, S J Finch, Z 
English, W L Cecil, D K Elliott. 

B'txisEiTTQ kot MEMBSP.s-yE B Ring, E F Smallwood, Peter 
Thurston, Mathew'Hedgecock, M' Travillion, E J Nichols, 
M Jerrell, Wm Dickson, Rev. W £ Richardson, Jamas' Mil- 
ler, W T Gannaway, Oalyin Graves, John Lambeth, John D 

Initiated 24 ; passed 24 ; raised 23 ; rejected 7 ; died 4 ; 
residents not members' H-; whole number 73. ^ 

Ro-'TUiai' time of meeting, the Saturday night before the 
full moon in each month, and on St. John's day. 


Officers— Tbomas H Avera, W M ; G W Scarborough, S 
W; William Underbill, J W, P M; Thomas R Debnam, 
Treas., P M ; Presley P Parr, Sec. ; John M Williams, S D; 
Amos Scarborough, J D; Upchurck Smith, Tyler; M G 
Todd, Chaplain. 

Members — J C Horton, Bourbon Liles, John A Underbill, 
T W Hood, Giles Underbill, Thomas Chalmers, G C Smith, 
David Hinton, Walter Debnam, James E Todd, P M.; James 


Todd, EnlaB Ellis, J A Kichardson, Riley Phillips, John 
Smith, P M ; N D Parr, Joseph R Lee, John R Cooper, A 
J Strickland, Larken Smith. 

Initiated 3; passed 3; admitted 1 ; whole number 29. 


Officers— H F Schenck, W M ; Thomas Williams, S W ; 
John F Stephens, J W ; M C Roberts, Treas. ; T P Wells, 
Sec, ; E B Price'S D. 

Members— John F Aydelotte, Rev A P Avenr, A W Bar- 
ton, Jefierson Black, Michael Borders, Jacob S Borders, Rev 
W S Black, John Berry, T G Borders, C H Dixon, Augustus 
Deal, S A Durham, D N Durham, E Elliott, V H Elliott, 
J B Falton, DrNAQ Goode, Dr J CGidney, P V Greene, 
W T Gold, J W Gidney, W H Greene, A J Hardin, P P 
Hoke, J W Irvine, T W Love, L M McAfee, Wm McSwain, 
A A McAfee, J P Nowell, J N Nicholson, E A Price, R B 
Smith, Dr J N Tracey, J G Williamson, T M Wilson, David 

Residents not Members — Wm Jenks, C Fronebnger, Wm 
Cooke, Thomas R Shufred, Dr L N Durham, W S Corbitt, II 
Lee, Hon T W Tarley, of Tennessee. 

Initiated 10; passed 9; raised 7; residents not members 
8 ; whole number 43. 


Officers— James Johnson, W M ; E W Dap--', S W; J 
G Lockhart, J W ; W Whitaker, Treas. : B W Spi'man, Sec; 
Jos M Howell, S D ; II B Moody, J D ; Wm T Zee, Tyler. 

Members— John Campbell, Win II Pcntoc, Hawlin Allea, 
R W Daniel, John H Beckham, Wm Canstaphen, Wm H 
Clark, N M Long, Jr.; Jos W Caper, E J Thomas, John W" 
Fisher, William Weymouth, A M Drew, Jos T Evans, Ed- 
mond Hart. 

Residents not Members— Dr William Alston, Samuel E 
Phillips, John M Moody. 

Initiated 6 ; passed 2 ; raised 2 ; admitted 3 ; residents not 
members 3 ; whole number 23. 



Officers— R L> Whitley, W M ; J N Blythe, S W ; R V 
Hernse, J W ' ; H W Stinson, Treas. ; J F Farry, Sec; Dr J 
Henderson, S D ; A R Henderson, J D ; J H Peoples, Tyler ; 
Dr T M Kerr, S J McElroy, Stewards. 

Members— Dr W S M Davidson, C W McCoy, J D Kernse, 
A M Barry, G W Alexander, Rev S C Pharr, W B Harry, 
S A Douglass, James T White, J B McGee, Thomas Douglas, 
S Sifford, R M Martin, J S Henderson, J M Sample, E M 
Pucket, J M Houston, T N McRealy, A H Alexander, T M 
A Kernse, B F Brown, A C Shields, J S Kirksey, Jas Hast- 
ings, R Y Beel, N S Alexander, Albert McCoy, L A Potts, 
W D' Stone. 

Residents not Members — Samuel Loring, M B Abernathy. 

Initiated 17 ; passed 18 ; raised 18 ; rejected 9 ; died 1 ; 
residents not members 2 ; whole number 39. 

Regular time of meeting, 2d Friday in each month at 3 
o'clock, p. m. 


Officers— B B Holder, W M ; J M Jernigan, S W ; S B 
Jackson, J W; S D Jackson, Treas.; Killea Lassiter, Sec; 
J C Williams, S D ; D Lockerman, J D ; M Tew, Tyler. 

Members — Keneon Barefoot, Joel Jackson, Wm Harris, 
John Dudley, Jesse Wilson, L. H Lee, F Jernigan, Eli 
Dudley, David B Dawson, Josiah Jernigan, Dauiel McDon- 
ald, James R Holder, Hardy H Draughon, Wm R Holmes, 
Grey Cnlbreth, John P Stone, John J Tew, N L Hawley, 
Wm Daughtry, James R Maxwell, Wiley West, James C 
Williams, S D Jackson, Budd Jernigan, James D Maloy, John 
Culbreth, D C Young, David Lee, James C Draughon, John 
A Strickland, Josiah Hudson, John A Butter, Clifton Ward, 
Batt Lee, Calvin D Wilson, A B Parker, R A Jackson, 
Josiah McPhail, R Ward, Erasmus Lee, M Jackson, Wm 
H Warren, A T Herring. 

Initiated 14; passed 14; raised 14; rejected 18; expelled 
1 ; withdrawn 2 ; died 5 ; whole number 51. 

Regular time of meeting, first Saturday in each month. 



Officees— Dr W A Woollen, W M ; James Coble, S W ; 
Rev J Causej', J W;.JC Gregson, Treas. ; P D Caudle, 
'Sec; Rev A Gregson, S D ; JT Bostick, J D ; Wm Hendrix, 


Members — Eobert Parsons, L C Wood, Rev Joseph Caucy, 
E B Lineberry, S Lineberry, M Iiin?-haw, W P Orsborne*, A 
M Harden, D P Cox, K W Davis. Wm Branson, J C Bran- 
Bon, J N Candle, 1>T Jarre!!, W A Woollen, Wm Hendrix, 
D Lewis, A L Lamb, B K Smith, Jas Cox, Jas Coble, B W 
JBurkhead, W'H Balentine, R L Causey, M Jarrell, C Coble, 
R A Glenn, G V Lamb, A F Jones, M D Skeen, T E Newby, 
Thomas Dougan D L Swain, E C Johnson, D B Davis, L R 
Harden, A S Ross, M Lackey, II R McKing, J S Heniey, J 
S Swaim, J W Worthington, Dr W Coble, W Redding, W 
A Doucan, J Miller, Eii Coble, Rev Amos Gregson, S C Fox, 
W P Fruit, J W ?agh, R R Hanuer, J T Vickery, D W 
Coltrane, S H Causey, J Gregson, Robert Coble, G W 
Davis, P ,D Caudle, J H Pickett, J S Turner, W L Staley, N 
R Briles, J C Harris, 27 P Henley, M II Julian, C F Siler, 
R S Harris, K Craven, A P Johnson, Joseph Redding, Wm 
Green, IT C Lamb, David League, J T Bostick. 

Residents not Mimreks— J W Wall, S W Wall, David 

Initiated 25 ; passed 27 ; raised 28 ; admitted 1 ; with- 
_ drawn 3 ; died 3 ; residents not members 3 ; whole num- 
ber 78. - ,.. 

Regular time of meeting, Saturday night after the full 
moon in each month, and the 2ith of June and the 27th of 

EInO, 2*o. 210, DURHAM'S. 

Officees— John K Green, W M ; John F Cheek, S W ;■ 
B C Hopkins, J W; Fred C Geer. T/eas.; Benj Y Rogers, 
Sec. ;' T B Morris, S D ; Solomon ^all, J D; Gray Barbee, 



Members— John C McCown, R F Morris, Z J Lyon, W J 
H Durham, W G Guess, A A Nance, D C Halyburton, fm 
Halyburton, Ef York, Solomon Shepherd, Thomas J Davis, 
Samuel Jenkins, Willie Hampton, William Jenkins, John W 
Ferrell, Luico Nichols, Washington Duke, Wm J Duke, C P 
Trice, A B Gunter, Simpson Barbee, William McCown, Wm 
Green, John Hall, William Boles, Joseph G Vickers. 

Residents not Members — W P Ward, W A Cox, W C 

Initiated 7 ; passed 7 ; raised 7 ; suspended 1 ; admitted 
1 ; died ,2 ; residents not members 3 ; whole number 37. 

ASHLAND, No. 211, MT. AIRY. 

Officers- J B Kingsbury, W M ; T W Prather, S W ; J 
S Hill, J W ; Warren Bolt, Treas. '; J W Rawley, Sec. ; J 
T Conelly, S D ; R R Gallaway, J D ; Wm Griffith, Tyler. 

Members— H W Adkins, M D Armfield, Wm M Banner, 
C L Banner, E H Banner, J E Banner, M R Banner, John 
Banner, Sr., Warren Bolt, G H Booker, J W Brower, J T 
Conelly, Mordecai Fleming, Samuel Forkner, R R Gallaway, 
Wm Griffith, David Hall, Wm M Hicks, ' J S Hill, Robert 
Hines, Jos Hollinsworth, Wm R Hollinsworth, R D Hill, 
(dead,) J B Kingsbury, Wm C Kingsbury, (dead.) E E Kings- 
bury, J H Lewellen, G W Lampkin, J M Marshall, M C 
Moore, W A Mitchell, G A MeCraw, Enos Morse, T W 
Pratlrer, W H Pell, Wm Rawley, J W Rawley, Henry 
-Sparger, James Speer, T W Smith, David Stolts, Samuel H 
Taylor, L T Whitlock, D W Worth. 

Residents not Members— Elijah Banner, W O Reid, J C 

Initiated 14 ; passed 14 ; raised 14; residents not members 
3 ; whole number 43. 


Officers— Dr J A Moore, W M ; W D Faucett, S W ; 
John P Adams,. J W; Joseph Fix, Treas.; Thomas Tate, 
Sec. ; J C Holt, S D ; M Hinehard, J D ; J A Eaves, Tyler. 


Members — J S Binns, John Bissett, D CjBobe, G D Boon, 
L H Boon, C Carroll, A W Chilson,' Joseph Chrisman, Joseph 
Cropper, C C Davis, C Davis, F W Fonville, J G Garrison, 
John Hall, Louis Huffins, H K Linthicum, J T Long, James 
Martin, E H Marsh, John Micheal, Peter MichealjR V Mills, 
T R Moore, A W Montgomery, J R Murphy, Thos Nance, 
Chas Parmenter, E A Patterson, J S Richardson, B L Rike, 
J W Rippy, T E Roberts, Thomas Robertson, B E Sergeant, 
S G Strickland, Thomas Stafford, Isaiah Summers, Thomas 
Swann, W C Swann, Dr W C Tarpley, W W Tarpley, G 
W Tate, E Teague, E Thomas, L R Tickle, W H s Turrentine, 
J A Turrentine, R D Wade, C R Waisner/J A Welch, E 
M Wheeler, Daniel Whitesell, [~E Wilkes, J A Wilson, D 
Worth, P M York, L S Boon. 

Residents not Members — L H Shryock, J G Arthur, S J 
Neiseler, W E McCarter. 

Initiated 31 ; passed 31 ; raised" 30 ;] rejected 10 ; died 2 ; 
residents not members 4 ; whole number 69. 

Regular time of meeting, the \ first and third Wednesday 
nights in each month, and on the eve of the festivals of St. 
John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist. 


Officers— S E Johnson," W M ; N W Shaw, S W ; W 
Keith, J 3 W ; G Campbell, Treas. ; John McNeill, Sec. ; B 
W Spivey, S D ; John Riddle, J D ; A C Smith, Tyler. 

Members — M M McRae, N McK McNeill, John Nicholson, 
H J McNeill, J H Harrington, K H Worthy, N C Graham, 
J M D Fergason, N A McNeill, W Arnold, D McDonald, 
B McKithen, J N McNeill, A B Harrington, A H Cameron, 
D C Fergason, F Mcintosh, N M Fergason, D Keith, J C 
Fergason, N McN Buie, R Williams, W P Cameron, D A 
Graham, E McN Blue, M Brittan, D M Fergason, N T Tyson, 
W^Riddle, M Smith, H Rogers, T H Harrington, Abel Rid- 
dle, W Murchi3on, W A Philips, A C Currie, D J Currie, 
P S Wadsworth, A A McFadger, J A McBryde, C..W Shaw, 
D M Mclver, D J Johnson, T Riddle, J M Cole, B Thomp- 


son, J II Kan. an, G W Kiddle, II Jack^n, J Maples, A A 
Campbell, VV C Jackson, A J McDonald, K Wicker,M C John- 
son, J I) F Smith, J A Patterson, G W Thomas, A Cole, C 
Eiddle, E Cole, John Cole,.K T Lemons, J J Monger, D 
D Graham. 

Initiated 18; passed 18; raised 20; rejected 6; died 12 ;■ 
whole number 73. 

Regular time of meeting, third Saturday in each month. 


Offtoees— Dr R W Thomas, WM; W J Hntsbn, S W; 
Dr Charles F Smith, J W ; LL Thonnvs, Treas. ; J W Jones, 
Sec. .; J IT Holt, S D : A C Burgess, J D ; A F Dodson, Tyler. 

Members — Dr R F Andrews, J C Cadner, P M.; S W Cra- 
ven, J Culbreth, Alex Conrade, P C Cares, G L Darr, C 
Dodson, G P Dodson, A G Foster, Abs. Grimes, J Hauck, S 
W Howerton, C P Jones, D W Johnston, Jacob Knoy, 
David Loften, J II Lambeth, K J Lines, George Lines, J L 
Lee, J Lucabill B C Lambeth, J H.Long, E L Ligon, W T 
Moore, Alex McRary, R M McCatchen, W ju Miller, J R 
Pugh, Andrew Ferryman, Rev C H Phillips, J Regans, W 
F Rice, Jonathan Eorhruck, R Vv T Siielly, John Stone, W W 
Shcliy T H Smith, J D Spicer, J W Thomas, John W Thom- 
a-., L S Teach, R W Moore. 

iiK-iDiiNTs sot Members— (.'has C Clark, Dr II E Rannsa- 
viiie, Uev J B Jackson, J W ILixter, G W Wallace, D W 
Hurl-, T D Fay, C G Buckman, S M Whitaker, A P Craven. 

Initiated 38 ; passed 39; raised 39; admitted 7-; rejected 
12 ; died 2 ; residents not members 10 ; whole number 63. 


Officers— B Walker, W M ; A L Davis, S W ; Eugene 
Griss'.m, J W ; N M Laurence, Treas. ; John C Usry, Sec; 
J S Bailey, S D ; WD Baiiey, J D ; J F Dillard, Tyler. 

Mti: .)--;.-,s — Alien BAk-y, John J Bobbin. J R Jones, S S 
Abematky, R R Holme;;, D ; H Whitfield, T H Thorington, 
R Thorington, J D Grissom, W Thorington, John Davis, G 


W Lowry D T Averett, J J Moore, C M Rogers, J G Clay, 
W A Haswell, J B Grissom, J S Vaughn, T N Haswell, G- 
M Bragg, W Smith, J W Laurence, B J Roberts* J Z Allen, 
W Hockaday, R Garner, W R Hayes. 

Residents not Members — John Long;. 

Initiated 4 ; passed 5 ; raised 5 ; admitted 2 ; rejected 7 ; 
residents not members 1 ; whole number 36. 

Regular time of meeting, last Saturday in each month. 


Officers— Rev K H Gibbons, W M ; John D Shortridge, 
S W ; John A Long, J W; John T Northam, Treas .; W P 
McDonald, Sec. ; Angus Stewart, S D; S Thomas Cooper, 
J D ; John York, Steward and Tyler. 

Members — John Shortridge, Robert N Fairly, D W Mid- 
d'eton, John T Moorman, John D Shaw, Martin V Terry, 
Angus McDnffie, John J Bennett, W" M Bostick, B G Cov- 
ington, Josiah C Gay, D McLaurin, P Capel, J M Bostick, 
Buion D Bostick, S W Bostick, Rev Jonathan Sandford, Dr 
D Henigan, A D Morison, Wm J Everett, S B Sessoms, 
Harvey Terry, Gilbert M Morison, Edwin P Covington, 
Moses P McKinnon, Rev Jonathan H Dally, Rev W Frank 
Sandford, Henry A Covington, Dr A W Hamer, Dr P 
Luther, George T Pate,* James H Pate, Rev James W 
OTh-ien, Eli Gibson, Rev Evander Fuller, Peter McRae, 
Wm C Gale, John C Ussery, R Scott, McDonald Stephen, W 
"Webb, J W Ewiug, Jas N Terry, B W Covington, J W Terry, 
John C Terry, James B Long, John W Thomas, Joel Bullard, 
John G Watson, William : Button, Robert S Leak, Elijah 
Everett, Evander McDonald, Clem C Long. 

Residents not Members — Walter L Steele, Rev R S Led- 

Initiated 22 ; passed 22 praised 21; rejected 6; admitted 
1 ; died 1 ; residents not members 2 ; whole number 63. 

Regular time of meeting, third Saturday night in each 
month in which there is no Court held in Rockingham and 
on Monday night of each Court. 



Officers— J A Clay well,' W M; J J Irwin, 8¥;NH 
Kaylor, J¥;M Spainhour, Treas. ; L Terry, Sec. ; W M 
Winters, S D ; C Hauck, JD;EC Cooper, Tyler ; E Hoosier, ■ 
J T Patterson, Stewards. 

Members— J M Happoldt, P M ; ¥m S Moore, J W Bean, 
J M Kincaid, R L Abernathy, B S Gaither, Z D Lancaster, 
Wm Milne, B Linchensteiri, E G Mayo, J Moorefield, T J 
Halyburton, J B Erwin, E G Petterson, J M Spainhour, 
Erwin Boon, B M Davey, J J Presuoll, W F Avery, A C 
Avery, C J Brown, ¥m R Duvall, R>Pa*ttou, John B Pow- 
ell, J R McAuley, R J McElrath, Jr., D Berry, C D Giles, 
M E Thompson, A F Somers, John McKinsie. 

Residents not Members — M W Kincaid, Wm McD How- 
ard, C C Jones, T Martin, Wm F McKesson, L W Melton, 
R McD Tate, R N Kincaid, J B Kincaid, E J Kirksey, J M 
Neal, M Burgin, Wm C Tate, SOW Tate, John Kincaid, 
S McD Tate, J C Tate. 

Initiated 15 ; passed 13 ; raised 13 ; admitted 4 ; died 2 ; 
residents not members 17 ; whole number 40. 

The time of holding the regular meetings are on the first 
Wednesday of every month, Tuesday nights of Burke Supe- 
rior and County Courts, and the festival of St. John's. 


Oh page 5, for " the following committee," read " the follow- 
ing committees were appointed." 

On the same page, for " ]ML Felter," read " M.jFetter;" and 
on page 10, the same error appears in this brother's name. 

On page 7* Lebanon Lodge is numbered " 209," it should 
have been "207." 

Jeffersonville Lodge, on page 8, is superfluous. It was in- 
serted through mistake after the committee on Charters and 
Dispensation had made their second report. No Lodge of 
t&at name was chartered.